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Best 3 Video Stream Chromecast Apps for Chromecast/Chromecast 2

Google Chromecast is one of the best video streaming services that let you play your videos, images, music from your iOS or Android devices (via video stream Chromecast supported Apps) to Google Chromecast connected HD TV. In this way, you can not only use your mobile device as a remote control of your big-screen TV but also display content to your TV from your Chrome Web browser based computer. And by achieving video stream Chromecast from mobile device to TV, video streaming Chromecast App takes very significant role and here we today are going to review the best 3 video stream Chromecast Apps!

Free Chromecast Alternative Streams Video/Audio to HD TV Wirelessly

Speaking of video streaming from computer/laptop to HD TV, 5KPlayer is the best free Chromecast alternative that can totally replace Chromecast to stream local 4K/5K/8K videos music from Mac/Windows to Apple TV. Without charge and without plug-ins, this Chromecast alternative gives you elastic and unlimited video/movie enjoyment.

Video Stream Chromecast

Top 3 Video Stream Chromecast Apps to Stream Videos to Chromecast

1. Videostream for Chromecast

Videostream for Chromecast is an extension for the Chrome web browser that allows you to stream local media from PC to Chromecast. In the mean time, you can also download Videostream remote controls on iOS/Android/Windows Phone device to turn your iPhone/Android/Windows phone into a remote control for Chromecast on TV. Videostream for Chromecast is one of the few free video stream Chromecast Apps that allows you stream videos up to 1080p. But if you want to set up playlist or add subtitle and some extra features, you need to update to Videostream Chromecast Premium. The subscription fee is $1.49/month, $14.99/year or $34.99 for life.

Plex Stream Video to Chromecast

2. Plex

Plex is a video stream Chromecast App that can be installed on Mac, Windows and Linux for streaming video music content to play on TV via Chromecast. To rely on a video player for Windows Phone 8.1/Lumia 950 for Chromecast is also easy-to-operate with 5KPlayer, Streaming Plex video to Chromecast is very easy: just tap the Chromecast icon on the top right corner of the video playback window on your computer, the video will be streamed to Chromecast on your big screen TV. The subscription fee of using Plex to stream video from computer to Chromecast is free, just the Plex app for mobile device cost only $4.99. And for more premium features is to buy PlexPass which cost $75 for lifetime.

3. RealPlayer Cloud

Video stream to Chromecast is a newly added feature of RealPlayer Cloud (Now RealTimes). It streams all the local videos on your PC/iPhone/iPad to Chromecast to watch on TV. Any devices with RealPlayer Cloud App installed would have one more choice to cast videos from the device to your TV. The free version only supports 2-7GB storage of video free streaming, to stream more video to Chromecast, $49.99 is needed for annual subscription. Seems pretty expensive for its non-featured performance, that's why people are turning to find a better RealPlayer alternative.

Chromecast video Stream

We've talked enough of the benefits what Chromecast and video stream Chromecast Apps can bring to you; let's see some defects of Chromecast and its Apps.

♣ The Chromecast and Chromecast 2 can't stream 4K content (it streams at a maximum 1080p resolution).

♣ Sound delay when casting from website (Occasionally happens).

♣ Has to stay plugged in (Not strictly wireless).

♣ MKV files don't play properly (Majoy problem).

How to Stream Local Video to TV without Chromecast

As the video quality and user appetite are improving vigorously, 5KPlayer, the best free Chromecast alternative, dedicated to stream HD/4K/8K videos from Mac/PC to HDTV. With this best Chromecast alternative, you don't need to install or shell out for any third-party video stream Chromecast Apps on your Mac or PC. Reasons to choose free 5KPlayer over Chromecast:

5KPlayer AirPlay to TV

    *1. Supports to download videos/movies from 300+ online video streaming sites so as to offer unlimited movie resource for streaming from computer to TV.

    *2. AirPlay Mirroring iOS device full screen, Apps, Games on Mac/PC/Apple TV wirelessly and systematically.

    *3. Supports to stream 4K/5K/8K ultra HD videos and movies from Mac/PC to Apple TV.

    *4. Easily plays MKV, AVI, MP4, x265/x264 video on TV and with video audio 100% syncing.

    What are you waiting for? Download this free Chromecast alternative now and you won't spend any money to buy the additional video stream Chromecast Apps. Simply do the math, why bother? Now use this best free Chromecast altermative to download, play and stream your local video library to HDTV for FREE!!

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