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Stream Music from iPhone/iPad to Top 4 AirPlay Speakers

Specific parameters, as well as customers' hands-on review of top 4 AirPlay speakers [SNR, Dynamic Range and Distortion Factor] taken as the benchmark, you can choose the most suitable and cost-effective AirPlay speakers for home stereo systems. How to use the AirPlay speakers to stream MP3 music from iPhone/iPad is also explained in detail in this article.

Which AirPlay Speaker is the Best for My iPhone/iPad?

Here's a free method to turn your Mac/PC into an AirPlay speaker. A free Wi-Fi audio receiver - 5KPlayer now upgrades your home stereo systems without a penny! Your computer is far more robust than you have discovered, like listening in the front-row of a live concert!

Top 4 AirPlay Speakers

Top 4 AirPlay Speakers Review for Your Home Stereo Systems

AirPlay compatible speaker is for users who want to stream iPhone/iPad music audio to an even robust wireless speaker. While for advanced users at Bluetooth speakers who want to upgrade and get a trial of wireless audio amplifier, you can make up your mind to change the speaker after a trial use of this best free AirPlay speaker.

Best Media Player for Windows

Detailed Review of 4 Most Popular AirPlay Speakers
The home theater AirPlay speaker review includes four most popular AirPlay audio amplifiers and makes a four-way comparison in regard of sound quality, price, utility and stability of the wireless speaker. Users ranging from a beginner to a step-up hand can find their thing through the AirPlay speaker review.

1 ->> Best Free AirPlay Speaker

5KPlayer is an AirPlay built-in wireless speaker. First it comes with zero cost and total stability, and it is also compatible with your Mac/PC seamlessly. To sort out its most compelling features: For new hand to wireless music blasting, this best free AirPlay speaker streams .mp3 and .aac music totally free without any quality loss , thus serving as a basis from which you can ascend until you are sophisticated enough to spend real money on a physical wireless speaker; Secondly, skilled users can be impressed by its AirPlay troubleshooting function which no other streaming media players can handle. 5KPlayer is really a muscular AirPlay speaker and doctor.

5KPlayer VS X-Mirage VS AirServer

2 ->> JBL AirPlay Speaker

There is no single AirPlay speaker adept who doesn't want a JBL, with its outstanding expression of the midrange and treble part, as well as its blasting power. While there's one thing that you might hesitate over — of course the price, JBL L8 starts from $599 and there's even professional choice called L16 at $999. Hence for beginners, plus those old Bluetooth stickers, it is recommended to turn to the best free AirPlay streaming media player before you can make sure a pricey speaker is worth the bucks.

5KPlayer VS X-Mirage VS AirServer

3 ->> iHome AirPlay Speaker

A lovely little friend at $59.9~$89.9, with its acceptable utility and acceptable exterior. Perhaps Acceptable is just the word for iHome AirPlay speaker currently, but you'll have to think further: For one thing, you could get fed up with such starter-level AirPlay audio amplifier, for another, the $59.9 is really not the price for an ice cream ball. Thus if you would like to turn to an AirPlay compatible speaker cheaper alternative, you are recommended to think twice.

4 ->> Sono Speaker [Bluetooth]

Sono speaker, serving bunches of users with Bluetooth music and video blast steadily. Strictly speaking it's not an AirPlay speaker device that this article should include, but concerning its extensive compatibility to provide music AirPlay access to users ranging from iPhone/iPad to Android, it really realizes platform-free video music AirPlay. But here's something with Bluetooth, that it actually carries with quality-loss video audio transferring. Anyway, that's a fight between Bluetooth and AirPlay speaker. For a comparison of these two technologies, please refer to a detailed article on how does AirPlay work, and the working mechanism of wifi audio receiver.


Seeing through the above top 4 AirPlay speakers, firstly, if you stick to Bluetooth amplifier, then buy Sono, while if you are expecting something losslessly, then you can take a closer look at the rest three AirPlay audio amplifiers. JBL is the deary princess for any wireless music speaker fancier, all except for its dearly high cost; For a new hand to AirPlay speaker amplifier, you might be walking back and forth from 5KPlayer to iHome AirPlay speaker, but you actually don't have to, because the former streaming server choice takes no penny, no virus, not even space on your computer desk. 5KPlayer is not only a featured AirPlay speaker, it can also serve as an AirPlay sender that streams video audio from Mac/PC to Apple TV, or even AirPlay YouTube online videos. You just couldn't believe this full-featured AirPlay-compatible speaker is such a bargain? Then follow the instructions below and get a go.

Getting Started with Best Free AirPlay Speaker

Before you finally decide on an expensive wireless audio amplifier, why not start from a primary entrance free of charge? Download this best free AirPlay speaker, and you could explore the real interest of stable, quality AirPlay in your home theater system.

Step 1: Get best free AirPlay speaker prepared on your Mac/PC
* 5KPlayer enables both Mac and Windows PC users to stream music audio  in .mp3, .aac format and videos in .mp4, .m4v, .mov  format with best free wireless streaming server. If you have other format video audio to AirPlay, please turn to the video converter for Mac or PC to convert your music video files to the standard format for AirPlay.

Step 2: Connect the iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch to best free AirPlay speaker
* Swipe from the bottom of the iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch screen to call up the Control Center, tap AirPlay and choose your AirPlay receiver name which you have installed the best free AirPlay speaker on.
* Note: Please connect the iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch and this AirPlay audio amplifier to the same WiFi or Ethernet before starting to stream audio music.

Connect the AirPlay sender and AirPlay speaker

Step 3: Choose the media file to start wireless audio video streaming
* Open the media file in your iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch to start AirPlay.
* In the process of AirPlay, your iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch is a flexible remote controller to the best free AirPlay speaker. You can alter between different music video and adjust the volume of the AirPlay amplifier by dragging the volume float bar.

Step 4: AirPlay speaker troubleshooting AirPlay performance
* AirPlay quality could fluctuate in Wi-Fi environment due to the network influence, which has been bothering even the sophisticated wireless music fanciers. Here the best free AirPlay speaker helps diagnose and troubleshoot the AirPlay video delay and enables users to solve other AirPlay working problems independently.

Video Music streaming to AirPlay speaker

Note: 5KPlayer is the best free AirPlay speaker which lays a safe trial for new hand to AirPlay music video, it's an adept in AirPlay monitoring and troubleshooting AirPlay not working problems for the sophisticated users. Apart from that, your deary home theater system absolutely feeds on nutritious media collection to bloom. Temper your AirPlay speaker patiently with some mellow audio soundtracks streaming first, which you can download from YouTube with this AirPlay speaker, and also directly AirPlay Pandora music audio, then dive into the subwoofer, that's when you'll get the heavenly superb joy with your ear.

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