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How to Backup iPhone without iTunes, or Restore Data to iPhone

No matter you want to revive an old iPhone or switch to a new iPhone, it is always advisable to backup your iPhone data and restore it later, in a way to prevent unnecessary data loss. If you prefer a offline backup solution that doesn't require you to turn on iCloud backup, below is a thorough guide of iPhone backup for Windows and Mac users. After a successful iPad, iPod, iPhone backup following this guide, you can then restore data all at once or selective restore specific files back to your old iPhone or a brand new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR model.

backup iPhone photos without iTunes

Fully/Selectively Backup iPhone and Restore without iTunes

"How can I backup my iPhone and restore partial items to another iPhone?
Can you choose what to backup and what to restore on iPhone?
Can you selective restore iPhone backup without erasing the original data..."

Questions about selective iPhone backup and restoring are frequently asked in Apple forums and obviously the native Apple backup tool iTunes cannot handle it. The fascist "All or nothing" backup method of iTunes has driven users in a nail-biting situation. Due to demand, a lot of third-party iPhone backup tools emerged in the market and DearMob iPhone Manager is one of them.

Part 1: How to Backup Full iPhone Data and Restore to iOS 12

Most of the time people wanted a 1-click iPhone backup tool to backup everything from your iPhone and restore it later to your new iOS or new iPhone. Why? Because it simplifies the matters and saves trouble. But backing up iPhone with iTunes is often frustrated and sometimes during the backup process, it says "iTunes could not backup the iPhone because of an error occurred". If you try DearMob iPhone manager, the iPhone backup process will be much more lucid and straightforward.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer with USB cable.

Step 2: Tap "Trust This Computer" on your iPhone screen.

Step 3: Launch DearMob iPhone Manager and click "Backup".

Step 4: Simply click on "Backup Now" and you will get a full iPhone backup file.

Advantages of 1-Click Backup iPhone with DearMob iPhone Manager

• No iTunes needed, you don't need to install iTuens or any Apple service.
• You can encrypt your backup to password protect your iPhone data.
• After testing, backing up iPhone with DearMob iPhone Manager is relatively faster than with iTunes.
• DearMob iPhone Manager can restore your iTunes backup files as well. This means you can restore iPhone backups without iTunes even if your previous files are backed up with iTunes.

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Part 2: How to Backup and Transfer iPhone Photos without iTunes

As time goes on, your iPhone photos probably take up the largest proportion of your iPhone space, there are traveling photos, selfies, screenshots, images downloaded from websites or shared by your friends through chatting apps. With DearMob iPhone Manager, you can backup iPhone photos to computer by albums, by time or just multi-check the photos you want to backup and then drag & drop to the folder/location at your desire. Follow the steps below to selective backup your iPhone photo:

Step 1: Launch this iPhone backup manager and click on "Photo Transfer" on the main interface.

Step 2: Select the photos you'd like to backup.

Step 3: Click "Export" button to backup iPhone photos without iTunes.

backup iPhone photos without iTunes

Advantages of Backup iPhone Photo with DearMob iPhone Manager

• Advanced backup HEIC to JPG: you can click "Export HEIC to JPG" from the "Export" drop-down menu.
• Option to encrypt your iPhone photo backup: Your can check the "Export with Encryption" box to backup iPhone photos in an encrypted manner.
• Super fast: Backup 1000 4K iPhone photos in less than 2 minutes.

Part 3: How to Export Songs from iPhone for a Backup without iTunes

Transfer or backup iPhone music is a headache for iTunes users. For one, iTunes only allows users to backup music purchased from iTunes to only 5 authorized computers. For another, it doesn't support backup of non-purchased music. Well, with DearMob iPhone Manager, you don't have this kind of restriction, What you own is yours, you can backup any music on your iPhone to any computer, doesn't matter downloaded or purchased or music from other source. Check out the easy steps below:

Step 1: Launch DearMob iPhone Manager and click on "Music Manager" on the main interface.

Step 2: Select songs/playlists you'd like to backup.

Step 3: Click "Export" button to backup iPhone songs without iTunes.

backup iPhone music without iTunes

Advantages of Backup iPhone music with DearMob iPhone Manager

Backup iTunes purchased music - purchased songs shown in a list tagged with "DRM" - just simply click on "Export" and you will be led to a box saying "This song is protected by iTunes DRM", just click on "Decode", and you will unlock the iTunes restrictions and be able to backup iTunes Library on any computer.

• One-Click Synchronization, no matter you want to add music, edit, delete, create, add again and so on, after all operations you have done to your satisfaction, just need to click the "Sync" button for once, save your time a great deal.

• Selectively backup iPhone songs/playlist in single or in bulk, by album or by artist.

Part 4: How to Backup and Transfer iPhone Video Movie without iTunes

To backup iPhone recorded videos, movies downloaded from online and even iTunes purchased movies to PC/Mac, DearMob iPhone manager is your second to none choice when you run into the situation of iTunes won't backup iPhone! It directly syncs your iPhone videos to target PC/mac computer without ID restriction nor DRM restriction. You can share your videos and movies wherever you like to. You can also prevent others from viewing your contents by password protecting the video. Download DearMob iPhone Manager now and follow the iPhone backup steps below:

Step 1: Click on "Video" button on the main interface of this iPhone backup software.

Step 2: Select the videos you want to backup.

Step 3: Click "Export" button to backup iPhone videos without iTunes. If the video is encrypted with DRM, unlock it by clicking the decode button.

backup iPhone movie without iTunes

Advantages of Backup iPhone Video with DearMob iPhone Manager

Backup iTunes purchased movies, TV shows just like aforementioned iPhone music backup.
• Option to backup iPhone video with encryption method, safely guarding your privacy. And later you can decrypt the video with your password.
• Advanced compress, rotate and convert video to be compatible with multiple devices.

Part 5: How to Backup iPhone Contact without iTunes

iPhone contact is one of the most basic data that we need to value. It is a bit annoying to get your lost contacts back and most unlikely you can re-collect them all. Plus, if you are using more than one iPhone, it is easier to sync contacts to another iPhone from contacts backup file. DearMob iPhone Manager provides both selective backup of iPhone contacts and iPhone selective restore. Furthermore, if you like to keep a paper document of your iPhone contacts, you can export and print contacts from iPhone in TXT/PDF format, it also saves the profile picture.

Step 1: Launch this iPhone contacts backup manager and click on "Contact" button.

Step 2: Select the contacts you'd like to backup.

Step 3: Click "Export" button to backup iPhone contacts without iTunes.

backup iPhone contacts without iTunes

Advantages of Backup iPhone Contacts Selectively with DearMob iPhone Manager:

• Allow to preview and selectively export contacts from iPhone to your computer.
• 1-click backup 1,000 copies of iPhone contacts and merge duplicates in 30 seconds.
• Available to backup iPhone contacts in VCF, PDF, TXT, HTML.
• Password-protect iPhone contacts with military grade encryption method.
• Option to sync iPhone contacts with PC/Mac contacts.

Part 6: How to Backup and Print iPhone Message without iTunes

To most people, iPhone message exchanges are more frequently than emails. Nowadays, messages are not limited to texts, but also can we share the music we are listening, video, image, OR code, news, etc. Nevertheless, besides important information, we also received a lot junk messages or ads every now and then. Do you want to back up those unwanted iPhone messages? Hell no! That's why we need to selective backup iPhone messages with DearMob iPhone Manager.

Step 1: Launch DearMob iPhone Manage and click "SMS".

Step 2: Select the messages you want to backup.

Step 3: Click "Export" to backup iPhone messages without iTunes.

backup iPhone Messages without iTunes

Advantages of Backup iPhone Messages with DearMob iPhone Manager.

• Throw away junk messages by only backing up the ones that matter.
• Backup the entire chat log including text, emoji, photo, video, etc.
• Export iPhone messages in PDF with the support of printing it for making a memoirs or for legal purpose.

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Part 7: How to Backup iPhone Books without iTunes

There are two factors that makes iPhone book backup a hard task for most of desktop apps. One is the DRM restriction and another is about the format. iTunes purchased books are mainly saved as EPub and this format is not compatible with Windows PC and Kindle. What's worse is that if you backup iPhone books with iTunes, it won't let you backup the books you download online. While with DearMob iPhone Manager, there is nothing to worry about.

Step 1: Launch DearMob iPhone Manager and click "Book" icon.

Step 2: Select or multi-select any books you want to backup.

Step 3: Click "Export" and choose the desired format you want to backup iPhone books without iTunes.

backup iPhone books without iTunes

Advantages of Backup iPhone Books with DearMob iPhone Manager.

• Bulk export iPhone books, saves time.
Remove DRM: backup iPhone books that purchased from iTunes store.
• Option to export books to PDF, DOC, TXT to make it more compatible with multiple devices.
• Also support backup downloaded books or books shared by your friends.

Part 8: How to Transfer and Backup iPhone Voice Memo without iTunes

iPhone's voice memo app allows you to record important conversations, a speech, wave sound or bird twitter. For me, I use it more often when I was studying a new language, because I can record my own voice when I was reading in another language, helps me to pay attention to my weakness. Backing up iPhone voice is important to me as it's also personal memory that I want to keep it forever. So no matter you want to export your iPhone voice memo to restore it later, share to your friends or for legal purpose, try the following steps below:

Step 1: Launch DearMob iPhone Manager and then click "Voice" icon.

Step 2: Select the voice memos you want to backup.

Step 3: Click "Export" to backup iPhone voice memo without iTunes.

backup iPhone voice memo without iTunes

Advantages of Backup iPhone Voice Memo with DearMob iPhone Manager.

• 1-click export all iPhone voice memos to PC or Mac.
• Convert iPhone voice memo from .m4a to .mp3.
• Option to selectively backup the voice memo on your iPhone.
• Support to customize iPhone ringtone with your voice memo.

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Part 9: How to Backup iTunes U and Podcast without iTunes

As you probably noticed that your iTunes U collection has been migrated to the category of Podcast, and the content of iTunes U courses are generally in big size that the numerous audio, media, handout, ebooks and other bundled content of a college course could be more than 50G. And that's why people want to backup such a large content of iTunes U from iPhone to Mac/PC. Check the following steps to backup iTunes U and Podcast without iTunes:

Step 1: Launch this iTunes U manager and click "Podcast".

Step 2: Select the Podcast or iTunes U content you want to backup.

Step 3: Click "Export" to backup iTunes U and Podcast without iTunes.

backup iTunes U without iTunes

Part 10: How to Backup iPhone Calendar without iTunes

The biggest reason for iPhone calendar backup might be preventing data loss, you don't want to miss an important meeting, flight or sending a birthday wish to your friends, etc. For me I also want to share my calendar to my multiple computer devices and send my meeting schedule to my boss and colleagues.

On windows PC, there is no native app that can open or let you preview the backed up calendar details in .plist format, let alone edit it. But with DearMob iPhone Manager, you are able to edit and add a new calendar and sync back to your iPhone. Check the following steps to backup iPhone calendar without iTunes.

Step 1: Click "Calendar" on the main interface of DearMob iPhone Manager.

Step 2: Select the calendar you want to backup (you can edit the calendar info before backup by clicking edit icon).

Step 3: Click "Export" to backup iPhone calendar without iTunes.

backup iPhone Calendar without iTunes

Advantages of Backup iPhone Calendar with DearMob iPhone Manager.

• 1-click backup all iPhone calendar.
• Selectively backup specific iPhone calendar
• Option to preview and edit calendar information.

Part 11: How to Get Safari Bookmarks off iPhone for a Backup

If you like browsing with Safari, it is necessary to book mark the important history and websites for a quick access next time. Thus, guess you already had a plenty of bookmarks and bookmark folders. Backing up iPhone bookmarks with iCloud is convenient but it doesn't let you to edit and manage your bookmarks. Making your bookmarks neat and keeping them in order is a plus for backing up iPhone bookmarks with DearMob iPhone Manager.

Step 1: Click "Bookmark" in the main panel of this iPhone bookmark manager.

Step 2: Click the bookmark folder and then select the bookmarks you want to backup. You can rename the bookmark folders and bookmarks if you want, just simply click the "Edit" icon.

Step 3: Click "Export" to backup iPhone bookmarks without iTunes. You can also drag the specific bookmark and drop to another folder.

backup iPhone boomark without iTunes

Advantages of Backup iPhone Bookmarks with DearMob iPhone Manager.

• Options to backup iPhone bookmarks in full and selectively.
• Selectively restore iPhone bookmarks to new iPhone, discard unwanted bookmarks.
• Edit bookmark information, keep your bookmarks in order.

Part 12: How to Transfer iPhone Keynotes/Pages /Numbers Files to Computer for a Backup

The iPhone iPad keynot, Pages and Numbers Apps provide a very convenient way for us to do homework, make a Keynot presentation or an work sheet on the go. We don't have to carry our laptop to a meeting room or classroom to take notes. While when you store files in iCloud, they are accessaible from any device that's signed in with the same Apple ID. How to safely store those important keynot, pages and Numbers files? Use DearMob iPhone Manager to backup the files locally to your personally computer. No need to worry about data leak.

Step 1: Click "Files" on the main panel of this iPhone Files manager

Step 2: Choose the files you want to backup, no matter it is in DOC, PDF, Numbers, XLXS, etc.

Step 3: Click "Export" to backup iPhone Keynot, pages, numbers files without iTunes.

backup iphone keynot files

Advantages of Backup iPhone Files with DearMob iPhone Manager

• Selectively export specific iPhone keynot, peges and numbers files at your desire.
• Securely store your important iPhone files on your computer.

Full iPhone Backup VS. Selective iPhone Backup

1. Full iPhone backup with iTunes not only allows you to backup entire iPhone data and settings but also the unwanted browsing history, cache and even virus. While with selective backup allows you to backup whatever the files you want and let you be the true master of your iPhone.

2. Full backed up files will be renamed with a string of messy characters, and you won't be able to sort or open to view specific files. While selective backup lets you easily locate, view, edit, share each individual image, music, video, contact, etc.

3. Full backup doesn't support selective restore to iPhone. Sometimes we want to backup only the contacts or photos and then restore it to another iPhone, we can restore only certain files with selective iPhone backup.

4. Full backup doesn't support restore newer version of iOS backups to older iOS version, with selctive backup, you will be able to do it selectively, just like transfering data from iPhone to iPhone via computer.

5. If we restore the full iPhone backup, you may lose data because the original data on your iPhone will be completely replaced. But if we selective restore iPhone with DearMob iPhone Manager, it's simply like adding new files to the existing data. Both old and new data can co-existon your iphone and be merged and kept safely.

Why Choose DearMob iPhone Manager Over iTunes

Free download DearMob iPhone Manager to backup your iPhone smartly and enjoy the following additional features as well:
• Available to sync iPhone iPad data to multiple PCs and Macs.
• Easily add and sort iPhone music by Playlist, Artist, Album.
• Option to password encrypt your file exported from iOS devices.
• Option to preview individual iPhone files on PCs and Macs.
• Unlimited access to transfer and backup anything on your iPhone to computer.
• Make iPhone ringtone and convert music to .m4r.

Download Free Trial of DearMob iPhone Manager for Windows and Mac:

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