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Last Updated : August 9, 2018

iTunes won't backup iPhone however many times you click on the "Backup" icon? Time to check out what makes this happen because there are several different cases to iTunes can't backup iPhone properly if you're in a hurry to backup iPhone before iOS 12 upgrade. Correspondingly, you need to take different actions to smoothly backup iPhone to computer or Mac with iTunes, now check out the solutions.

Solved iTunes Won't Backup iPhone - Alternative Tool

iPhone wont backup to iTunes

Almost going nuts due to iTunes won't backup iPhone problems? Why not download the best iPhone backup software – DearMob iPhone Manager – for the time-consuming iPhone backup tasks? With the stable iPhone backup solutions, you no longer need to worry about iTunes won't backup iPhone problems!

How to Backup iPhone Before iOS 12 Update >>

When using iTunes to backup iPhone to computer or Mac, the software function as a middleware that create backup folders in Windows or Mac, which means you'll need to go through a whole channel of iPhone > USB cable > Apple Mobile Device USB Driver > iTunes > Computer/Mac's hard disk, and errors that occur in any of the above-mentioned connections may lead to iTunes won't backup iPhone cases.

At first hand, we suggest you out of staying with iTunes if such cases happen very often – out of the reason that you may not always be able to get rid of iPhone not connecting to iTunes problems.

In such cases, you may want to take a look at the best iTunes alternative for Windows & Mac – DearMob iPhone Manager. DearMob iPhone Manager is one of the best iPhone backup software 2020, in terms of iPhone data backup & restore, it can easily help you backup iPhone data with encryption.

1. No Backup Option in iTunes [Solved]

Here's the case when you're about to create a backup of your iPhone/iPad using iTunes. As "jpl75025" posted on the Apple discussions community – "The problem is I cannot create a backup and the 'backup' option does not appear as a choice in iTunes even if iPad is plugged-in to be backed up by iTunes."

Though "jpl75025" works with Windows 7 and iOS 11, other Mac users also had similar problems of no backup option in iTunes before. That been the case, the major reasons behind "no backup option in iTunes" is that he or she shall have to upgrade iTunes to the latest version lest that it could not recognize iPhone ready to create a backup.

2. iTunes Could Not Backup the iPhone Because an Error Occurred

Trying to backup iPhone before upgrading to iOS 12? Let's assume that your iPhone is running iOS 11 now and here's the case:

"After pressing 'Back Up Now' button in iTunes, a pop-up Window tells you 'iTunes could not backup the iPhone because an error occurred.'"

iTunes is such a complicated program that most of us don't figure out how it even worked. So every time you run into such an iTunes won't backup iPhone case, you're smashed by a sudden anxiety – what if I lost my data due to iTunes could not backup iPhone because an error occurred? I'm sparing extra time to backup iPhone data just in case I lost iPhone data during the iOS 12 upgrade.

As a matter of fact, when your computer is working with a corrupted iTunes backup, the software reports such a message to you. In order to solve this problem, you'll need to"
Launch iTunes > iTunes > Preferences > Devices > Delete Backup" and clear out all corrupted iPhone backups. By doing that you can successfully backup iPhone before upgrading to iOS 12.

iTunes failed an error occurred
3. iTunes Could Not Backup the iPhone Because There is Not Enough Free Space on This Computer

Another common problem in iTunes won't backup iPhone is the "iTunes could not backup the iPhone because there is not enough free space on this computer". Generally speaking, an ordinary iOS backup takes up 2GB to 3GB free spaces. If you plan to create a full iPhone backup using iTunes, first make sure that the default place you use to save iPhone backups has at least 5GB left lest iTunes won't backup iPhone. To be specific, you need to manually make room for iPhone on C:/> Users:/> AppData:/ > Roaming:/> to delete unwanted previous iPhone backups. Or you can change your iTunes backup location to other partitions or to external hard drives instead of disk C.

iTunes failed not enough disk space
4. iTunes Could Not Backup the iPhone Because the iPhone is Disconnected

Another troubling error is the iPhone disconnected error during the backup and restore process in iTunes. This usually happens halfway through your backup process: either when you use an unauthorized cable, an out-of-date cable that may hinder the connection halfway, or the missing of Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.

To resume the backup process back to normal so as to backup iPhone before iOS 12 upgrade, you'll need to download Apple Mobile Device USB driver or switch to a certified Apple USB cable so as to fix iTunes could not backup the iPhone because the iPhone is disconnected.

iTunes backup failed iPhone not connected
5. iTunes Could Not Backup the iPhone Because the Backup was Corrupt or not Compatible with the iPhone

Corrupted backups is one of the major reasons when iTunes could not backup the iPhone successfully. When you're about to backup iPhone using iTunes 12 before upgrading to iOS 12, but there's an unfinished iPhone backup file in your local folders, you may run into iPhone won't backup to iTunes 12 problems. In order to facilitate an iTunes backup output folder feasible for the next iPhone backup to be carried out, similarly you'll have to manually delete the corrupted iPhone backups.

iTunes could not backup the iPhone corrupted
How to Backup iPhone Data with iTunes Alternative for Windows/Mac?

Tired of iTunes won't backup iPhone problems? Why not take a look at this iPhone backup software - DearMob iPhone Manager for Windows and Mac - It may easily help you backup and restore iPhone specific to backup iPhone photos, videos, SMS & contacts whenever you want with as easy as a mouse-click.

The foremost is its backup encryption functionality - should you need any kind of password protection for iPhone data that's stronger than iTunes backup, don't hesitate to go with DearMob iPhone Manager as it adopts U.S. military-grade password protection for iPhone data.

Backup iPhone with DearMob iPhone Manager

Step 1: Install and launch DearMob iPhone Manager - the best iPhone backup software. USB-connect iPhone to the computer before the backup.

Step 2: Click on "Backup" on the main interface of DearMob iPhone Manager to backup iPhone without iTunes.

Tips and Notes: this iPhone backup software employs: C:/ > User:/ > AppData > Roaming > DearMob > DearMobiPhoneManager to backup iPhone files

Step 3: By clicking on "Backup" on the main interface, you'll be given an encryption option for iPhone backup.

Click on "Backup" > to the confirm page > hit the "Back Up Now" button to start backup iPhone data.

Tips and Notes:
DearMob iPhone Manager offers a no "iTunes can't backup iPhone" way for you to backup iPhone data.

You may rest assured with the software to backup iPhone before upgrading to iOS 12, and when the software upgrade is finished, you may start to restore from iPhone backups relatively easy with DearMob iPhone Manager.


DearMob iPhone Manager is 100% stable, an ideal alternative if you have problems about iPhone won't backup to iTunes problems. Now check it out and backup iPhone data before iOS 12 update.

5KPlayer iPhone Manager iTunes Won't Backup iPhone [Solved]

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