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Download iOS 13 for AirPlay to Mac/PC from iPhone

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Downloaded iOS 13only to find that AirPlay fails to work with almost all AirPlay software/devices and Apps? Regret to update iOS 13 with now an iPhone/iPad always getting stuck? Going further with the feeling that phones/tablets are becoming more alike than ever with iPhone SE/6/6S and iPad Pro in hand? You have all the legitimate reason to get frustrated. But luckily this time, 5KPlayer will 100% see to the Apple unique iOS 13 AirPlay compatibility issue in its 6.0 version! Behold boys!

AirPlay iOS 13 iPhone 11/iPad Pro to Mac/PC Best Choice5KPlayer - the best media player supports iOS 13 AirPlay!

How to AirPlay iOS 9
  • 100% Compatible with iOS 13 AirPlay;
  • 100% seamless & smooth iOS 13 AirPlay experience;
  • 100% guarantee without iOS 13 AirPlay video audio delay

Doubts about iOS 13 and iOS 13 AirPlay Not Working

With appealing enriched features of iOS 13 rolling out, including the noticeable redesigned iOS 13 APP switcher and back button, smarter Siri, smaller system size of only 1.3G, changed font, extended battery life by 3hrs, sketch function in Notes etc, you may want to have a instant upgrade to iOS 13 regardless of whatever experienced hands have to say. But iPhone/iPad symptoms like fevering, hiccups, APP force termination, running out of memory are indeed common issues people encounter every now and then with iOS 13, since discrepancies between theory and practice is unavoidable, which also leads us to question the big improvement of iOS 13 AirPlay – Can we truly benefit from this amended function? Or maybe we should downgrade iOS 13 to iOS 12.

The advantages of iOS 13 AirPlay or the purpose of this escalation mainly lay in the overall performance and fortified security of iOS 13 streaming, paving the way for more efficient and secure video music beaming and gaming of Apple TV 4 and generations ahead. Lowered battery consumption and accelerated encrypted connection are also highlights of iOS 13 AirPlay.

Nevertheless, with securer way of iOS 13 AirPlay encryption and changes in AirPlay protocols, incompatibility of old AirPlay protocols rises up, that it has largely affected many developers and users of 3rd party AirPlay software/APP in streaming/mirroring to Mac/PC. They simply cannot connect the iOS 13 devices with the likes of X-mirage or devices made by Airsonos, yet, iOS 13 to Apple TV 4/3/2 AirPlay (jailbroken Apple TV excluded) working perfectly fine. Also, reviewing from the update of previous iOS 13 beta 1-3 to official iOS 13, proposed overhaul on this issue neither happened nor answered by Apple. To what end shall we be waiting?

No More Waiting If You Have 5KPlayer Aside iOS 9 Update

On both Mac and Windows, 5KPlayer works as an AirPlay receiver and sender that can turn your computer into a media server compatible with iOS 13 iPhone/iPad/Apple TV. Assisted by 5KPlayer, you will be able to AirPlay from iOS 13 to Mac and Windows system, stream 4K content to Apple TV4, or even AirPlay mirroring your whole iOS 13 screen to Mac/Windows.

How to AirPlay iOS 13 iPhone 11/iPad to Mac/PC

iOS 13 AirPlay to Mac/PC:

Step 1: Download and launch the 5KPlayer accordingly on Mac/PC.

Note: To achieve iOS 13 AirPlay to Mac/PC, make sure to connect your iOS 13 devices – iPhone/iPad/iPod touch etc and your PC/Mac the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Go to the Control Center on the display of your iOS 13 devices and find AirPlay.

Note: Click AirPlay to view a list of AirPlay receiver options. Select your Windows PC/Mac as AirPlay receiver.

You can "pin" the player on top of your other windows, and unlike some similar programs, it automatically adjusts the display window to the size of the movie.

Step 3: Choose the videos or music you want to play, then the iOS 13 will start AirPlay on your Windows/Mac..

AirPlay iOS 9 Playing UI

iOS 13 to Mac/PC AirPlay Mirroring:

Step 1: Download and open 5KPlayer on your Mac/PC first

Step 2: Connect your upgraded iPhone/iPad iOS 13 and Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or iMac/Macbook/Mac Air the same WIFI network;

Step 3: Swipe up from the bottom of the iOS 13 iPhone/iPada screen to visit the control center and click AirPlay. Select your target receiver;

Step 4: Enable Mirroring, and your iOS 13 iPhone/iPad pro screen will show up on the computer screen.

Note: You can record your iOS 13 iPhone/iPad screen by clicking the recording button below.
*Click the button again to stop recording and the recorded video file will be saved on your computer and categorized in the playlist for a tidy video-management.

Side note: Remember, iOS 13 AirPlay only supports video formats in MP4, MOV, M4V, make sure that you get an efficient converter to help with the format conversion.

5KPlayer AirPlay Mirror iOS 9 screen recording

Note: Apart from 5KPlayer, Airserver and Reflector 2 are two other iOS 13 AirPlay APP alternatives that are compatible with iOS 13 AirPlay and YouTube streaming here that we also recommend. You can try them all to find the most suitable one.

iOS 13, a new OS to be explored, savored and improved, infuses new vibes into the little piece of art in our hand. Though Apple's creativity is dropping, at least they do try beating their brains out to make a step forward, and for that we shall cherish. 5KPlayer follows this spirit in a way that combines Apple AirPlay iOS 13, HD video music playback and downloads to present you a world of magic where 8K streaming and Netflix streaming are provided in combination.

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