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How to Manage iPhone Contacts on Windows

DearMob, an easy-to-use iOS and iPadOS manager, empowers the iPhone users to organize the contact items without limits. You can export the iPhone contacts to your Windows computer, or import the file on Windows to your iPhone; you can also add new contacts, edit the existed contacts, and even delete the unwanted contacts; furthermore, you can also sync the contacts on iPhone to your Windows contact folder, back them up and restore when necessary, and merge the same contacts into just one.

Before you start:

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To export contacts on iPhone to Windows computer


  • Please make sure that the iCloud Contact is off, or DearMob cannot access your iPhone contact data.

1. Choose the contact you want to export.

2. Click Export to download the contact to your local computer.

export contacts


  • Supported output formats including: VCF, PDF, TXT and HTML.

To import contacts on Windows computer to iPhone

1. Click the Import button.

2. Find the contact file(s) with .vcf format on your computer, and Open.

3. Hit Sync button to transfer added contacts to your iPhone.

import contacts


  • Only .vcf format file supported.

To add new contacts on iPhone

1. Click Add to create a new contact.

2. Input information like: First Name, Last Name, Add Phone, etc. and Save it.

3. Hit Sync button to transfer added contacts to your iPhone.

add contact

To edit contacts on iPhone

1. Select one contact, and click Edit.

2. Edit the information like: First Name, Last Name, Company, Job Title, Department, Add Phone, Add Email, etc. and Save it.


  • You can click Edit icon to undo editing.

3. Hit Sync button to transfer edited contact to your iPhone.

edit contact

To delete contacts on iPhone

1. Select the contact that you want to delete, and click Delete.


  • You can click Delete icon to undo deleting.

2. Hit Sync button to synchronize the deletion to your iPhone.

delete contact

To quick back up & restore iPhone contact

DearMob enable users to back up iPhone contacts in .bak file on your Windows computer in case that the important contact data gets lost. And unluckily, when the contact data is missing, users can restore them from the backup file.

1. Click Quick Backup&Restore button, which would lead you to another page..

2. Choose Backup Contact and then click Back Up Now button to start.

3. Choose Restore Contact. Then the existed backup file would be shown up, select one which include what you are looking for, and click Restore Now to get them back on iPhone.


To sync iPhone contacts to Windows computer

1. Click Sync contact to PC, and click OK, then it will be transferred to your Windows contact folder.

sync contacts

To merge the same contacts into one

1. Click Merge contact.

2. Choose one contact as the main, ie. master contact.

3. Click Merge All to merge all the duplicated contacts.


  • Click Ignore or Skip to skip merging this duplicated contacts.
  • Click Merge These to merge current duplicated contacts.
  • You can restore the merge by clicking Roll back to.

4. Hit Sync button to transfer the changes to your iOS device.

merge contacts

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