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Mirror and record what's on your Apple device to computer or Apple TV for better audio-visual enjoyment and cherishing.

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Screen Mirror iPhone (XS Max/XS/XR) iPad to Mac/Windows/Apple TV

AirPlay Mirroring empowers you to show what's on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch to everyone on your computer/TV bigger retina screen. Mirroring as the most inclusive method to AirPlay videos music can stream online TV shows, music videos, movies and more on your Mac/PC/Apple TV via this top-notch 5KPlayer. With one click or two, you can even record the mirrored iOS screen and directly save it on computers.

5KPlayer mirroring
How to AirPlay AVI, MKV, WMV, FLV, DivX, MP4, MOV Videos?

To Airplay AVI, MKV, DivX, MP4, MOV, FLV, etc from Mac and PC to Apple TV is quite easy with a proper video converter and video player.

How to Stream Music from iPad and iPhone to Mac/PC/Apple TV?

Learn the easy solution to stream video and audio from iPad and iPhone to Mac/PC and from computer to Apple TV with full quality with the excellent streaming player.

How to Stream Video Music from iPad iPhone to Mac/Windows/Apple TV?

Here are some tips for you to use 5KPlayer AirPlay to stream video/music from iPad iPhone iPod Apple Watch to MacBook Pro/Air, Windows 10/8/7 or Apple TV just a click away.

5KPlayer AirPlay Mirroring, It Can do More Beyond Your Imagination!

Breaking through the video music format limits of wireless streaming, AirPlay Mirroring envoys every movie and song intactly to your Mac/PC/Apple TV. Any MKV/AVI/MP4 videos that you iPhone/iPad/iPod/Apple Watch can render, 5KPlayer can skillfully mirror it to the stunning showy screen, be it movies in 4K/5K/8K Quad UHD resolution.

5KPlayer AirPlay video audio from iPhone iPad to Mac/PC
Free Download Videos Movies Music from 300+ Online Video Sites

Watching funny videos or full movies online is becoming the mainstream pastime, as more audio video sources are uploaded to YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. What if you can download YouTube videos to your PC or Mac even for viewing on iPad, iPhone, Android and so on?

Free Play (HD) Videos and Music | MP4 MP3 Media Play Tips and Guides

This guide answers how to free play (HD) videos movies and music songs on Mac OS/Windows PC/iPad/iPhone, download media player to watch and stream 4K 5K and HD 1080p videos, play FLV, MKV, MP4, AVI, MP3 music, movie DVD, etc.

Guides on How to Download Play AirPlay Videos Music DVDs with 5KPlayer

There are various articles about how to use 5KPlayer, the best free HD 4K 8K video music player, to play and download any MKV MTS 1080P video movie APE MP3 AAC music, and AirPlay video/music from iPhone to Mac & Windows flawlessly .

Screen Mirroring of iPhone/iPad/iPod to Mac/Windows/Apple TV

Screen mirroring of iPhone iPad iPod to Mac/Windows PC or Apple TV innovates a new way of multi-screen demonstration. Mirror the whole iPhone screen to remote computer screen and flexibly control it at hand, 5KPlayer AirPlay Mirroring paves you the most creative way ever of communication.

5KPlayer Screen Mirroring
AirPlay Mirroring-Tips to Get the Most out of AirPlay Mirroring

How to use AriPlay Mirroring? Here a few useful tips to use AirPlay screen mirroring to AirPlay mirror iPad iPhone Apple Watch are provided.

Apple TV Mirroring: Mirror Mac/PC to Apple TV

How to use Apple TV mirroring? Learn the easiest way on how to mirror Mac/PC to Apple TV with an all-round AirPlay Mirroring app.

How to Mirror iPhone to Mac with Best Free AirPlay Server?

How to mirror iPhone to Mac? This tutorial offers you the best free AirPlay server to simply mirror iPhone to Mac.

Free (iPad) Screen Sharing: Screen Share iPad with Mac/Windows

How to use free (iPad) screen sharing to Windows/Mac? Learn the easiest way to screen share iPad with PC/Mac with a free tool. iPad screen share enables you to mirror photos, web pages, documents to computer and record.

How to Use iOS 11 AirPlay Mirroring on iPhone (8)/iPad (Pro)?

Here's how to use iOS 11 AirPlay Mirroring to mirror the entire screen of iPhone 8/7/6S/6 & Plus, iPad Pro to Mac, PC and Apple TV

How to Screen Mirroring iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR?

Have got iPhone Xs or Xs Max in hand? Wondering how to screen mirroring iPhone Xs/Xs Max to Mac, PC or Apple TV? Find answers in this guide.

[Solved] iOS 11 Screen Recording Not Working/Errors

The much-debated iOS 11 screen recording function runs into problems as screen recording not working iOS 11, screen recording no audio, and screen recorder iOS 11 crashes half-way, etc. How to solve the common error in iOS 11 screen recording?

2019 Top 5 AirPlay Devices Review: Which One Should You Buy?

An introduction on 5 ways to achieve screen mirroring PC to TV. Use the most state-of-the-art gadgets that can achieve screen mirroring Windows 10. Find out how to mirror PC to TV in the easiest manner.

Top 3 Ways of iPad Screen Mirroring: iPad Pro 2/Air/Mini Supported

Want to hook up the new iPad Pro 2 to a bigger display via iPad screen mirroring? Here offers top 3 ways of screen mirroring iPad to Apple TV, Mac and Windows. Now start to mirror iPad Pro 2 or earlier to Mac Windows or mirror iPad to Apple TV wirelessly easy and fast.

How to Use iPad Airplay Mirroring to Mirror iPad Screen to Mac/PC/Apple TV?

iPad AirPlay mirroring let you wirelessly beam whatever you're viewing on iPad to Mac. Here a free and excellent AirPlay server of Apple AirPlay mirroring is introduced to mirror iPhone iPad screen to Mac/PC or Apple TV with original quality.

How to Use iPad Airplay Mirroring to Mirror iPad Screen to Mac/PC/Apple TV?

iPad AirPlay mirroring let you wirelessly beam whatever you're viewing on iPad to Mac. Here a free and excellent AirPlay server of Apple AirPlay mirroring is introduced to mirror iPhone iPad screen to Mac/PC or Apple TV with original quality.

Desktop Sharing: Free Share Windows/Mac Desktop to TV

Easy and free desktop sharing with 5KPlayer! Get started to free share the whole desktop screen of Windows (10) and Mac (El Capitan) to big screen TV.

What Is Screen Mirroring? Mirror Your iPhone/iPad to Mac/PC/Apple TV

This guide will tell you what is screen mirroring and how to use screen mirroring to screen mirror your iPhone/iPad/iPod to bigger screen Mac/PC/Apple TV for better image.

Screen Mirroring iPhone (iPhone 6s/6s plus) Hands-on Guide

A cover-all screen mirroring iPhone (6s/6s Plus and before) guide here. This screen mirroring iPhone guide also works for older iPhone 6/6 Plus and to mirror iPhone to Mac.

iPhone Screen Mirroring to TV/PC/Mac Guide Collection

iPhone screen mirroring to TV PC Mac guide collection. 3 ways to use screen mirroring iPhone 6s and earlier: AirPlay Mirroring, iPhone screen mirroring Chromecast, or use a mirror APP for iPhone, read the guide and choose from them.

How to Use Screen Mirroring on iPhone/iPad and Mac/PC?

A device-based how to use screen mirroring guide is given in this article. Find out what is screen mirroring and get corresponding instructions on how to setup screen mirroring on your device, how to do screen mirroring without problems all in this guide.

How to Mirror iPad to Apple TV 4/3/2 Full Screen

Don’t know how to AirPlay mirror iPad to Apple TV? Having trouble of finding the AirPlay icon on your new iPad? Or your iPad won’t connect to your Apple TV? Read this article to learn how to Mirror iPad to Apple TV 4/3/2.

How to Use Apple TV AirPlay Mirroring to the Fullest?

How to use Apple TV Airplay? How to AirPlay content to Apple TV 4th/3rd/2nd generation from iPhone/iPad/Mac/Windows PC without limitations? Here is the ultimate guide on AirPlay Apple TV 4/3/2.

Three Ways to Mirror iPhone to Mac Easily & Successfully

Detailed guides on how to mirror iPhone to Mac via Airplay Mirroring, USB and Bluetooth are introduced here to help you successfully show your iPhone(6) screen on Mac (El Capitan).

Mirror and Record iPhone/iPad Screen All Free Now!

The professional screen recording function of iPhone/iPad/iPod screen is configured in 5KPlayer 100% the quality of other screen recording software but 0% of their price! Keep a record of your iPhone game walkthrough, App demonstration or troubleshooting tutorials, and there's much more than that!

5KPlayer Record Screen
How to Record Your iPhone Screen as a Video without Jailbreak?

This article showcases how to record iPhone screen without jailbreak or the help of expensive software/hardware. You can easily record the screen of iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus/5S/5C running on iOS 9/8/7/6.

Best Screen Recorder for iPad to Record iPad Screen

How to record iPad screen? A free programme is introduced to turn Mac screen recorder to screen recorder for iPad.

How to Free Record Your iPhone 6S/6S Plus Screen Easily without Jailbreak

This article will show you how to record screen of your iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6 for free and without the help of any other costly Apps or software or jailbreak. Get to know the best screen recorder for iPhone and you will feel free to record iPhone iOS 9/8/7 screen operations with ease.

How to Record Live Streaming on YouTube? The Easiest Way.

Want to record YouTube live streaming on your iPhone/iPad but saving them on your Windows 10/Mac El Capitan? Catch you here! We provide you the most direct and easy way to record and save YouTube live streams free from storage limitation of your.

Top 3 Screen Recorder iOS 9/8 Review: iPhone 6S Plus iPad Compatible

Top 3 screen recorder iOS 9/8 2016 hands-on review. Shipped with Apple AirPlay technology, the recommended iPhone screen recorder can capture iOS screen without jailbreak. Take a look and find out which one suits you most!

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