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Joakim is a tech addict and mobile enthusiast ever since the Symbian era. Now as a technical writer, he loves to test software and devices, and share his discoveries in plain language. Jogging helps him think better and stay energized throughout the day.
"I believe software and platforms should make our life easier instead of driving us nuts, and that's why I keep blogging about tech solutions, offering easy tutorials, quick fixes, in-depth reviews, and informative articles."

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iTunes Error Fixes

Simple Fix to iTunes not Connecting Value Missing Error Message
"iTunes Could Not Connect to This iPhone the Value Is Missing" share the same cause - Duplicate File Name Specified. Then, how to define which file name is duplicated? And why does this error message come out? Please read on.
Joakim Kling Jan 2, 2020 iTunes Driver | Windows
Fix iTunes is Waiting for Windows Update to Install the Driver
Got a message saying: Driver not installed iTunes is Waiting for Windows Update to Install the Driver for This iPhone when you connect your iPhone to iTunes? Check this guide and find multiple practical solutions now.
Joakim Kling Sep 23, 2020 iTunes Driver | Windows
How to Sync Music to iPhone on macOS Catalina
If you have non-apple music and home videos, this post on how to sync music to iPhone on macOS Catalina would be handy to put your own songs and video clips to Apple device.
Joakim Kling June 21, 2019 iTunes Shutting Down | Finder Sync
How to Solve iTunes Sync Error 54 - Causes and Solutions
Annoyed by iTunes sync error 54? See possible causes and corresponding solutions to free you from this headache.
Joakim Kling June 19, 2019 iTunes Sync Error 54
Trick iTunes into Saving Multiple iPhone Backups – Never Erase Old Backups
Want to save multiple iPhone backups but failed? The fix is to archive or move backup file to another location as a workaround.
Joakim Kling June 17, 2019 Archive iTunes Backup
Fix iTunes Won't Burn Songs to CD
How to Burn Songs from iTunes to CD on PC? Now the answer is definitely a YES with M4P to MP3 converter that unlocks DRM music.
Joakim Kling Feb 6, 2021 iTunes CD Burning | unDRM
1 Minute Fix | Can't Change iTunes Backup Location to D Drive/NAS/DAS
Can't Change iTunes Backup Location from disk C: to disk D:/E:/F: or external hard drives? Create Junction, symbolic links, or you can refer to the easiest way to relocate and change iTunes backup location on Windows 7/8/10 PC.
Joakim Kling April 30, 2019 Change iTunes backup location
[Fixed] iTunes Error Codes List & iTunes Error Fix How-to
Choose your iTunes error codes here like error code 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 54, etc and get guide to fix iTunes errors whenever you plug in your iOS iPhone iPad to iTunes.
Joakim Kling April 24, 2019 iTunes Error Codes
2019 List of Windows 10 iTunes Problems and How to Fix Them
Tried-and-true fixs for Windows 10 iTunes problems like iTunes not working on Windows 10, iTunes error 54, 9,14,39, 2, etc, iPhone error 1671 and more iPhone could not be restores because of iTunes Windows 10 errors. Find the quickest solutions to the problems you have.
Farrah Penn April 29, 2019 iTunes Windows 10
iTunes for Samsung not Working? How to Watch iTunes Movies on Samsung TV?
Is Samsung TV iTunes app not working that you can't watch iTunes movies TV shows on Samsung smart TV directly? Here is a guide to solve iTunes not working on Samsung smart TV.
Farrah Penn April 29, 2019 iTunes Samsung TV
Get Rid of iTunes Error Message "A Duplicate File Name Was Specified"
This guide guarantees that no more iTunes error messages relating to "Duplicate File Name Specified" issue will appear again. We fix this issue sound and quick.
Joakim Kling June 21, 2019 iPhone Backup | Duplicate File Name
iTunes Backup Session Failed: What's Next After You Tried All Tactics Online
Troubled by "backup session failed" when you are trying to backup or restore iPhone? You can try to reset lockdown folder, deal with backup file or fix error with our easy solution.
Joakim Kling June 21, 2019 iPhone Backup | iTunes Session Failed
[Solved] Your iPhone Has Never Been Backed Up to This Computer
iTunes keeps saying your iPhone has never been backed up to this computer but you did? Fix iTunes ignores old backup files with this method.
Joakim Kling June 17, 2019 iTunes Won't Backup iPhone
Fixed | Efficiently Back Up 265GB iPhone X to iTunes without Photos
How to backup an iPhone X to iTunes without photos taking up too large storage space and too much time? Solution one, you can enable iCloud Photos; solution two, you can import photos to PC and delete them from your iPhone before backup…
Joakim Kling April 28, 2019 iPhone Backup | Free up Space
2019 Solve iTunes Won't Install Windows 10
How to install iTunes on Windows 10 when iTunes is shutting down by Apple? Here we help you install iTunes and solve iTunes won't install/open on Windows 10 issues.
Joakim Kling June 10, 2019 iTunes Install | Windows 10
Sync without Erasing - Fix "iPhone is Synced with Another iTunes Library"
When iPhone is Synced with another iTunes library, can you transfer files without replace or erase data? With this easy solution, the answer is definitely a YES.
Joakim Kling June 21, 2019 iTunes Syncing Restriction
Fix iPhone Not Showing Up in iTunes | Still Works 2020
iPhone not showing up in iTunes can be caused by bad connection, iTunes conflict with iOS or MacOS, Driver error and so on. Here are 4 reliable fixes to free you from this headache.
Joakim Kling Jan 4, 2020 iTunes Connection Error
2019 Fix | iPhone Backup Disconnection Error on iTunes
Why this age old problem iTunes disconnection error still happen 2019 and how to stop this iTunes backup error from popping up? All your puzzles will be resolved in this post.
Joakim Kling June 24, 2019 iTunes Connection Error
Fix Can't Transfer iTunes Purchases to Google Play – Unlock DRM Music and Movie
If you failed to transfer iTunes purchases to Google Play Music, DRM removal to convert m4p to mp3 is a solution for you to enjoy any music without iTunes.
Joakim Kling April 19, 2019 Transfer Music | DRM Removal
Get Data Transferred without Being Troubled by "Do You Want to Erase this iPhone"
If you want to sync iPhone to a new computer without losing any data, here is a guide to transfer and backup iOS data to new Mac or PC without iTunes.
Joakim Kling Jan 7, 2019 Transfer Data | How-to Guide
Fix Photo Synced from iTunes Cannot be Deleted – Manage iTunes Synced Data
Have some undeletable photos on iPhone because the delete icon is missing? Photos synced via iTunes cannot be removed unless you try some workaround.
Joakim Kling Dec 12, 2018 Transfer Photo | Undeletable Error
Fix iTunes Won't Sync Photos to iPhone or iPad – 9+1 Solutions for Windows and Mac
iTunes get stuck on syncing photos for various kind of reasons. Find your symptom and corresponding solutions in this resourceful article.
Joakim Kling Dec 28, 2018 Transfer Photo | Undeletable Error

iTunes Tips and Guides

2 Ways to Transfer Music from iTunes to Google Play
Can I transfer music from iTunes to Google Play? Here in this article, we'll show you 2 easy and effective methods to move music from iTunes to Google Play.
Joakim Kling Aug 18, 2022 2 Ways to Transfer Music from iTunes to Google Play
iTunes Shutting Down 2020? Here's What You Can Do
Apple will kill iTunes in new macOS Catalina, so there will be no iTunes any longer. What will happen and what we should do after its shutdown? Read this post for tips.
Joakim Kling Jan 2, 2020 iTunes Shutting Down
How to Back Up iPhone Fully or Selectively without iTunes
Want to get data off your iPhone to flexibly transfer to and store on any device for a backup? Photos, songs, movies, contacts, SMS, safari bookmarks and more files can be backed up as a block or separately at your choice.
DearMob Team April 4, 2019 iPhone Backup | No iTunes
How to Restore iPhone without iTunes | No Data Loss
How to restore iPhone without iTunes when it tends to be less efficient when you want to restore iPhone from backup? Don't worry, this page introduces an utmost easy method to restore iPhone without iTunes, just take a look at how you can backup and restore iPhone without iTunes easy fast.
Joakim Kling Sep 7, 2018 iPhone Restore | No iTunes
Get Videos Off iPhone: Camera Roll Videos, Movies & Purchases
Wondering how to backup videos from iPhone without iTunes? You can transfer purchased videos to local drive by removing DRM lock.
Joakim Kling June 18, 2019 iPhone Selective Backup | DRM Removal
How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies TV Shows
Apple's digital rights management system restricts anyone watching movies purchased in iTunes Store.This guide is to help you remove DRM from iTunes movies, TV shows to watch the content on other devices.
Joakim Kling Feb. 28, 2022 DRM
Convert iTunes M4V to MP4
iTunes movie and iTunes TV shows are M4V formated, and cannot be played back on any of the third-party freeware players. Thus converting M4V to generally playable MP4 format
Joakim Kling Dec. 22, 2022 M4V

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