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Download Jailbreak iOS 9 for iPhone/iPad

As Pangu released its untether iOS 9 jailbreak solution, we jailbreakers are thrilled to give it a shot. However, to jailbreak your iOS 9 iPhone/iPad, excitement won't really help. We should get to know about iOS 9 jailbreak first.

Best Free AirPlay Enabled Media Player for Jailbroken iOS 9.0

5KPlayer is the best free media player for iOS 9 (jailbroken or not) in regard of free video music streaming and 4K res video AirPlay,image processing & rendering capability up to 4K/Ultra HD, as well as online 8K movies/music free download.

AirPlay iOS 9 Jailbroken

Again, Get A Better Recognition of iOS9 Jailbreak

Forget about all those biased speeches about iOS 9 jailbreak and those iOS 9 jailbreak fear-mongering rumors. iOS 9.0 jailbreak risks are always there but we shall give it a fair judgment. The real ventures of jailbreaking are the exact same ventures when we are free to install and run things in other electronic devices like Android, Windows devices, and we can simply refuse to install apps from untrustworthy sites.

Jailbreak iOS 9.0 Risks Are Mainly about:

1. Safety–the jailbroken iOS 9 iPhone/iPad breaks the mechanism of iOS sandbox, which allows users and, at the same time, hackers to gain access to the kernel program of iOS, which in return exposes your iOS 9 iPhone/iPad in open air without encryption and protection, meaning danger;

2. Stability –After iOS 9 jailbreaking, many forbidden processes and functions can thus run on your iPhone/iPad. In this way, up to a point, the stability of the system will be affected, leading to program crash and reboot.

3. Battery Consumption –the application of TPPS will definitely boost battery consumption.

As iOS version levels up from iOS7/iOS8 to iOS9, jailbreak becomes increasingly complicated and difficult for those dedicated hackers. Now that Pangu announced its untethered iOS 9 jailbreak publicly, and with the previous achievements regarding iOS7/8 jailbreak, they are proved to be capable and reliable. Compared to the former version of iOS, though iOS 9 has many improvements and dazzling elements infused, remember it is jailbreak community that plays a big role in pushing and urging the iOS developers to perfect the system in this certain way –like widgets and live wallpapers are a few things that jailbreakers have been savoring for years and now in newer iOS cycles.

Though, BLoD, the failure of untether jailbreak after several attempts during installation may still probe out as a major issue that affects iOS 9 jailbreak, of which the ultimate reason is yet unclear. Restoration of the device can be helpful if you encounter that problem.

Now, In the Face of iOS 9 Jailbreak Release, Should We Give iPhone 6s/plus A Try?

1. For the likes of businessmen, stars or politicians, we do not recommend iOS 9 jailbreak:
If your security and stability requirement is high, it is less suggested for you to get the iPhone/iPad jailbroken so as to avoid system crash, invasion of hackers, leaking of confidential information or data lost.

2. For common users and iOS game players:
If you have nothing confidential, relatively low safety requirement and prefer more games and functions, you can choose to get your iPhone/iPad iOS 9 jailbroken to enrich entertainments and enhance using experience.

How to Jailbreak iOS 9 via Pangu Jailbreak?

iOS 9 Jailbreak Preparation:
1. Make a full backup before iOS 9 jailbreak in case of data lost;
2. Make sure the iOS version for jailbreak is iOS 9-iOS 9.0.2 (iOS 8.4.1 not supported)
3. Only ios devices upgraded to iOS 9 via iTunes can be jailbroken using this method (for OTA upgraded iOS 9 devices, please re-upgrade them via iTunes and restore the firmware.)
4. Please log out the iTunes on computers during iOS9 jailbreak.
5. Download Pangu jailbreak Windows software pack for iOS 9 jailbreak.

Jailbreak for iOS 9 Steps:
1. Logout iCloud, turn passcode off, switch to AirPlane mode and disable "Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod" function in system setting.
2. Download Pangu iOS 9 Jailbreak Tool package.

The Alerting of "Disk Is Almost Full": During jailbreaking, Pangu will write some important files into the system partition, which may lead to this warning. But, this will not affect your device. With Cydia installed, it will re-adjust the system files on its first launch and then the warning would disappear. Also, in case that you meet Cydia not opening problems or crashing issues, you can find the official solution here.

After iOS 9 jailbreak, you can do a lot more things with your iPhone than those in jails, like making your own iPhone customizations, getting abundant new apps, like iOS 9 jailbreak tweak Forcy, which endows 3D Force Touch to the jailbroken iOS 9 iPhone 5/6 devices. Apps about AirPlay is also a good choice, like Air Playit to stream video music to your iOS 9 iPhone/iPad or the other way around –from iOS 9 to Windows/Mac/HDTV using 5KPlayer –one of the best Windows 10 media players on list. AirPlay 4K to Apple TV 4, AirPlay to Windows 10/8, AirPlay to Surface Pro 4/Surface Book, and the likes can be easily realized with the assistant of 5KPlayer. It can even smoothly play your iPhone 6/6s recorded 4K video/music on PC/Mac, help you snapshoot your own free and unique 8K iPhone/iPad screen wallpapers.

How to AirPlay Jailbroken iOS 9 to Windows 10/8 with 5KPlayer

iOS 9 AirPlay to Windows 10/8:

Step 1: Download and launch the 5KPlayer accordingly on Mac/PC.

Note: To achieve iOS 9 AirPlay to Mac/PC, make sure to connect your iOS 9 devices –iPhone/iPad/iPod touch etc and your PC/Mac the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Go to the Control Center on the display of your iOS 9 devices and find AirPlay.

Note: Click AirPlay to view a list of AirPlay receiver options. Select your Windows PC/Mac as AirPlay receiver.

You can "pin" the player on top of your other windows, and unlike some similar programs, it automatically adjusts the display window to the size of the movie

Step 3: Choose the videos or music you want to play, then the iOS 9 will start AirPlay on your Windows/Mac..

AirPlay iOS 9 Playing UI

iOS 9 to Mac/PC AirPlay Mirroring:

Step 1: Download and open 5KPlayer on your Mac/PC first

Step 2: Connect your upgraded iPhone/iPad iOS 9 and Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or iMac/Macbook/Mac Air the same WIFI network;

Step 3: Swipe up from the bottom of the iOS 9 iPhone/iPada screen to visit the control center and click AirPlay. Select your target receiver;

Step 4: Enable Mirroring, and your iOS 9 iPhone/iPad screen will show up on the computer screen.

Note: You can record your iOS 9 iPhone/iPad screen by clicking the recording button below.
Click the button again to stop recording and the recorded video file will be saved on your computer and categorized in the playlist for a tidy video-management.

Side note: Remember, iOS 9 AirPlay only supports video formats in MP4, MOV, M4V, make sure that you get an efficient converter to help with the format conversion.

AirPlay Mirroring iOS 9

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