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Tutorials on 5KPlayer AirPlay 4K/8K Quad UHD Videos in MKV, AVI, WMV

An all-in-one AirPlay streaming video server that powers AirPlay streaming video music capability to your iPhone/iPad/iPod, Mac/Apple TV and even PC with Windows 10/8/7/Vista at full speed. Besides integrating smart conversion support to get AirPlay video MKV AVI FLV MOV format problem solved, 4K/5K/8K Quad UHD video streaming quality is placed highest emphasis on, for 5KPlayer configures video resolution to be the NO.1 superiority.

5Kplayer AirPlay Video
How to Stream Music from iPad and iPhone (11) to Mac/PC/Apple TV?

Learn the easy solution to stream video and audio from iPad and iPhone (11) to Mac/PC and from computer to Apple TV with full quality with the excellent streaming player.

How to Stream Video Music from iPad iPhone (11 and earlier) to Mac/Windows/Apple TV?

Here are some tips for you to use 5KPlayer AirPlay to stream video/music from iPad iPhone iPod Apple Watch to MacBook Pro/Air, Windows 10/8/7 or Apple TV just a click away.

AirPlay Mirroring-Tips to Get the Most out of AirPlay Mirroring

How to use AriPlay Mirroring? Here a few useful tips to use AirPlay screen mirroring to AirPlay mirror iPad iPhone (11) are provided.

Can You Suffice for Video AirPlay Only? Far from Enough!

Connect every single device to stream MP4, M4V, MOV videos across one another with 5KPlayer to AirPlay videos. Gigabytes of exciting 4K/5K/8K Quad UHD movies are deftly swimming in the wireless network of AirPlay, downloading online videos music is another fun you can get here! Playing MKV, FLV, AVCHD videos with 5KPlayer is a hilarious experience of appreciation, while streaming and viewing them on bigger screens brings the joy of sharing. If HQ MP3/AAC music playback is also your serious concern, try 5KPlayer and it won't let you down!

5KPlayer AirPlay music and mirroring
Free Download Videos Music from 300+ Online Video Sites

Watching funny videos or full movies online is becoming the mainstream pastime, since more audio video sources are uploaded to YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. What if you can download online videos to your PC or Mac even for viewing on iPad, iPhone (11), Android and so on?

Free Play (HD) Videos and Music | MP4 MP3 Media Play Tips and Guides

This guide answers how to free play (HD) videos and music on Mac OS/Windows PC/iPad/iPhone, download media player to watch and stream 4K 5K and HD 1080p videos, play FLV, MKV, MP4, AVI, MP3 music, movie DVD, etc.

Guides on How to Download Play AirPlay Videos Music DVDs with 5KPlayer

There are various articles about how to use 5KPlayer, the best free HD 4K 8K video music player, to play and download MKV MTS 1080P videos APE MP3 AAC music, and AirPlay video/music from iPhone (11 and earlier) to Mac & Windows flawlessly .

AirPlay Sender and Receiver 2-in-1: Stream Video Format that Matters

It's downright easy to use AirPlay to stream MP4/H.264/M4V from iPad iPhone (11/Pro/Pro Max/X/Xs/Xs Max) iPod Apple Watch to Mac/Windows under the assistance of 5KPlayer. But what if you feel frustrated when confronted with streaming AirPlay incompatible MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, 4K, 5K UHD videos? Needless to worry! Here shows you the ultimate solution to smoothly AirPlay MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, etc. videos from Mac/PC to Apple TV like a cork.

5KPlayer download online video music
How to AirPlay AVI, MKV, WMV, FLV, DivX, MP4, MOV Videos

To Airplay AVI, MKV, DivX, MP4, MOV, FLV, etc from Mac and PC to Apple TV is quite easy with a proper video converter and video player.

Simplest Way to AirPlay Mac to Stream Video and Music to Apple TV

Want to AirPlay Mac to Apple TV the get a better viewing experience? To AirPlay from Mac to Apple TV, the simplest way with a free and amazing video streaming software is shared here.

How to Turn PC/Mac into a Free AirPlay Server

To turn PC/Mac into a free AirPlay server is so easy with 5KPlayer. Video and music can be streamed to and from AirPlay supported devices with this UHD video player.

How to Turn Your PC/Mac into A Free Media Server

This tutorial will show you how to get a free media server easily by transforming your PC/Mac into a free home media server with 5KPlayer.

iOS Screen Mirroring: How to Mirror Apple Devices to PC and TV

Meet problems while using iOS screen mirroring? Here is the ultimate guide on how to screen mirror iPhone iPad to Mac, Mac to smart TVs, iPhone iPad to smart TVs, and even tell you how to break the platform limitation to screen mirror iPhone iPad to Windows PC.

Upgrade Your Video Playback Old Stuff: Play the Hit Video with AirPlay!

Be on the bandwagon of video playback new stuff! 5KPlayer AirPlay smells evey upcoming rumor in video AirPlay and makes the first and mature response to it. It keeps renewing AirPlay kernel for video and music streaming which is dominating the online media, let alone the landmark in video resolution of 4K/8K Quad UHD video streaming. 5KPlayer has everything prepared, now it's time for show!

5KPlayer Download Video Music
How to Watch YouTube on TV Freely and Easily

To watch YouTube on TV is a no brainer by following the guide below with a help of a brilliant video downloader & AirPlay sender 5KPlayer to stream YouTube videos to TV smoothly.

How to AirPlay YouTube Videos Movies (Online or Downloaded) from Apple Device?

Users can learn how to AirPlay YouTube videos movies from Apple devices, and how to collect more YouTube videos to AirPlay.

How to AirPlay from Windows 10 to Apple TV?

This is a tutorial of AirPlay from Windows 10 and Windows 7/8/8.1 to Apple TV without installing any third party utility on client's devices.

How to AirPlay Dolby Vision HDR 4K from iPhone 12 Models?

AirPlay iPhone 12 Dolby Vision HDR 4K videos to Apple TV is supported officially, so is it possible to AirPlay Dolby Vision videos from iPhone 12 (mini/Pro/Pro Max) to computer? Get the answer in this article.

[Fixed] TikTok Not Working, Down or Ban?

Is TikTok not working on your iPhone or Android? Reasons may be mainly boiled down to the server error or the local government’s ban. Whatever, here are detailed explanations.

Apple TV NFL Sunday Ticket Download Install Guide

It's downright easy to download Apple TV NFL Sunday Ticket on the 4-th gen of the TV set. However, aside from the NFL Sunday Ticket APP or Directv, users with earlier versions may need other workarounds to help. This page introduces top 3 ways to watch NFL Sunday Ticket Apple TV, choose your preferred way for NFL Sunday Ticket streaming.

[Solved] AirPlay 2 Not Working/Not Upgrading Errors

Getting a first hand on Apple AirPlay 2 can be full of AirPlay 2 not working errors. This page collects all sorted AirPlay 2 not working problems so you can continue to play with smooth AirPlay 2 even when it stops working due to some errors.

How to Watch NBA on Apple TV HDTV | NBA Playoffs Finals

Start to watch Apple TV NBA playoffs, finals without blackouts in the easiest manner. This guide helps you watch NBA playoffs on Apple TV HDTV, and also watch NBA finals and regular season games HD with or without Apple TV NBA league pass.

How to Watch US Open on Apple TV HDTV | US Open Tennis

Start to watch Apple TV US Open 2023 where rising stars and reigning players compete in the 4th grand slam - US Tennis Open. This page offers immediate guide to watch 2023 US Open on Apple TV HD TV free of charge.

Apple's March Event 2023 Video Download and Live Stream

Get Apple March Event 2023 live stream entrance or download Apple March Event video with 5KPlayer. Learn iPhone, iPad and other new release in Apple live ahead of time!

3D Movie Streaming: Free Stream 3D Movies to HDTV with Theater Effect

Finding a free 3D movie streaming way to stream 3D movies to HDTV to have a theater effect at home? Here you could get the free film 3D streaming solution to stream 3D movies like Netflix 3D movies, YouTube 3D movies, VUDU 3D films, etc.

Watch NBA Finals 2023 Online Free| NBA Finals Live Stream Wirelessly

How to watch NBA finals 2023 online free? How to live stream NBA finals NBA playoffs basketball games HD 1080p from to HDTV? Here you could get the guide to watch NBA finals live online free| NBA live stream without missing a moment!

How to Watch March Madness NCAA Tournament 2023

Here's how to watch 2023 March Madness or the NCAA Tournament on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC, Apple TV, and more with or without cable.

H.265 Streaming: Try on The New 4K Streaming Mode

H.265 streaming as the new mode of 4K streaming offers better streaming performance while also comes with H.265 codec problems. Learn H.265/HEVC from this article to make better use of 4K UHD videos.

Fix 4K Video Airplay Errors to Build Your Own Home Theater!

Learn to fix 4k video AirPlay error to seamlessly stream 4k video from Mac/PC to your HDTV with Apple TV 4/3/2 through this tutorial, and help yourself with 4k video not streaming troubleshooting tips in only few mouse clicks.

New Apple TV Movies For Free to Watch on New Apple TV 4

Apple TV movies to watch for free on the new Apple TV 4. A more economic way you can try to watch new movies TV shows without paying for Apple movie rentals every time. Now watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more movies on Apple TV.

[Solved] Netflix App not Working on Windows 10/ Windows 8

Netflix App not working? This article shares some experience in solving Netflix not working on Windows 10/Windows 8 problems and let you watch Netflix movies on TV without problems.

How to Watch Netflix 4K/UHD Content on TV?

How to watch Netflix 4K on TV and how much? Netflix 4K content is limited just like Ultraflix and Amazon Instant video. Learn where to find more Netflix 4K UHD movies to watch on TV Mac Windows.

Hot Netflix Movie List For Free: Watch Top Netflix Movies on PC Mac HDTV

The hot Netflix movie list offers free link to each recommended Netflix 3D movies, Netflix 4K movies, and 2023 new movies on Netflix. Discover best Netflix movies from the list to watch for free on Mac PC Apple TV.

Top 6 HD Video Streaming Sites: Hidden Features You Should Know

The selected top 6 HD video streaming sites empower you to free download streaming video, or watch full movie online. Learn how to make the best of free license to YouTube, Vimeo, and some other video streaming sites, and how to choose among Netflix, Dailymotion and other paid video streaming services.

How to Achieve Airplay on Windows 8/8.1/10?

This guide will show you how to achieve AirPlay on Windows 8/8.1/10 PC with 5KPlayer Windows version.

How to Free Stream 8K Video from iPhone to Mac and Mac to Apple TV?

Stream 8K video from iPhone/iPod/iPad to Mac/Windows or from Mac/PC to Apple TV with best free 8K video streaming server. Uplift your visual experience by viewing 8K videos on stunning 8K display or Apple TV now that general computer screens can't live them to the fullest.

How to Get 4K Video Streaming Services from 5KPlayer?

Learn how to get free 4k video streaming services from 5KPlayer to easily stream 4k movies, UHD videos, and other 1080p video clips from PC/Mac to Apple TV.

How to Get 4K Video Streaming Services from 5KPlayer?

Learn how to get free 4k video streaming services from 5KPlayer to easily stream 4k movies, UHD videos, and other 1080p video clips from PC/Mac to Apple TV.

The Can't-miss Free Film Streaming Service |5KPlayer

This article introduces a must-have free film streaming tool which not only offers you unlimited free streaming films but also turns your Mac/PC into the best film streaming device.

How to AirPlay DVD Videos from Mac to Apple TV?

This tutorial will show you how to free AirPlay DVD videos from Mac to Apple TV to gain better visual experience.

Instruction to Free HBO Go Apple TV Problems [Solved]

A cover-all guide on HBO GO App not working on Apple TV: HBO go activate Apple TV[solved], HBO GO App problems in video playback[Solved], and other frequent HBO GO to Apple TV errors all handled with a free HBO streaming tool.

Streaming Netflix 1080P 4K UHD Movies/TV Shows with Ease

For free streaming Netflix contents, this How-to-Guide will lead you to realize streaming Netflix 1080p, HD 4K Movies/TV Shows effectively all at once.

Top 4 Solutions for Free Streaming TV Shows and Sports Games

For free streaming TV shows and sports games, this guide provides 4 best solutions that can help you easily realize your TV streaming desire in HD, 1080p and even 4K.

How to Get Free Movie Streaming Service to Stream Video and Music

This tutorial will show you how to get free movie streaming fast and easy without a bit loss in image quality with 5KPlayer.

Best Video Streaming Service to Wirelessly Stream Movies/Music Videos

Looking for the best video streaming service? You can use 5KPlayer to wirelessly stream your movie, TV shows and music videos from Mac PC to TV for free.

Top 10 Free Movie Streaming Sites: Updated

Top 10 free movie streaming sites updated, now bookmark the best movie streaming sites. You can find free movie streaming, TV shows, sports streaming and more with no signup, and learn how to free download streaming video to your computer.

Review of Best Free AirPlay Servers

Bunches of big name AirPlay servers at hand, beginners can get an introduction before making the choice while advanced AirPlay users will discover the parameters and technical difference among AirPlay senders and receivers in market. 5KPlayer leaves it up to you to decide, and it will be your decision.

AirPlay Servers Review
Top Free AirParrot Alternative to Mirror Stream Video Audio Flawlessly

Top free AirParrot alternative is here to help mirror & stream videos, audio, movies, music for flexible playback on Mac, Windows, Apple TV, iPhone(X/XS/XS Max/XR/11), iPad, AirPlay-enabled speakers, etc.

Top 3 Free Audio Video AirPlay Senders to Stream Music and Movie

It will introduce you the top 3 free AirPlay senders which can be downloaded freely for AirPlay audio and video.

Beamer for Windows 10/8/7 PC: AirPlay Windows to Apple TV

Looking for Beamer for Windows 10/8/7? This program that can AirPlay MKV MP4 AVI to TV is a free alternative to Beamer Windows. Free download and install Beamer Windows alternative and start AirPlay with only mouse clicks!

5KPlayer vs. X-Mirage vs. AirServer: Top 3 AirPlay Servers Review

Top 3 AirPlay receiver & sender: 5KPlayer vs. X-Mirage vs.AirServer [Price: free, $16, $13 respectively] can stream your video music from iPhone iPad to Mac/PC, or from Mac/PC to Apple TV without hassle. This top 3 AirPlay receiver & sender review gives an overall picture of the 3 softwares.

AirParrot Mac License Key Cracked Full Download

AirParrot Mac cracked alternative download free to safely and stably screen mirror Mac to Apple TV as well as mirroring iPad/iPad/iPod screen to Mac OS.

Top 4 Chromecast Apps for PC to Stream Hot Movies Music from PC to TV

4 best Chromecast apps for PC are provided here to satisfy your needs to stream hot movies music from PC to the bigger-screen TV to share with your friends and families without huddle.

VLC Streamer Free Download and Setup Tutorial

Tutorial on to how to download and set up VLC Streamer on iPhone/iPad/iPod as well as how to connect VLC Streamer Helper and VLC streamer to stream movies from PC/Mac to iDevice.

How to Achieve VLC AirPlay by Using VLC Alternative?

This guide introduces certain ways to achieve VLC AirPlay and a VLC alternative that offers the best AirPlay experience.

Free Download VLC for Apple TV – Best Media Player Choice?

VLC for Apple TV is out, then how to play any videos/music on Apple TV with VLC? How to deal with problems like 'Empty Folder over SMB' 'Video No Sound'? What are the best media players for Apple TV? We'll let you know.

Stream Videos with AirPlayer and Free AirPlayer Alternative

AirPlayer is introduced here for video streaming from Apple devices to Mac with one of the best AirPlayer alternatives recommended.

[Solved] AirPlay Video Delay from iPhone to Mac

AirPlay video delay from iPhone to Mac can be solved by fixing audio video synchronization problem. Here you can learn to synchronize video with audio according to specific delays.

Beamer AirPlay – How to Stream Video from Mac to Apple-TV with Beamer

This guide will show you how to AirPlay with Beamer to stream video files and music from Mac to Apple-TV with free Beamer alternative.

Top Free Reflector Mac alternative to Mirror Stream Video Audio Flawlessly

Top free Reflector Mac alternative is here to help mirror and stream videos, audios, movies, music for flexible playback on Mac, Windows, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, AirPlay-enabled speakers, etc.

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