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AirPlay Video Music from iPhone iPad iPod Apple Watch to Mac/Windows

5KPlayer AirPlay gives unprecedented continuity to stream video music from iPhone (11/ 11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS Max/XS/XR/X) iPadOS iPod Touch and Apple Watch to your MacBook Pro/Air, iMac Pro and Windows 10/8/7. The real enlargement of AirPlay ecosystem is realized by 5KPlayer via built-in AirPlay. Read on for hands-on steps to stream video music in all format across platforms.

5KPlayer stream video music and also AirPlay mirroring
How to AirPlay AVI, MKV, WMV, FLV, DivX, MP4, MOV Videos?

To Airplay AVI, MKV, DivX, MP4, MOV, FLV, etc. from Mac and PC to Apple TV is quite easy with a proper video converter and video player.

How to Stream Music from iPad and iPhone (11 and earlier) to Mac/PC/Apple TV?

Learn the easy solution to stream video and audio from iPad and iPhone (X/8) to Mac/PC and from computer to Apple TV with full quality with the excellent streaming player.

AirPlay Mirroring-Tips to Get the Most out of AirPlay Mirroring

How to use AriPlay Mirroring? Here a few useful tips to use AirPlay screen mirroring to AirPlay mirror iPad iPhone (11 Pro/XS/XR) are provided.

Extra Bonus of 5KPlayer Video Music Download & Play. Let It Impress You!

Fulfill your media rig and download online videos with 5KPlayer before using it to AirPlay video music from iPad iPhone (11 Pro/XS Max/XS/XR/X/8/7) to Mac/PC/projector. Audio-visual experience of playing MKV, AVI, MP4, video and playing MP3 AAC music is incredibly enhanced. Now get your media prepared, because they will rock over air!

5KPlayer download online video music
Free Download Videos Music from 300+ Online Video Sites

Watching funny videos or full movies online is becoming the mainstream pastime, since more audio video sources are uploaded to YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. What if you can download all of them to your PC or Mac even for viewing on iPad, iPhone, Android and so on?

Free Play (HD) Videos and Music | MP4 MP3 Media Play Tips and Guides

This guide answers how to free play (HD) videos and music on Mac OS/Windows PC/iPad/iPhone, download media player to watch and stream 4K 5K and HD 1080p videos, play FLV, MKV, MP4, AVI, MP3 music, movie DVD, etc.

Guides on How to Download Play AirPlay Videos Music DVDs with 5KPlayer

There are kinds of articles about how to use 5KPlayer, the best free HD 4K 8K video music player, to play and download MKV MTS 1080P FLV videos movies APE MP3 AAC music, and AirPlay video/music from iPhone to Mac & Windows flawlessly .

AirPlay Video Music from iPhone iPad iPod to Mac/Windows with Ease

How to use 5KPlayer AirPlay to stream video music from iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS Max/XS/XR/X/8/iPad/iPod/Apple Watch to your iMac/iMac Pro/MacBook Pro/Air, Windows 10/8/7? How to apply 5KPlayer AirPlay to stream MP4/H.264 video MP3/ACC audio from Mac to PC and vice versa? Read on and the following step-by-step guides will help you figure out how to stream video from Apple devices (iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch) to Mac/PC.

5KPlayer AirPlay iPad iPhone to Mac/Windows
How to Stream Video and Audio from iPad and iPhone to Mac?

Learn the easy solution to stream video and audio from iPad and iPhone to Mac with full quality with the excellent streaming player.

How to Use Apple AirPlay to Stream Videos from iPhone/iPad to PC?

Learn how to use apple AirPlay on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to stream videos and music to PC with better visual and sound experience.

5KPlayer | Airplay Video Music from Windows (10) to Mac and Vise Versa

AirPlay HD video from Windows to Mac not hard for u any more, since here comes the best free media streamer to help you stream any video music from Windows 10 to MacBook Pro/Air, as well as Windows 8/7 to iMac, Mac to Windows PC like a cork.

How to Stream Xbox One (360) to Windows 10 Xbox App?

How to Stream Xbox One (360) to Windows 10 PC via Xbox App for Windows 10? This hands-on guide details streaming Xbox game music to Windows 10.

[Solved] YouTube Not Working on Apple TV

This article explains possible solutions to Apple TV YouTube not working problem including the latest Apple TV 3 YouTube app not available anymore issue.

How to AirPlay iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max?

Just got your new iPhone 11? How to use AirPlay on iPhone 11? This guide will try to give detailed steps to teach you AirPlay iPhone 11 video music and AirPlay mirroring iPhone 11 screen to TV, Mac and Windows.

How to AirPlay iPhone 11/XS/XS Max/XR/X/8 to Mac/PC?

AirPlay iPhone 8 to Mac to cast iPhone 8 screen to Mac wirelessly and let music, videos, movies on iPhone flow on your iMac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro/ Air, etc.

Top 6 AirPlay Devices Review: Which One Should You Buy?

Amongst AirPlay devices like Apple TV, Chromecast AirPlay supported device, Miracast, JBL AirPlay speaker, etc, which one should you buy in. To make sure you spend the wise money on the most cost-effective and cogent AirPlay devices, take a look at this.

How to AirPlay iPad to Mac? | iPad Pro 2/Air/Mini Supported

How to use AirPlay iPad to Mac? Now that you've got the shiny new model of iPad Pro 2 with A10X chip, this guide will help you with iPad AirPlay to Mac, iMac, Macbook Air/Pro in a few mouse clicks for free. 5KPlayer is useful to stream 1080p videos, music, or AirPlay YouTube from iPad Pro to Mac.

Top 3 Free PC AirPlay Receivers Download

Install a PC AirPlay Receiver on your computer, and you can turn a Windows 10 PC into an AirPlay receiver for video, music, movies. This page offers top 3 free PC AirPlay receivers download to stream MP4 MOV MP3 from iPhone 7 (Plus), iPad iOS 10 to PC powered with Windows 10/8/7.

Windows 10 | AirPlay to Windows 10 from iPhone 11 and Earlier

How to AirPlay to Windows 10 from from iPhone 11 and Earlier? Note that some of the iPhone models won't AirPlay to Windows 10 without an AirPlay receiver - 5KPlayer. It can help you AirPlay from iPhone 11 and Earlier to Windows 10 PC wirelessly. Follow this to enable iPhone iPad AirPlay to Windows 10 for free.

Top 3 AirPlay Audio Receivers 2023 Review

Top 3 AirPlay audio receivers 2023 review. Want to buy an AirPlay audio receiver to make your room AirPlay-compatible? Take a look at this review to find out which Wi-Fi audio receiver suits you most!

How to AirPlay Mirroring iOS 13/12 iPhone 11 and iPad?

How use AirPlay to mirror iOS 13/12 iPhone 11/iPad? Get the iOS 13/12 AirPlay Mirroring guide here to wirelessly AirPlay Mirroring iOS 13/12 iPhone 11/iPad and screen mirroring iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6 etc. to Mac Windows.

iOS 13 Update | How to Update to iOS 13 With/Without iTunes?

How to update to iOS 13 on iPhone/iPad correctly? This guide instructs you to upgrade to iOS 13 with or without iTunes. Now follow the steps to update iPhone 11/XS/XS Max/XR/X/8 or earlier to iOS 13.

How to Enable AirPlay on iPhone 11/iOS 13 or Before?

This article is a tutorial on how to enable AirPlay on iPhone 6s/6s Plus/7/8/X/XS/XS Max/XR/11 iOS 13 and before to stream video music to Mac Windows. How to turn on AirPlay and how to turn off AirPlay are both detailed in the article.

Top 3 Ways to Watch Free Streaming Movies on iPhone iPad iPod

How to watch free streaming movies on iPhone/iPad/iPod in a free and handy way? Here you could find 3 best ways to watch free streaming movies on iPhone/iPad/iPod including download free streaming movies videos with 5KPlayer, use movie streaming apps and utilize video streaming software AirPlayit to achieve.

How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer Free

This tutorial details on how to transfer music from iPod to computer free, which is the same useful solution to transfer music from iPhone/iPad to computer as well.

AirPlay iPad to PC to Stream Movies on iPad Air/Pro/Mini

Learn how to AirPlay iPad to PC free, set up film streaming iPad to Windows PC to watch 720p, 1080p, 4K UHD videos on PC. A freeware introduced in this article can turn your Windows PC into an AirPlay receiver to render video music AirPlay as smooth as Mac.

How to AirPlay iOS 13 iPhone iPad to Mac/Windows?

After downloading iOS 13, its largely improved AirPlay ability unfortunately has troubled many iPhone/iPad users. Here, we'll guide you on how to make iOS 13 AirPlay functional with Mac/PC.

Film Streaming on iPad Tips You Should Know

Seeking for guide on film streaming iPad? Here a hassle-free way to stream movies on iPad to both Mac OS and PC with an all-in-one AirPlay server is shared.

Streaming for iPhone x/8: Stream Video Music from iPhone to Mac OS/PC

Need streaming for iPhone 8/X tips to stream the videos, movies, TV shows stored in iPhone 8/X to computers? This guide on how to stream video from iPhone X/8/7/6 etc. to Mac OS and PC with a powerful video streaming software for iPhone will be helpful.

How to Use AirPlay on iMac 4K/5K?

This article provides a beginner tutorial on how to use AirPlay on Mac 4K, Mac 5K to stream videos and music from iPhone/iPod/iPad to iMac with 4K 5K display.

How to Use Apple Watch Speaker to Amplify Music Audio from Apple Smart Watch?

Users can learn how to use Apple Watch speaker to amplify audio music from Apple smart watch to Mac/PC.

AirPlay Video Music to PC with Free Streaming Media Player Ultimate Guide

Users can learn to AirPlay video music to PC from iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch/Mac/PC with best free AirPlay PC monitor.

Top 4 AirPlay Speakers: Wirelessly Stream Music from iPhone iPad

This article is on how to stream/amplify audio with AirPlay speaker, and provides a review of best 4 popular AirPlay speakers for your home surround stereo.

How to Airplay Video/Audio Content from iPhone to Mac?

This tutorial will show you how to AirPlay videos and music from iPhone to Mac with 100% quality reserved.

How to Use AirPlay on iPad iPhone 11/XS/XS Max etc.?

How to use AirPlay on iPad iPhone 11/X/8/7? Here a detailed guide on how to use AirPlay on iOS 13 iPad iPhone 11/XS/XS Max etc. as well as AirPlay iPad iPhone is shared.

Best Way to Stream AVI Files to Apple TV on Windows

How to stream AVI to TV via Apple TV wirelessly to play AVI files to TV? Here gives you the best way to stream AVI to TV with or without converting AVI files, check it out.

Guide on How to AirPlay Mirroring iPhone to Mac

AirPlay iPhone to Mac is not natively supported, so is there a simple way to do it? Here are two methods to help you free to mirror iPhone to Mac.

5KPlayer Streams Movies Music from Mac/PC to Apple TV/Speakers

Sorry! Currently, this function of 5KPlayer is not available but our developer is working hard to fix the problem.

How to AirPlay Netflix/TV shows/movies and videos from Mac/PC to Apple TV? Can you stream MP3/AAC music songs to WiFi speakers/AirPlay speakers losslessly? 5KPlayer empowers you to AirPlay 4K 5K 8K Quad UHD videos movies from Mac/PC to Apple TV all instinctively. Now start streaming to AirPlay receivers with 5KPlayer. From this second on, AirPlay viewing with no huddles!

5KPlayer Play DVDs on Mac/PC
AirPlay for MacOS Sierra | AirPlay MacOS Sierra to Stream Video Music

How to use AirPlay on macOS Sierra? Guide of AirPlay for macOS Sierra is provided here for you to AirPlay macOS Sierra to Apple TV and AirPlay iPhone/iPad/iPod to macOS Sierra as well.

Connect PC to TV to Stream Movies Songs from PC to TV

Wanna to connect PC to TV to transfer the movies, videos and songs on your computer to TV? Here we list the easiest PC to TV wireless solution to help you enjoy video audio freely on the large screen.

How to AirPlay to 8K TV: Movie 8K/4K/5K and Quad UHD Videos?

AirPlay 8K video movie to 8K TV like Samsung LG or Apple TV. Not enough 8K 4230p TV programs resource? Here's how to download and AirPlay 4K/5K/8K Quad UHD movies to 8K TV.

How to Watch Netflix on TV with A Free Streaming Media Player?

AirPlay Apple TV from iOS devices may be easy, but how to AirPlay Mac and PC to Apple TV through Apple TV AirPlay? Learn how to AirPlay to Apple TV any videos, movies or songs on your computer now!

How to AirPlay iPhone iPad without Apple TV?

AirPlay without Apple TV is feasible as long as you follow this guide with 3 methods to AirPlay mirroring and stream video music to Mac PC HDTV without the need of Apple TV.

How Connect Computer to Apple TV 4/3/2 Ultimate Guide

To connect computer to Apple TV 4/3/2, you need a 3rd-party AirPlay server. It helps you install AirPlay protocol to you connect computer (Windows 10/8.1/7) to Apple TV.

AirPlay Windows 7 to Apple TV 4/3/2 Free 3 Ways

How to AirPlay Windows 7 to Apple TV Free? Learn to AirPlay Windows 7 video, music to Apple TV without paying anything. With AirPlay Windows 7 best tool, you can also AirPlay mirror Windows 7 desktop to TV.

How to Stream Film and Video from Mac to Apple TV?

Wonder how to stream films and videos from Mac to Apple TV with original quality? To stream movies from Mac to Apple TV with no quality loss, here a professional yet free streaming software for Mac is highly recommended.

How to Connect Mac to TV Wirelessly ?

How to connect Mac to TV? Here we offer you the easiest way to connect MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac etc to TV with a first-rate streaming software based on AirPlay.

Top 3 Ways to Stream DVD to Your TV (Wirelessly or Wired)

This tutorial shows top 3 ways to stream DVD to TV, either wirelessly or wired. Read on and decide whether to stream DVD to TV via Apple TV, Chromecast, or HDMI Cable.

How to AirPlay MacBook Pro Video Music to Apple TV?

Tip of AirPlay MacBook Pro video music to Apple TV is shared with you to let you stream any video music from MacBook Pro to Apple TV with greatest of ease.

AirPlay Apple TV Tips: AirPlay Mac and PC to Apple TV

AirPlay Apple TV from iOS devices may be easy, but how to AirPlay Mac and PC to Apple TV through Apple TV AirPlay? Learn how to AirPlay to Apple TV any videos, movies or songs on your computer now!

Popcorn not AirPlay/Stream to Apple TV [solved] –5KPlayer

Here provides the ultimate solution to PopcornTime not AirPlay/stream to Apple TV while advising you to get the best alternative in case those problems appears again.

How to Connect Laptop to TV Wirelessly?

You can learn from this article on how to set up wireless connection from laptop to TV and get advice on choosing a suitable laptop to TV wireless adapter.

How to AirPlay Video Music from Windows PC to Apple TV?

Users can learn how to set up AirPlay from PC to Apple TV and stream .mkv, .mp4 video, .mp3, .wmv music and even more losslessly from this article.

How to AirPlay Video Music to Apple TV from Mac/PC?

This article details on video music AirPlay to TV and solves the problems of streaming AirPlay not supported format like MKV AVI WMV AVCHD to TV.

How to AirPlay from Android to Apple TV Video Music Movies?

This guide helps you AirPlay video from Android to Apple TV at ease. With a handy Android to Apple TV streamer, you can sync Android to Apple TV and enjoy video audio on bigger screen with better sound system.

How to AirPlay from Apple Watch to Mac?

Users can learn how to AirPlay from Apple Watch to Mac and stream music and video from this article.

5KPlayer Features Built-in AirPlay to Stream Anything as You Please

5KPlayer entails built-in AirPlay function to serve iPhone(11 Pro/XS Max/XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5)/iPad/iPod Touch and Apple Watch to stream videos music across Mac/Windows and Apple TV. Learn the AirPlay mechanism of 5KPlayer in depth and you'll find it even trustworthy and resilient.

5KPlayer Built-in AirPlay
[Solved] AirPlay not Working on MacBook, iMac & Mac mini?

Have Encountered Mac AirPlay not working problem? Here provides troubleshoot about how to enable AirPlay when mirror iPhone iPad to Mac and Mac to Apple TV.

How to AirPlay PC Videos and Stream Videos to PC?

This tutorial will show you how to AirPlay PC videos to Apple TV and how to stream videos to PC for better visual experience.

What Is AirPlay and How to Use AirPlay

What is AirPlay and how does AirPlay work? Here we offer you a basic introduction to Apple AirPlay and guide you through how to use AirPlay to stream video and music step by step.

Top 5 Beamer Alternatives to AirPlay Video for Mac/PC

Here we list top 5 Beamer alternatives for you to stream any type of video wirelessly to TV from Mac/Windows like Beamer AirPlay server and enjoy the smooth video streaming without skipped frames and sluggish overall performances.

[Solved] Can’t Run iOS iPhone iPad Apps on Mac?

Apple Silicon users can run iPhone iPad apps on Mac, how about the rest? This article will give the answer.

AirPlay Not Working on iOS 13 iPhone/iPad [Solved]

You can learn to solve AirPlay not working from Mac/PC to Apple TV, or from iPhone/iPad iOS 13 to Mac/PC through this tutorial. 5KPlayer AirPlay not working guide helps you with AirPlay troubleshooting with only mouse clicks that can't be easier.

Guide to Miracast Wireless Display Windows Android iPhone iPad

Miracast Windows/Android/Apple user guide to set up successful miracast wireless display. Wi-Fi display miracst instructions targeting at Windows 10/8/7, Android and iPhone iPad respectively. Read and straighten up miracast problems once and for all.

[Solved] Chromecast Not Working Easiest Solutions

Chromecast stopped working? Chromecast not found? Chromecast won't cast? No cast device found? There are tons of Chromecast issues on phone, computer with YouTube and even Netflix. How to solve them all with easiest solutions? Try the general solutions here first.

New Streaming Solution: Google Chromecast "AirPlay"

Since Google baked "AirPlay" into Chromecast 2, Apple is now facing the most elite rival that is not only dirt cheap but diversifies the wireless steaming ecosystem as a whole where Android devices, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows are all able to coexist.

Top 4 New Chromecast Alternative to Stream Video Music to TV

Top 4 new Chromecast alternative review: Apple TV AirPlay, Roku streaming stick, etc. Reasons why you need a Chromecast alternative: video stream Chromecast errors you could meet are also specified in this article.

Best Video Stream Chromecast Apps for PC/Mac

Here recommends the best video stream chromecast Apps for PC/Mac, including videostream chromecast, 5KPlayer, AirParrot, etc. which can help you stream chromecast videos movies from PC/Mac to Apple TV or Android TV.

Should We Jailbreak iOS 13 iPhone/iPad? How to Jailbreak iOS 13?

iOS 13 jailbreak is not suitable for everyone, so, if you want to jailbreak your iOS 13, you'd better read this article through for a reevaluation provided with a thorough iOS 13 jailbreak guide.

How to Download AirPlay on Your PC

This AirPlay download guide will provide you with the best approach to download AirPlay for your PC to stream video/music to Apple TV.

AirPlay Server for Windows — Stream Video Music from/to Windows PC/Tablet Losslessly

This article is on how to use AirPlay for Windows devices with an AirPlay receiver yet sender to stream video music to Windows PC/tablet from iPhone iPad or AirPlay content from Windows to Apple TV.

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