Best iPhone Photo Transfer Solution for iPhone PhotographersIntelligently Import & Export Zillions iPhone Photos to PC/Mac

With iPhone camera catching hot on the heels of professional DSLR cams, what iPhone shutterbugs are actually handling nowadays is no simple pictures, but hundreds and thousands of messed-up 4K HDR photos, ProRaw DNG photos, app photos, geotagged photos, undeletable iPhone photos, piles of burst photos, live photos, HEIC photos… To transfer and back up these great amount of "stylish" images to computer or external storages with order, we just need a smarter tool.

Transfer & Backup iPhone Photos of Any Sort

Watch video guide on how to backup & transfer iPhone photos

For iPhone photographers, DearMob pre-organizes your beautiful mess by albums in chronological order while making iPhone photo transfer, transcode, backup and restore an easy task. Curating your visual assets and other iOS files with DearMob iPhone Manager is a breeze. No Wi-Fi needed.
✔ Two-way transfer zillions of iPhone photos to computers and reversely.
✔ Merge old iPhone photos with new imports without photo loss.
✔ Intuitively convert or keep HEIC/Live/Raw/GIF/edited photos as needed.
✔ Preview scattered app photos all in one place.
✔ Lock and export private photos/albums.
✔ Spot and delete unwanted/undeletable images.

import and export iPhone photos

Transfer Zillions of iPhone Photos from/to Computer

Fast and responsive, DearMob iPhone Manager offers you two-way photo transfer solution to batch move over 10,000 photos from iPhone to computer or reversely within 2 mins. No matter Live, ProRAW, edited, burst photos or 4K HDR photo albums, it transfers your orginal photo in full resolution and keeps Exif data untouched.

seletive transfer iPhone photos

Merge Old iPhone Photos/Albums with New

Moving photos on old iPhone to new iPhone/iPad or backing up photo albums directly to external hard drives/NAS to start with no photos on iPhone - DearMob iPhone Manager fully understands your concern about photo missing, thus letting you clearly see and transfer photos without deleting or erasing. Holders of multiple iPhones/iPads would find this feature very helpful and relieving.

create private photo albums

Create Private Photo Albums

DearMob iPhone Manager applies military grade encryption algorithm to lock down photo exports with 1-click. Rest assured as you move encrypted photos on a hard drive or send to friends via internet. Snoops will find no luck here. Transfer with encryption >>

transfer heic to jpg

Transfer HEIC to JPG

HEIC files are cool as they offer same image quality in smaller size, but they are not universally adopted. DearMob previews and transfers HEIC to JPG photos in case needed. It's simply done during photo exporting process without glitch. Convert upon exporting >>

Well Organize iPhone Photos

Organize Scattered App Photos All in One Place

All your iPhone photos organized in one place in chronological order. The layout of photo albums and media types on the sidebar of DearMob iPhone Manager helps you photo organizers pinpoint photos at a glance.

Easily pick and transfer iPhone photos to computer from apps such as Snapchat, VSCO, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapseed, etc.

Clearly spot and remove pictures of varied media types: Favorite, recently deleted, selfies, live photos, panoramas, bursts, and screenshot, etc.

remove undeletable iPhone photos

Bulk Remove Photos on A Larger Screen

No one is in favor of a small mobile screen to mass remove photos, espcially when your fingertip gets out of control and deselects all your 100 picks. And Apple has made it even worse by restricting users from deleting imported photos from computer. No worries, to delete unwanted or undeletable iPhone photos in bulk, DearMob iPhone Manager offers quick solutions and allows for a better view from PC/Mac. How to delete photos from iPhone from computer >>

transfer edited iPhone photos

Export Both Edited and Original iPhone Photos to PC/Mac

No more tiresome process to duplicate photo or revert to the original. Select and transfer edited photos from iPhone to computer using DearMob iPhone Manager, and you will have both edited copies and the original pics. No more additional AAE files to bother you. Just go croping, adding filters and never worrying about messing up.

How to transfer edited & original photos>>
retain geo location in iPhone photos

Retain Geotagged Photos on Map across iPhone/iPad

Around the World in Eighty Days? World map dotted with geotagged pictures in Photos app is your trophy to be cherished. DearMob iPhone Manager transfers geotagged photos from old iPhone to new, turning you brand-new photo library into an exciting database of places you went. Yes, we keep intact GPS data, time data and all EXIF metadata of your photos.

How to retain photo geotags>>
backup bust photos

Showcase the Best Shot of Burst Photos

Save you from the headache of swiping right and left to compare all the bursts photos on a small screen, trying to pick one perfect snap out of dozens of them. DearMob iPhone Manager groups all your amazing action photos into one album for you to select on a larger screen. Easier for your to decide which one captures the perfect moment.

Top photo editing apps for iOS>>
transfer iPhone live photos

Export Live Photos into Customized Videos and Still Photos

DearMob iPhone Manager splits live photos into still photos plus MOV videos for you to share. It is auto-done with a simple click of Export.

If you make a new Key Photo, change live photo effects (loop/bounce/long exposure) or edit live photos (rotating/cropping/ filters/color balancing), you will have edited and original key photos & videos all transferred to your computer.

Now your glittering moments are not confined to three seconds.

Explore great ideas on handling live photos>>

Outsmart iTunes & iCloud Photo Sync in Many Ways

Let's throw off the shackles of iCloud & iTunes. DearMob iPhone Manager offers you ample help to avoid scary warnings of iCloud/ iTunes removing photos during syncing and many other syncing issues like iPhone photos missing, photos not syncing, photos not uploading and photo sharing no available.


How to Transfer iPhone Photos with DearMob iPhone Manager

It is super easy and straightforward to transfer photos from iPhone to computer and backwards using DearMob iPhone Manager. You are offered with options to convert HEIC to JPC or to password protect sensitive photos upon exporting. Syncing photos from Mac and Windows PC to your iPhone is also simple and safe, as it never erases anything against your will as iTunes might do.

Connect iPhone to Computer

Step 1: USB Connect iPhone to PC

Wake up your iPhone to connect. Trust the compter when prompted. Make sure your iPhone Manager is launched.

Choose iPhone photos

Step 2: Select Photos to Transfer

Go to Photo Transfer, pick wanted iPhone photos and click Export, or hit Add Photo to import photos from computer to iPhone.

Export/Add photos

Step 3: Click Sync Button & Done

Upon adding photos/albums to iPhone, remember to click Sync button to apply all the changes.

System: Mac OS, Windows 10/8/7/Vista, etc.

Apple devices: iPhone 12/11/11 Pro/11 Pro MAX, iPhone XS/XS MAX/XR, iPhone X/8/7/6S/6/5S/4S/Plus, iPad, iPod, etc.

Format: supports adding photos in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp and .tiff format to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. More specs info>>

No just migrating iPhone photos, DearMob iPhone Manager can do a lot more iOS data management tasks than you can think of. Get it and try it out yourself.

Managing iPhone Data Has Never Been So Easy with DearMob

We invite you to explore the joy of managing more iPhone data with DearMob full features!

Besides iPhone photos, DearMob simplifies the way you manage all iOS files. It's fast, easy to use, and trustworthy. With this handy tool, you can backup & restore iPhone, transfer iPhone photos, videos, songs, contacts, messages and more, encrypt sensitive files, make custom ringtones…

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