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Best iPhone Backup Software - DearMob iPhone Manager

Use DearMob iPhone Manager to backup iPhone before iOS upgrade is a wise choice at no risk of losing data. The tool helps you backup iPhone and restore data without iTunes, be it 1:1 backup & restore, selective backup iPhone photos, music, videos, contacts, voice memos, APPs, ebooks, text messages and selectively restore later. Follow the guide to backup iPhone safely.

Why Should You Backup iPhone Before iOS 17/16/15/14/13/12 Update?

Why is iPhone backup so important? As the saying goes, "Have not thy cloak to make when it begins to rain", do not regret until you lose important iPhone iPad data after iOS update. When upgrading iOS, every one of you should backup in advance for iPhone, restore when unexpected data loss happens like missing photos, disappearing contacts and losing messages. So, instead of finding a remedy to recover iPhone, you'd better backup iPhone iPad first before update to keep your data secure. When your iPhone iPad data is not that lucky to avoid loss during iOS update, you still have the chance to get all the precious and personal belongings back by restoring the backup. Therefore, to help you backup and restore iPhone after iOS update, the following methods can do you a favor and help keep your photos, contacts, files, etc safe enough.

Before upgrading to iOS 17/16/15/14/13/12, back up your iPhone first. You can upgrade iOS to experience various new features without worrying about the data loss. In case that there is no enough space on iPhone for you to download and install iOS setup, here also comes guide to make more room on iPhone especially on old iPhone models for successful iOS update.

You Need DearMob iPhone Manager to Back up iPhone: Backup Advantages

iTunes vs iCloud vs dearmob

Step 1: Backup

1-click full backup

selective backup iPhone


Step 2: Update

Update to the Latest iOS


Step 3: Restore

Restore data iOS 12

Partial & full restore

Click "Free Download" to get a licensed copy of DearMob iPhone Manager, you can register the software with the code in the *.zip file.
• 1-click full backup & selective backup iPhone photos, music, videos, contacts, podcasts, sms, voice memos, calendars, files, bookmarks
• Backup and restore iPhone 100% without iTunes & faster than iTunes
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Step 1: Backup
Click "Backup" to fully backup iPhone with DearMob iPhone Manager or click on "Photo Transfer" "Music Manager" etc. tab to selective backup iPhone.

① Install & launch DearMob iPhone Manager.
② Click "Backup" to fully backup iPhone.
Tips and Notes: DearMob iPhone Manager works 100% without iTunes.
To selective backup iPhone please jump to selective backup >>

Step 3: Restore
After iOS 12 update, use DearMob iPhone Manager to safely restore iPhone by clicking "Backup" > "Restore backup files" to restore data to iOS 12 iPhone.

① Re-connect iPhone to DearMob iPhone Manager.
② Click "Backup" > "Restore backup files" > choose the previous backup files & click on "Restore" to get everything back to iOS 12 iPhone.
Tips and Notes: To partially restore iPhone please jump to selective restore >>

Using iTunes & iCloud to Backup iPhone before iOS 14/13/12 Upgrade?

Not Enough!
A good habit to backup iPhone fully or selective backup iPhone can help people avoid the most suicidal risk of this information age - data loss. But the tools we pick also matter a lot. Apple advocates people to use their comprehensive iPhone backup services - iTunes and iCloud - to get the most perfect and seamless iPhone backup possible, wired and wirelessly. However, it might be better for Apple to put an illustrative purposes only disclaimer aside its service, since they doesn't completely prevent data loss on one hand, and bring up "data erasing/replacing" problem and "backup taking forever" issue on another hand. These loopholes need to be noted and addressed.

iTunes Problems with iOS Backup

1. The top defect of iTunes for iOS 12 backup is its absence of specific file backup utility. iTunes only allows users to get full device backups.
Instead of letting users transfer and back up files and categories individually, iTunes adopts the idea of syncing iOS data with iTunes library. And this is where the data erasing issue comes out on your iOS device. Since many of a time, you are updating/adding photos/songs on your iOS devices not from iTunes, syncing with old iTunes library will only make you replace and lose new data.

2. iTunes can only be synced with one computer restriction will also lead to data erasing if you insist syncing with a new iTunes library.

3. iTunes backup iPhone location is in system disk and is troublesome to change. System Disk storage full issue can easily result to your iTunes backup failure. The extreme circumstance is that if your computer was hacked or affected by virus, ransomware, data saved in system disk C: cannot be formatted but will have to reinstall.

4. iTunes purchased content cannot be exported to other devices.

6. Others including possible iTunes won't backup issue, contacts data missing, ringtone missing, iPhone connection errors, iTunes won't restore iPhone, iTunes errors.

iCloud Problems with iOS Backup

1. Poor internet connection can hugely interfere the cloud backup process and lead to failure, glitches, iCloud backup taking forever, backup can not complete.

2. The limited 5GB free backup storage is not enough to backup your storage hogs - videos, photos, songs, messages, voice memos etc. And the 5GB storage is per Apple ID. If you have an iPhone, an iPad, a Macbook, the Cloud storage will be split up for these three. You would better wisely choose important data for wireless backup and make good use of the limited 5GB storage space. You may also run into iCloud photo sharing issue, iCloud missing contacts, etc.

Compared with Apple's native iTunes and iCloud backup iPhone solutions, you still need another iOS iPhone backup software - DearMob iPhone Manager to complete the backup circle by filling up all the loopholes that iTunes and iCloud remain unsolved. It helps tackle the above all iOS iTunes iCloud backup issues and well manage/orgnize your iPhone iOS contents as a health manager, effectively relieving your old iPhone upgraded to new iOS from storage shortage, slow response symptoms. It also lets you check battery status to stay acknowledged of your battery life and cycle.

Best File Manager for iOS 12 Upgrade

Backup iPhone Before iOS Upgrade

You need iPhone/iPad backup escort - DearMob iPhone Manager

● Superfast iPhone backup & restore iPhone data without iTunes.
● Support selective backup & restore, no storage limits.

Selective Backup iPhone with DearMob iPhone Manager

1Backup iPhone As You Please

Suppose you'd like to migrate to new iPhone with only a part of previous iOS data. Then leave it with DearMob iPhone Manager to backup up to more than 11 types of data selectively. Check for detailed guide to backup photos, music, contacts, calendar & more.

2 Restore iPhone from Backup

Have you managed to migrate to iOS 17/16/15/14/13/12 on iPhone. Now let the iPhone backup and restore tool help you restore iOS backup files to new iPhone. With DearMob iPhone Manager to restore iPhone from backup, you can 1:1 transfer everything to new iPhone from backup & get used to operating on the new system with everything at hand. Check out useful tips to restore iOS backup for new iPhone.

Solutions to More iOS Errors, Problems

The wowing iOS new features are not all stable in the initial public release. No worries, iOS problems doesn't mean new features won't show up.
Learn to fix iOS problems & let's expect the stable release together!

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