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The First 3 iPhone File Managers to Manage iPhone Files

Last Updated : Jan 4, 2019 | Written by Amanda

The long-awaited native iPhone file manager Files app is out along with the release of iOS 11, indicating that iPhone users finally can manage iPhone files like what they do to Pages, Numbers, Keynote on Mac and Word, Excel, PPT on Windows without the need of third-party iOS file manager apps. Though native Files app is powerful enough for you to handle iPhone files, flaw is that it is kind of inconvenient to manage iPhone files on such a small screen with your index finger. How to solve? Just connect your iPhone to a desktop iPhone file manager, show the Files app and related documents on computer and manage them with your mouse in a more convenient manner.

Recommended iPhone File Manager - DearMob iPhone Manager
iPhone File Manager
  • Drag'n drop files or folder to iPhone from computer easily;
  • Create new folder to classify specific types of files;
  • Export iPhone data files to computer for backup or print;
  • Modify the incorrect file name for better organization;
  • Batch delete iPhone files that you no longer need.

Let's come straight to the point. There are actually many fake iPhone file managers Windows/Mac claiming that they support iPhone files, while the files they support are often photos, videos or music but not the documents in Files app. If you place videos, music and photos to files type, you can just ignore what I have explained. If you agree to me, so lucky are you who have found this page where the real and the only 3 iOS file managers Windows Mac exist to help make Files app more powerful and let you manually manage iPhone iPad files on Mac/Windows computer in a much easier and clearer way.

No.1 DearMob iPhone Manager – Best File Manager for iPhone

Though it is not the first iPhone file manager Windows/Mac, DearMob iPhone Manager ranks No.1 in this field for its great convenience to access iPhone documents and perfect matches to file structures in iPhone. Never mess up the order of opening a page or destination of saving a document, this best file manager for iPhone allows you to easily find and handle Pages, Keynotes, Numbers, etc just like you do on your iPhone handset.

DearMob iPhone Manager handles all files supported by iOS including pages, numbers, keynote, pdf, photos, videos, excel spreadsheets, word documents, zip files, epub, etc without hassle. Therefore you can still transfer data files from Microsoft like word document to iPhone via this iPhone file manager, even though it is mainly developed for Apple iPhone. And any iCloud drive files and files from third-party cloud services like Box, Google Drive and Dropbox downloaded to Files app can also be accessible by DearMob iPhone Manager.

File Manager for iPhone

No. 2 iMazing – Excellent iOS File Manager

iMazing is one of the most popular iPhone file explorers and managers out the market. Besides its fast iPhone media transfer to new iPhone without iTunes and smart backups, iMazing also does well in managing iPhone files from Files app. Just connect your iPhone to this iPhone file manager, and you will be able to access your iPhone File System. Like DearMob iPhone Manager, it is quite convenient for you to copy files to your computer, transfer videos/music/photos etc to iPhone, organize iPhone files by modifying the file name or create new folders. Kindly remind, the trail version of iMazing only offers 100 files transfer, and you have to get the full license code paying at least $39.99 to enjoy unlimited file management.

iMazing iPhone File Manager

No. 3 iTunes – Native Solution but not Recommended

iTunes is the native iPhone file manager to manage iPhone files and copy files between your computer and iPhone device as long as there is File Sharing app installed. Free but kind of weak in iPhone file management that you can only use this free iPhone file manager to transfer files to computer by dragging and dropping or clicking on Save to…, and add files to certain file app on your iPhone. Luckily, iTunes also allows you to transfer books, videos, music, photos to such apps though these files may not work well in your iPhone File Sharing app, but this is a good way to mount your iPhone as USB to store some unique files temporarily.

iTunes not recognizing iPhone? Solved ->>

iTunes iPhone File Manager>

How to Manage iPhone Files via DearMob iPhone File Manager?

Way 1. Add, Export, Delete iPhone Files

Step 1. Download DearMob iPhone Manager, install and launch it on your computer.

Step 2. USB-connect your iPhone (shipped with iOS 11 or newer) to computer, tap Trust This Computer to continue if there is a message on your iPhone.

Step 3. Go the main UI of DearMob iPhone Manager, click on the Files icon to access the documents management window where you can see what have been stored in your iPhone Files app.

Step 4. Double-click a file app that you want to manage, and feel free to add files/videos/music/books etc to it from computer, create new folders, export certain documents to computer for backup, or bulk delete files you no longer need.

Notice: The video, music or photos you import to iPhone Files app via DearMob iPhone could not be opened by the document files app for the app can't support them. DearMob iPhone Manager under such circumstance is acting as a helper to make iPhone mount as USB to save some unique files that you can transfer to other computers to open.

Best File Manager for iPhone Manage iPhone Files

Way 2. Manage iPhone Files App

Step 1. Go back to the main UI of this best file manager for iPhone, click on App icon in which you can install apps downloaded from third-party sites, delete unwanted apps in batch and also manage files in such iPhone file manager apps.

Step 2. Double-click the file app sorted to Shared file apps.

Step 3. Manage iPhone files like what you do in way 1: add files, create new folder, export and delete files.

iOS File Manager Manage iPhone Files

Besides an iPhone file manager, DearMob iPhone Manager full version also acts as an easy iOS data manager to transfer your iPhone data with military-level encryption method. You are allowed to manage iPhone MP3 music, 4K MP4 HD videos, HEIC JPG PNG photos, family/business contacts, EPUB/PDF audiobooks, etc, transfer media data between iOS and computer with 100% data security, backup and restore iPhone iPad in a locked way to prevent data and privacy loss.

What's more, Apple native Files app is only available on iPhone iPad shipped with iOS 11 or newer, so if the operating system of your device doesn't meet that requirement, you are unable to use Files app to manage iPhone files. But, don't be so frustrated, you can still take advantage of third-party iPhone files apps like File Manager & Browser, FileMaster, iExplorer, etc. And the happy thing is that DearMob iPhone Manager is also compatible with such apps that you can easily manage files from iPhone on computer.

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