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How to Backup & Restore iOS Device on Windows

iTunes doesn't offer you the option to selectively backup iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, nor can you restore certain type of files to your new iPhone for a fresh start.

With DearMob iPhone Manager, you can perform a full backup and selectively export desired categories to your PC as a double guarantee. Such as having a backup copy of all your photos, or selectively backup your movies.

Before you start:

Free download DearMob iPhone Manager:

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Backup iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without iTunes:

In DearMob iPhone Manager,
You can fully backup multiple iOS devices with option to encrypt your backup files; Plus, you can select preferred types of files to export to PC as backup files.

1. Fire up DearMob iPhone Manager, plug-in your iDevice, unlock the screen and trust the computer when prompted.
2. Go to Backup module, tick Encrypt your backup at your will, and hit Back Up Now.

export photos to pc


  • To view your backup files, hit the top right tab Restore backup files
  • The backup password you created is stored on your device. If you have encrypted backup file previously using iTunes, the backup password remains the same.
  • If you forget the backup password, you will have to reset all settings on your device (Settings > Reset > Reset All Settings), which is iOS innate to secure your device data.

Restore iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from Backup Files

In DearMob iPhone Manager,
You can restore local backup files to your iOS device. This software automatically detects iOS backup files created via DearMob, iTunes or any other backup tools.

1. USB-connect your iDevice to PC, launch DearMob iPhone Manager, and go to Backup module.
2. Hit Restore Backup files tab from the top bar, select the backup file of a specific iOS device and hit Restore Now.

add photos from pc


  • A backup file created from higher iOS version cannot be restored to an iOS device running a lower version. For instance, you cannot restore iOS 13 backup files to an iPhone running on iOS 12.4. This restriction is iOS-innate.
  • DearMob also allows you to selectively restore only part of files you need without erasing existing data on destination iDevice, please read on.

Selective Backup & Restore

In DearMob iPhone Manager,
Selective backup is made possible by exporting ticked items to computer. You can selectively export photos, music, videos, contacts, books, podcasts, voice memos, documents and so on. Also, you can restore these data back to your devices without erasing existing data.

  • Selective backup:

1. With your device connected to the computer, go to photos, videos, or any other module from DearMob iPhone Manager main screen.
2. Tick the content you prefer and hit Export.
3. Hit Sync to confirm restore the data to your iOS device.

  • Selective restore:

1. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the computer, and go to photos, videos, music, contacts or any other category you want to restore data to.
2. Depending on which category you are in, you can click the + icon to create albums for photos, playlists for music, or simply drag and drop videos, books, contacts into respective category.


  • Album can be deleted by clicking the X icon if all the contained photos in it have been deleted.

How to Backup iPhone with iTunes (Also Works for iPad)

Before you proceed, it is worth noting that iTunes backup doesn't including following content:

  • iTunes and App store purchases, such as TV shows, movies or PDFs
  • Content synced from computer, like imported photos, songs, videos, ebooks, etc.
  • Face ID or Touch ID settings, Apple pay settings.
  • Other content like health, keychain and activity data will not be backed up if you don't create encrypted backup files.

1. Connect your iPhone to PC, unlock iPhone and tap trust when prompted.

2. If this is the first time you connect iPhone to iTunes, you will be asked to set up your iPhone as new or restore from backup. Tick Setup as new.

3. Go to Edit > Preferences > Devices, and tick Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically. This will stop iTunes from syncing your device every time and threatens to erase data already stored on your device should you have synced iPhone with other iTunes library before.

4. Click the device icon right beside the menu bar, and go to summary.

5. Click Back Up Now.


  • Please note that Restore iPhone and Restore Backup are two entirely different operations on iTunes. To restore iPhone is to factory reset your device, i.e. erase all content and setting on your iDevice and install the latest stable iOS build, while the Restore Backup button will restore data from a previous backup file already stored on your PC.

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