[Solved] iOS 12 Group FaceTime Not Working

Last Updated : August 13th, 2018

Confirmed August 13th, 2018: The much-anticipated Group FaceTime iOS 12 is only going to meet users in a "future update" by Macworld, CNET and AppleInsider altogether. Which means Group FaceTime not working in iOS 12 is going to be a temporal problem for everyone. Group video call is virtually going to be my favorite feature of iOS 12 since I could have my entire family up and FaceTime at the same time, be it with iOS 12 iPhone or macOS Moajve if it landed on iOS 12. Now that Group Facetime iOS 12 not working since iOS 12 Beta 7, what are the best alternatives to a group video chatin iPhone?

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1. How to Use Group Facetime in iOS 12?

If you're an old iPhone user like me, chances are that you're quite familiar with the long-expected Group Facetime feature – which is supposed to arrive in iPhone 4 back in 2011. After all these years of upgrade, Apple first announce in WWDC 2018 that Group Facetime iOS 12 now allows up to 32 users video chatting with each other either using iOS 12 or macOS Mojave, virtually allowing an entire class of people chatting and giggling online at the same time. Although quite a lot of YouTubers have managed to test out Group FaceTime in iOS 12 beta versions, as is shown in the pictures below, this feature is NOT going to release with iOS 12 2018, as confirmed by AppleInsider, CNET and macworld. If this is your first time getting to know about Group Facetime iOS 12, check out the screenshot from AppleInsider's video guide on how to use Group Facetime iOS 12 beta versions:

Tips and Notes: Group FaceTime feature is not going out on iOS 12 public release this year, you may take a look at how it works on beta versions anyhow:

Step 1: The pictures show that when the YouTuber managed to update to iOS 12, he could tap on the FaceTime icon to launch the software. He started a Group FaceTime iOS 12 conversation by inviting 2 friends, as is shown in the video screenshot, tap on "+" to start your Group FaceTime iOS 12.

Step 2: Wait for friends to accept the Group Facetime call iOS 12, by the time everyone joins, you'll be able to see all the recipient in a Group FaceTime conversation appearing on iPhone screen iOS 12.

Step 3: In order to invite more friends into the Group FaceTime iOS 12, all you need is to scroll download and click on the "+" icon to add new lines of Apple ID.

Step 4: It's plenty of fun that he could add filters, Animoji to the Group Facetime iOS 12.

How to use Group Facetime in iOS 12

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Group FaceTime No Image in iOS 12 [Solved]

According to the blogger as of how to fix Group FaceTime not working problems. If you run into such problems as Group Facetime No Image in iOS 12, either the network connection or the program itself somehow went wrong. Here's the suggested fixs for Group Facetime iOS 12 no image.

Step 1: If you are the one who started the Group Facetime call, terminate the phone call for a moment by swiping up the conversation.

Step 2: Disconnect & then reconnect iPhone to WiFi, try open another Safari page to see if it was the problem with your home network, if yes, try reboot the Routers to fix the problem.

Step 3: If your home network proves fine, just quit & re-launch the Facetime APP could help.

Step 4: Ask a friend to start the Group Facetime call iOS 12 by sending invitations to you instead.

Step 5: If a friend that you invite to the call does not have iOS 12, you may suggest him/her to update although this technically does not interfere.
Tips and Notes:
If you are not the one to started the video call, simply shut down the call first & ask a friend to send the invitation again is going to help.

Group Facetime no image iOS 12

Group FaceTime No Audio/Sound in iOS 12 [Solved]

Step 1: Repeat step 1- 4 in the part "Group FaceTime No Image iOS 12" to see if it solves the problems

Step 2: Check the iPhone sound settings to see if you muted everything for the Group FaceTime program, if yes, unmute it.

Group Facetime no sound iOS 12
2. Group FaceTime Not Working in iOS 12 but in Future iOS Updates

Such delay issue was not the first of its kind in Apple's major software releases like iOS 12. Back in 2017 when the AirPlay 2 wireless streaming protocol was rumored to come out together with iOS 11, it also suffered from a long delay - out until iOS 11.4, a year after iOS 11 initial release, thus landing users in roughly a year of AirPlay 2 not working [solved] problem.

Yet according to the software releasenotes of iOS 12 beta 7 from Apple to 9to5mac on August 13th, the 32-person ample iOS 12 Group FaceTime feature is going to be out and out later 2018, probably with iOS 12.1 or 12.2.

Group Facetime iOS 12 release delay
3. Best iOS 12 Group Chat APPs 2020

If you'd rather stay with Group FaceTime iOS 12 Beta 7, cease the upgrade to the next version until you've tested the function on your own. But there still are some alternatives to Group FaceTime that can facilitate a group video chat - here are the top 3 of them:
WhatsApp Group Video Chat: WhatsAPP launched its native group video chatting feature just like Group FaceTime iOS 12. This feature allows a maximum of 4 people to appear in a video talk without hassle.
Skyle Group Video Call: Skype's group chatting function was released way ahead of iOS 12 Group FaceTime and would allow up to 10 people to join a video conversation either from its Windows, Mac, or iOS client.

4. Group Facetime Not Working on macOS Mojave

Users of macOS Mojave can start Group FaceTime phone calls or join one by accepting the invitations from another user, please stay tuned to Group FaceTime not working on macOS Mojave & how to use Group FaceTime on macOS Mojave.

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5KPlayer iPhone Manager Group FaceTime Not Working iOS 12

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