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New Streaming Solution: Google Chromecast "AirPlay"

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Newly designed full-fledged Chromecast 2 showcases a lot improvements: increased streaming speed, surround sound support, expanded third-party app support, 802.11 ac/5 GHz Wi-Fi with adaptive antenna system, thoughtful thermal conductive grease. But if these features cannot whet your appetite, how about Chromecast "AirPlay"? –Screen mirroring from Android & laptops and streaming from wide range of devices like Android devices, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows and Chromebook to HDTV?

Best Chromecast "AirPlay" Facilitator

5KPlayer freeware helps to enhance the streaming experience between platforms siding with Chromecast "AirPlay" in a way that enables Mac and Windows to serve as AirPlay receiver to receive streams from iOS/Android/Windows, which Chromecast can hardly fulfill.

Chromecast AirPlay

How to Use "Chromecast AirPlay" iOS to TV, AKA Cast:

After setting up Chromecast 2, one of the best AirPlay devices on your HDTV, you've got basically two ways to realise Chromecast AirPlay support on iOS:

1. Open the Chromecast supported app like Google music play/Pandora/Netflix/Google Slide/Google photo app on iOS/Android devices to find the cast icon.
Note: Make sure that your Chromecast and iOS devices for streaming are connected the same WiFi network. Sometimes you may need to reboot your iPhone/iPad, Chromecast or WiFi router to get a stable connection. It may take several minutes for detecting devices and then achieve Chromecast "AirPlay".

Tips: Mirroring iOS/Android devices to Mac/PC;
Since Chromescast only support "AirPlay" to HDTV with HDMI port, thus, you'll need third party software to accomplish streaming between iOS device and Windows. 5KPlayer, supporting AirPlay mirroring across iOS devices and Mac/Windows/surface Book without jailbreak in a stable manner, is a great free essential must-have-software for local wireless streaming like AirPlay your iOS 9 devices to Windows 8/10 PC, or AirPlay your iPhone 5/6 to Mac. This brilliant software is indeed quite helpful.

2. Use Chromecast app directly to find and open the supported app inbuilt with Chromecast icon. In this way, you don't have to download all the apps on your iOS devices to AirPlay to Chromecast.

Tips: AirPlay Mac/PC to HDTV:
5KPlayer also enables you to AirPlay from Mac/PC to HDTV. It supports AirPlay from OS up to IE Captain and Windows 8/10 to Apple TV. And recently, 5KPlayer succeeded in AirPlay Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book with H.264 and H.265 supported, which expanded the streaming circle to a new level. In the meantime, 5KPlayer also helps you deal with video delay problems during AirPlay and other AirPlay not working issues as Chromecast has done for its own.

5KPlayer is a free media player that offers all the bells and whistles to turn your Mac/PC (Windows 10, surface pro 4/surface book) into an AirPlay sender and receiver. Its existence alone prophesies the trend of universal wireless streaming among almost all devices without barriers. And apart from that, Netflix streaming and streaming from Spotify, Soundcloud and Pandora are enabled by 5KPlayer. Let's see what interesting twists 5KPlayer will offer on the next stage as its AirPlay reputation looms increasingly large along with the time.

Chromecast AirPlay Looking Forward:

By using Chromecast streaming which features in open source, you've got millions of expectations ahead since it can be standard in hundreds of apps in no time, and for that Apple AirPlay cannot compete. Also, since Google Chrome, not just simply an internet browser but basically the internet, is backing Chromecast, meaning the internet is brought to the TV, then any devices with Google Chrome app is really likely to become the perfect remote controller for Chromecast.

Chromecast Game Streaming:
Google also realized the importance of game developers, and quickly responded with its SDK and API release that are compatible with Android, iOS and Chrome OS to attract all those game companies to lay their stress on developing great games for Chromecast rather than Apple TV. It shouldn't be long before we see another turn of events on Google Chromecast's marching in home television gaming system, your son may one day be able to play Minecraft on HDTV free via Chromecast.

Assist Chromecast to Airplay Video Music from iOS to Mac/Windows

No matter for iMac 4K/5K or the newly released Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, 5KPlayer is universally compatible with them all to go with Chromecast to AirPlay Mac(EI Captain) and Windows(10) OS to HDTV.

Step 1: Download and launch this Chromecast AirPlay assistor on computer.

Note: Connect your iPhone5/iPhone6/iPhone6s and Mac/Win to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Go to Control Center on the display of your iPhone6/iPhone6s and click AirPlay. A list of AirPlay receivers will pop up, and select Windows/Mac here.

Step 3: Play the video/music you want to cast on your iOS device.

Chromecast AirPlay from Mac

How to Side Chromecast to Airplay Video Music from Mac/PC to HDTV

No matter for iMac 4K/5K or the newly released Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, 5KPlayer is universally compatible with them all to go with Chromecast to AirPlay Mac(EI Captain) and Windows(10) OS to HDTV.

Method 1: Set up AirPlay connection from Mac/Windows to Apple TV before playing;

* Click the AirPlay icon on the top right corner of this Chromecast "AirPlay" assistant, showed in the pop-up menu is your Apple TV name. Click to enable AirPlay from PC to Apple TV.
* Note: Please confirm before video music AirPlay from PC to Apple TV that the two devices are connected the same Wi-Fi network.

* Select the video/music to AirPlay from your Mac/PC to HDTV by browsing the video/music files or directly drag'n-drop the file onto the media player.
* Note: The media file format should be MOV/M4V/MP4 or MP3/AAC/M4A.

Chromecast AirPlay from Mac

Method 2: Set up AirPlay connection during video music playback.

* After importing the video/music for AirPlay from Mac/PC to HDTV, the file will start playing locally.

* Click the AirPlay icon on the top right of the playing interface and select your HDTV. The video/music will instantly be cast on the TV screen.
* Note: Your PC/Mac will then become the remote controller which allows you to rotate videos, make synchronizations etc.

Chromecast AirPlay from Windows PC

So, if you are about to get the new Chromecast, we suggest you to download this lovely free Chromecast AirPlay helper -5KPlayer to make the streaming process a more enjoyble magic ever. Also, you can refer to guide on Chromecast iOS 9 iPad/iPhone 6s/6 for a raining day.

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