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What Is AirPlay and How to Use AirPlay to Stream Video Music

Have no idea what AirPlay is and how AirPlay works? Fear not, here is a brief introduction about what is AirPlay and how to use AirPlay to stream video and audio with an all-round AirPlay Server 5KPlayer, with which you are allowed to not only stream video music from iPhone iPad to computer, but also send movies, videos, film clips and songs from Mac OS and PC to Apple TV.

How to AirPlay from iPhone iPad to Computer and Mac OS/PC to Apple TV?

You will need 5KPlayer, which provides the most comprehensive solution to video streaming, to AirPlay video and music from iOS devices iPhone iPad to Mac OS and PC, and send media contents like movies, TV shows, music videos, songs from computer to Apple TV.

What Is AirPlay

What is AirPlay?

You may keep seeing AirPlay being mentioned, but do you really know what AirPlay is? Though AirPlay technology is catching on, it's still relatively new and quite confusing for many newbies. So what is AirPlay? AirPlay is a kind of video streaming technology from Apple, which revolutionizes the way videos and music are played. Briefly, found on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or any Mac or Windows PC running iTunes, it is designed to stream audio, video and photos to AirPlay receivers over WiFi. This video streaming service can be very useful in many cases like enjoy and control the music while wandering around your house, stream your iPhone iPad to the larger screen without having wires cluttering up your room...

AirPlay Not Working Now and Then? How to Fix It?

With so many benefits in hand however, there is a common cry we can hear from Apple users: AirPlay not working on computer, namely the incapability of AirPlay to AirPlay contents from iOS devices to computer and computer to Apple TV. More specifically, on one hand, contents AirPlay to larger screen is limited only to Apple TV, on the other hand, though newer Macs are accompanied with AirPlay feature, some older Macs and all the PCs are warded off. To compensate, the free and powerful 5KPlayer comes out. Below we will offer you a detailed guide on how to AirPlay iOS devices and computer with this useful AirPlay app.

Part 1: How to Use AirPlay to AirPlay iPad iPhone to Mac OS/PC

What is AirPlay? Whenever talking about this, one may keep thinking about streaming video and music from iOS iPad iPhone to Apple TV. But is it possible to put the contents of iPad and iPhone to the more cheaper and commonly-used computers? Sad to say that Apple doesn't provide much support in this regard, however, an all-round AirPlay app 5KPlayer comes to help. Based on AirPlay technology, 5KPlayer empowers users to AirPlay video, movies, music and songs on iOS devices iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to Mac OS and PC. Follow the guide below to learn how does AirPlay work to stream iOS devices.

Step 1: Download and launch this AirPlay receiver on computer. For windows users, just go to the windows version. Note to connect your iOS device and computer to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Set the AirPlay on your iOS devices: Go to Control Center on the display of your iOS device and find AirPlay. Click AirPlay.


Step 3: Then you can see a list of AirPlay receiver options. In the device list there will be the name of your computer. Tap it and click Done.

Step 4: Go Videos/Music app supported by Airplay on your iPhone/iPad/iPod and play the video or music to start to AirPlay iPad iPhone to Mac OS/PC now. Then your computer will start to play the video or audio that's currently playing on iPad iPhone.

AirPlay iOS Devices

Part 2: How to AirPlay Mac OS/PC to Apple TV

In addition to AirPlay iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, you may also wonder how to use AirPlay to stream contents from computers to Apple TV. As users may fortunately find AirPlay not working when send content from computers, here 5KPlayer also gives the answer. More than a AirPlay receiver, 5KPlayer also accompanies the feature of an AirPlay sender, which can stream video & audio from Mac/PC to Apple TV, AirPlay-enabled speakers etc by turning your computers into AirPlay devices. Learn how to use AirPlay to display computer on Apple TV below.

Step 1: Download 5KPlayer on your Mac/PC, then launch it. Make sure you have had you Apple TV connected to the same WiFi network as your computer.

Step 2: Click AirPlay button on the top right corner on the interface and you can see a list of airplay video receivers. Select Apple TV. The AirPlay button will go red if it is enabled. 

AirPlay on iPhone

Step 3: Add the videos and music you want to stream from Mac OS/PC to Apple TV. Then 5KPlayer will start to AirPlay media from computer to Apple TV, including videos music from YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, etc. The whole process of streaming media is quick with not a bit loss in quality.

Note: Before you AirPlay from computer to Apple TV, make sure your videos and audio are in formats supported by AirPlay, if not, you may need a DVD video converter software for Mac OS or for Windows PC to convert them first.

AirPlay Mac to Apple TV

As the best AirPlay receiver and sender, 5KPlayer delivers a comprehensive and straightforward solution to AirPlay iPad iPhone to Mac OS/PC and computers to Apple TV. Also it brings an amazing video playback experience as you are freely to play SD, HD and 4K UHD videos in various popular formats. What's more, the ability to free download online video and music from more than 300 video sites is surely a plus.

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