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AirPlay Not Working on iOS 13 iPhone/iPad [Solved]

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

A 3-part guide: Part 1 on AirPlay not working on Apple TV [Solved], Part 2 on iOS 13 5KPlayer AirPlay not working [Solved], and Part 3 iPhone/iPad Mac/PC AirPlay troubleshooting. AirPlay performance gets mainly interfered by invisible external factors, thus resulting in AirPlay not working problems due to AirPlay sender device errors, or your own router's issues — wireless, invisible — that's the point why you could feel helpless when totally unaware of which procedure actually went wrong in terms of AirPlay not working iOS 13.

How to Solve AirPlay not Working on iPhone/iPad iOS 13?

AirPlay stability now taken to the next stage with a free AirPlay troubleshooting tool - 5KPlayer. Here a to-the point guide could help you out from AirPlay not working on Apple TV, from iPhone (11/XS/XR etc.)/iPad/iPad Pro to Mac/Windows, or even on iOS 13. Just remember "AWRRR".

Solve AirPlay not woking

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Currently 5KPlayer Supports DLNA Streaming & AirPlay Mirroring

Official Clarification: Since Apple has strengthened the "sign & countersign" for AirPlay Bonjour protocol, 5KPlayer for Windows does not support movie/music AirPlay at present.

We have been working hard on AirPlay streaming to figure out a solution. Please stay with us and trust our dedication and efforts! AirPlay for Windows will be back soon!

5KPlayer AirPlay Not Working iOS 13 [Solved] "AWRRR"

5KPlayer AirPlay Not Working General Guide: Use this guide if you have AirPlay not working problems from iPhone/iPad to Mac/PC. "AWRRR" refers to the 5 things to do when you use 5KPlayer for AirPlay troubleshooting.

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5KPlayer AirPlay Not Working[Solved]

A for AirPlay
Make sure the AirPlay is turned on: Check in iPhone/iPad control center > AirPlay

W for Wi-Fi
Connect your AirPlay sender and receiver to the same Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

RRR for Reboot > Reboot > Reset
Reboot: the iPhone/iPad/iPad Pro and Mac/PC, keep the devices powered off for more than 30 seconds.
Reboot: remove your router's power cord for more than 30 seconds.
Reset: your iPhone/iPad/iPad Pro, you can reset through Settings > General > Reset.

Tips and Notes:

Make sure you don't tap "wipe all the content and settings" in your device.
Technically saying 90% of AirPlay not working, or AirPlay icon missing problem could be solved through "AWRRR". But the problem is that you have to watch out at any time in case it goes wrong again at crucial moments.
To help you keep a monitoring eye on the AirPlay condition of your Apple devices, 5KPlayer serves as a sensitive alerting guard in case anything goes wrong in the process of AirPlay. It has indicative AirPlay icon on the main interface that will turn red when AirPlay is enabled, and the playback area could help you in AirPlay troubleshooting.

Guide: AirPlay not Working - Video and Audio Out of Sync [Solved]

Download 5KPlayer for Windows or Mac, install and launch it. This sensitive AirPlay condition guard can seamlessly adapt to your Mac El Captain or Windows 10 to solve AirPlay not working. Here we first focus on troubleshooting Apple TV AirPlay. You could also turn to full guide on how to use AirPlay for guide on AirPlay for Windows, AirPlay from iPad to PC, or from iPhone iPad to Mac..

Step 1: Solve AirPlay not working on Apple TV from Mac/PC

* "A" ->> Make sure the AirPlay sender (Mac/PC) and AirPlay receiver (Apple TV) are in good working mode.
* "W" ->> Confirm that the 2 devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi when AirPlay not woking — sometimes it's just the network.

Tips and Notes:
If you have AirPlay mirroring not working puzzles, 5KPlayer can also fix its problems with built-in screen mirroring optimized module. See to it that how to use screen mirroring with 5KPlayer.

Enable 5KPlayer AirPlay

Step 2: Try the "3R"? Don't bother, 5KPlayer handles AirPlay not working in 1s.

* AirPlay icon will turn red if AirPlay is enabled, thus providing an immediate indicator for users to solve AirPlay not working. Don't bother with the 3R anymore.

* In the process of AirPlay, your Mac/PC is a flexible controller to Apple TV, it is even capable of volume adjust, fast forward/backward. In terms of video not in sync in wireless streaming, turn to solve AirPlay video delay in a breeze.

5KPlayer AirPlay videos

This AirPlay troubleshooting tool can really understand your puzzles in solving AirPlay not working. 5KPlayer support team keeps updating AirPlay troubleshooting guide based on user feedbacks. Please refer to the introduction tutorial list to explore more functions of 5KPlayer AirPlay. This general guide "AWRRR" proves to be a universal solution to AirPlay not working problems. Now embrace the wireless streaming fun of 5KPlayer, here's our selected top 6 video streaming sites and top 6 music streaming services for fun!

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