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Top 4 Google Chromecast Alternatives Review

Top 4 Chromecast alternatives recommended in this article can set up wireless streaming just like Chromecast "AirPlay", and meanwhile providing different features: Both Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV have physical remote control while Google Chromecast doesn't, and that Amazon TV content is exclusive on Amazon only. Take a look at the top 4 alternatives to Chromecast if you want something different, or when your Chromecast not working on iPhone happens a lot.

Is Apple AirPlay The Best Chromecast Alternative?

Google Chromecast 2015 is launched with a half-baked iOS APP, technically rendering horse-to-horse AirPlay Apple TV 4 function. Is Apple TV still the best Chromecast alternative in this round? One free streaming software will boost it to, read and see how.

AirPlay Receiver Review

Top 4 New Chromecast Alternative Review

Since new Chromecast 2015 released with its support to iPhone, new Chromecast alternatives have to be better competitive to outshine the capability to Chromecast from iPhone 6s. Here the ambitious and usable top 4 Chromecast alternatives are listed below and you're welcome.


Top 1. 5KPlayer - Boost Apple TV to be the Best Free Alternative to Chromscast
Top 2. Roku Streaming Stick
Top 3. Amazon Fire TV
Top 4. Allshare Cast
* Spec Table of Top 4 Chromecast Alternative
* Chromecast Not Working [Solved]
As an intelligent software, 5KPlayer helps Apple TV to stay as the best Google Chromecast alternative with AirPlay technology to stream video and music. When installed on Mac or Windows, Apple TV can not only recognize and play videos streaming from iPhone iPad, it can receive movies from Mac or Windows. A simple 5KPlayer setup can import gigabytes of Apple TV movies to watch, making it definitely the NO.1 Chromecast alternative to recommend.
1 Pice : Free 5KPlayer configures native AirPlay and turns your Mac El Captain, Windows PC, Surface Pro 4/Book into AirPlay senders & receiver. Making video AirPlay from iPad to PC, or AirPlay from PC to Apple TV totally free of charge;
2 Protocol: AirPlay technology, which this media streaming software uses support losslessly streaming 4K videos in MP4, MOV and M4A, as well as music in MP3, AAC;
3 Performance: High stability [Up to 8K], no glitch, seldom delay Easiest set-up method, no extra transfer protocols regarding different devices. Boosting both local media and APP like AirPlay YouTube.

Top 2. Why Roku Streaming Stick is Better? - Chromecast Alternative with 1200 Channels [Far More Content]

Roku Streaming Stick

1 Price: $49.99
2 Protocol: Wi-Fi Direct
3 Performance: Good stability, no glitch, seldom delay

Sure indeed, Chromecast has made remarkable strides in its content to offer, a recent review of top 4 Chromecast APPs for PC has pushed streaming experience one step forward, yet Roku streaming stick has gone way forward: This mini-size Chromecast alternative lives behind your TV in a spare HDMI port, offering roughly 1200 APPs to suffice; Contrast to Chromecast's inaction towards the difference between iOS and Android users, Roku streaming stick configures a Roku APP for iOS and for Android respectively. The only pity is that Roku streaming stick contains a remote in the box, yet not eligible for the headphone-jack function, which is only feasible on Roku 2/3 currently.

Top 3. Why Amazon Fire TV is Better? - Chromecast Alternative with Gaming Features

1 Price: $139.99
2 Protocol: Miracast
3 Performance: Good stability[Up to 4K output], voice control*, gaming support, seldom delayNew Amazon Fire TV Gaming

Since the latest Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition entered the Fire TV family, this playful Chromecast alternative is winning favors from game players. This $139.99 pack comes with 2 high-performance games: Shovel Knight and Disney DuckTales: Remastered, and certainly a whole lot of 800 games in shelf for the entire family. Another fature is the voice remote control: You just speak to Alexa [voice service on this alternative to Chromecast], and search will come through the Amazon Fire TV content: from music to movies, from APP to game catalogue. Amazon Fire TV is the first Chromecast alternative to feature Voice Remote. Let alone its extensive media format support - which Chromecast fails to - play video in H.265, H.264, music in AAC-LC, AC3, eAC3 (Dolby Digital Plus), FLAC, MP3 and display images in JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP.

Top 4. Why Allshare Cast is Better? - Chromecast Alternative for Samsung phones tablets users.

Allshare Cast

1 Price: $79.99
2 Protocol: Miracast
3 Performance: Good stability[HD output only], voice control*, gaming support, seldom delay

The best Chromecast alternative if you're a Samsung user. Allshare Cast has a Wi-Fi Display (In) and an HDMI A type (Out). It supports technically all Samsung devices like Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II. A tiny inconvenience is that the Allshare Cast pack has no microUSB charging cable and you'd remember to buy separately.

Spec Table of Top 4 Chromecast Alternative

Roku Streaming Stick
Amazon Fire TV
Allshare Cast [Samsung]
Formats Supported All AirPlay supported format MKV, MP4, MOV, WMV, AAC, MP3, WMA, FLAC, WAV, JPG, PNG, GIF H.265, H.264, AAC-LC, AC3, eAC3 (Dolby Digital Plus), FLAC, MP3 H.265, H.264, AC3, eAC3
Compatible Device iPhone 6s (Plus)/iPad Pro/iPod Touch
Mac/Windows 10 PC or earlier
Apple TV 4/3/2
Android 4.2 (or newer), Windows phone, Windows tablets Android 4.2 (or newer), Fire phone, Fire HDX tablets Samsung phones and tablets
Output Resolution Support AirPlay to 8K TV, 4K streaming Support up to 1080p Support up to 4K N/A
Plug-ins Required No Plug-in Required with in-box remote Required with voice remote Required
Price Freeware to associate Apple TV 4/3/2 $ 49.99 $139.99 [or $99.99 for Amazon Fire TV without gaming] $ 79.99

Chromecast Not Working [Solved]

Netflix Chromecast error 16004 [solved]
Clear and wipe Netflix from mobile phone -> Clear and wipe Chromecast from mobile phone -> Hard reset the Chromecast device -> Reinstall Netflix app -> Reinstall Chromecast app -> Reconnect everything
BBC iPlayer APP Chromecast error 94 [solved]
Click Cast icon on BBC iPlayer (not the Cast icon in the Chromecast extension) -> Choose the appropriate receiver from the Cast Extension list
HBO GO Chromecast error 102 [solved]
Since HBO GO error with Chromecast remains further identification, pleaseo pen Chromecast APP (Android) -> Select the Chromecast -> Menu > Help & Feedback > Submit Feedback Report and include the keywords "navytank" and "102", the Chromecast support will process your puzzles.

Best Chromecast Alternative to Stream Video from PC/Mac to TV

Download 5KPlayer for Windows or Mac, launch it instantly. This best free Chromecast Alternative can stream 4K 5K 8K UHD videos from PC/Mac to TV with losslessly.

Step 1: Click AirPlay icon on the upper right corner of the interface.

Step 2: Pair it with Apple TV by hitting the TV name from the drop-down list.

Step 3 : Select the video from "Video" to start wireless display, 5KPlayer features smart display with your PC/Mac as the remote controller.

Tips and Note: Alternatively, you can turn to how to use screen mirroring with 5KPlayer to set up gaming mirroring from iPhone/iPad to Mac Windows, 5KPlayer also features mirroring-based screen recording to suffice. AirPlay only supports videos in MP4, M4V, MOV and music in MP3 AAC. To display DVD, MKV, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc. wirelessly, refer to a video converter software for Windows or video converter software for Mac to convert media to AirPlay supported format.

Stream video with best chromecast alternative

The Price-Performance-Protocol review of Top 4 Chromecast alternative favors the pack of Apple TV + free AirPlay server from a neutral stand. The trustworthy AirPlay protocol firstly wins score for pack No.1- when Chromecast not working taking all that complex analysis and troubleshooting, AirPlay with 5KPlayer boosts stable streaming quality all the while. Then the optional streaming method is considerate: AirPlay video music, or screen mirroring with 5KPlayer as a whole; Yet it's the rich streaming content to clinch a deal - From AirPlay YouTube to HBO GO streaming to Apple TV, from the support to watch Netflix on TV to Support to eveything included in video stream Chromecast, there's just every reason to lean towards 5KPlayer.

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