How to Backup Snapchat Photos, Snaps, Stories for Good?

Last Updated : Sept 27, 2020 | By Joakim Kling

Bet you've never been thinking of how to backup Snapchat before the new Snapchat upgrade, when everything goes smoothly, however, with an increasing number of registered Snapchat users, such problems as Snapchat not working continues to annoy you day in day out, and the latest upgrade seems to be one much troublesome, hence the need for a solution to backup Snapchat now!

Superfast iPhone Snapchat Data Backup Software

backup Snapchat photos

DearMob iPhone Manager, a professional iPhone Snapchat backup software with encryption methods comparable to iTunes, can enable you to 1-click backup iPhone without WiFi and save iPhone photos, music, videos, contacts, messages, bookmarks, etc to computer with no quality loss. Just USB-connect your iPhone to computer and backup everything on iPhone to computer safely and quickly.

DearMob iPhone Manager

1- click backup Snapchat photos;
Lossless HEIC JPG backup;
Backup camera roll, videos, folders;
100% clean & green, no malware.

Why You Should Backup Snapchat Now and Then

Snapchat has become an application necessary for every iPhone to make funny snaps and stories, where a photo gets lost in a few seconds after it is sent. With all the video clips you've designed and created, isn't it necessary that you get a backup Snapchat photos, videos and stories in case all of them disappear one day due to Snapchat server down problems? That been said, this page introduces the best & easiest method for Snapchat backup to help you backup Snapchat snaps, photos, stories, and my eye only data for good!

Why DearMob iPhone Manager

As one of the best iPhone backup software 2020, DearMob iPhone Manager is designed to deliver tier-one experience in iPhone data backup: instead of directly helping you backup Snapchat, this tool sports ample muscle to backup iPhone photos, videos, music, and other 8 types of iPhone data from iPhone to computer/Mac for good. With as easy as a click-n-backup tap, you can get a complete copy of iPhone data including Snapchat backup on computer or Mac as long as you choose DearMob iPhone Manager. That been said, first take a look at how to backup Snapchat photos from iPhone to computer.

How to Backup Snapchat Photos?

Tips and Notes: Make sure that you enable Read & Write access for Snapchat for iPhone photos at first.

Step 1: Download DearMob iPhone Manager, install & launch it. First USB connect iPhone to computer before you can backup Snapchat photos in JPG PNG.

Step 2: On the main panel click on "Photo Transfer", where you'll see a list of iPhone photo albums on the left-hand menu of this tool, scroll down to find "Snapchat".

Step 3: In the Snapchat folder you'll see all Snaps, Snapchat photos created within that APP, so choose the very photos you want to backup before clicking on "Export".

Step 4: Remember to click on Sync to backup Snapchat camera roll.

backup snapchat photos

How to Backup Snapchat Memories?

The same steps are useful if you need to backup Snapchat stories – DIY funny short video clips that you made with Snapchat, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Also launch DearMob iPhone Manager, USB connect iPhone to it.

Step 2: Click on the "Video" tab, which takes you to access all video files on iPhone. It's a pity that Snapchat hasn't made its video file system available for any 3rd-party software out there in the market, not even iTunes or iCloud, you are not able to backup Snapchat stories directly for this moment.

Step 3: However, by changing a few settings inside Snapchat it IS POSSIBLE to backup Snapchat memories as follows:

Step 4: Open Snapchat, tap the ghost icon at the top of the camera screen > tap on the gear icon > select memories > check "Auto-save stories" >"Save to…" and assign your Camera Roll as the default output place for Snapchat videos.

Step 5: With the correct settings, any videos & photos created with Snapchat can now be saved to your iPhone album, which means you can backup Snapchat videos in the same way you backup Snapchat photos.

This backup tool can also help you backup iPhone music, contacts, SMS & voice memo…. Simply anything you can create with iPhone, you can backup for good.

After the instructions above you may have managed to backup Snapchat photos, memories for good. Though the biggest excitement of this APP lies in that it burns out any information immediately after the receiver sees it, you may somehow need your sent photo for other purposes. Hence the need to backup Snapchat with the best iPhone backup software – DearMob iPhone Manager.

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