Joakim Kling

Senior Editor
Joakim is a tech addict and mobile enthusiast ever since the Symbian era. Now as a technical writer, he loves to test software and devices, and share his discoveries in plain language. Jogging helps him think better and stay energized throughout the day.
"I believe software and platforms should make our life easier instead of driving us nuts, and that's why I keep blogging about tech solutions, offering easy tutorials, quick fixes, in-depth reviews, and informative articles."

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iPhone and iPad Tips

[Solved] Forget iPhone Backup Password
Don't panic if you forgot iPhone backup password Windows 10 or Mac: This guide tells you what to do when you forgot iPhone backup password unlock file, you may now decrypt iPhone backup securely without data leakage. Check through the tips on forgetting iPhone backup encryption password.
Joakim Kling Jan 2, 2020 iPhone Backup Password
2 Ways to Fix Picture in Picture Not Working on iOS 14
Two simple ways to solve iOS 14 Picture in picture not working issue and easily watch any video on iOS 14 in Picture-in-Picture mode.
Joakim Kling Sept 11, 2020 Picture in Picture Not Working iOS 14
Pokémon Go Not Working on iOS 14? [How to Fix]
Pokemon Go not working on iOS 14 and other related issues are listed and fixed here. Read on to get your best solution.
Joakim Kling Sept 10, 2020 Pokémon Go Not Working
Downloaded iOS 14? Issues and Corresponding Solutions
Check out 8 must-know iOS 14 issues and correspongding fixes rounded up here…. Learn more….
Joakim Kling Sept 10, 2020 Download iOS 14 Issues
How to Remove DRM from iTunes Audiobook iBook?
How to remove drm from iTunes audiobook and audio books purchased in iBook? DearMob iPhone Manager is the quickest iTunes DRM removal tool to let you remove DRM from audio book M4B M4A and transfer audiobook form iTunes to iPhone. without DRM protection, you can add audio books to iPhone.
Joakim Kling Jan 17, 2020 Unlock DRM Books
[Solved] Finder Says Please Unlock Your iPhone, But It Is Unlocked
My iPhone is already locked but mac still says please unlock iPhone to import photos, what to do? Try these 5 methods.
Joakim Kling Apr 26, 2020 Unlock iPhone | Import Photos

iOS Tips

How to Put iPhone into Recovery Mode without Data Loss
What is iPhone recovery mode? How to put iPhone into recovery mode? This post help you know better of iPhone iPad recovery mode in case your device is acting up.
Joakim Kling Sep 8, 2021 iPhone Recovery Mode
How to Put iPhone in DFU Mode [Value Your Data]
All iPhone iPad models and covered in this post to put into DFU mode, with step by step instructions and notes.
Joakim Kling Oct 18, 2019 iPhone DFU Mode
Update to iOS 14? Issues & Corresponding Solutions
Updated to iOS 14? Issues and Corresponding Solutions
Joakim Kling Oct 13, 2020 iOS 14
How to Downgrade iOS to Lower Version without Data Loss
How to downgrade iOS 14 to iOS 13? It's tricky to go back to iOS 13, check out why and downgrade without data loss now.
Joakim Kling Sep 8, 2021 iOS Downgrade
Solve iOS 14 Update Stuck Issues [Also Works for iOS 14/13/12/11]
iOS 14 update stuck on iPhone when trying to installing iOS 14 to embrace the new features? This practical guide may give you some clues to solve iOS 14 update stuck on preparing update, during installing and after installation.
Joakim Kling Sep 8, 2021 iOS Downgrade
iOS 13 New Features: 9 Reasons to Update and 5 Reasons Not to Install
Want to update to the latest iOS 13 but have some concerns? This post will show you all the features and problems of iOS 13.
Joakim Kling Sep 10, 2019 iOS 13
iOS 13 Problems and Solutions
Having trouble installing iOS 13 or facing with iOS 13 problems after updating? We gathered 19 problem and solutions for quick fixes.
Joakim Kling Feb 17, 2020 iOS 13
How to Update to iOS 13/iPadOS on iPhone and iPad
how to update to ios 13, how to get ios 13, how to install ios 13, ios 13 update
Joakim Kling Sep 10, 2019 iOS 13

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