We Need A Better iPhone Management Solution Rather than iTunes!

iTunes sucks! Yes, and it has never been a qualified iOS file manager in terms of data backup & restore, selective manual/auto sync & transfer, or for music/media management. When you don't feel like wasting much time dealing with iTunes tremendous errors, you might consider replacing it, once for all, with a professional iPhone/iPad file manager - DearMob iPhone Manager.


iTunes vs. Dearmob iPhone Manager

What We Want


iPhone Manager

Bakup & Restore Full Backup & Restore
Selective Manual Backup & Restore
Visible Backup & Restore
Encrypt Specific File
Multi Device Backup
Backup speed Slow Fast
Sync & Transfer Two-way Transfer
Multi-device to one
One to multi-device
Remove DRM from purchases
Sync without erasing
Sync without duplicate
Transfer without sync

DearMob iPhone Manager brings open, flexible, indepth, efficient and secured data management mode to your highly-restricted iOS devices, helping you totally get rid of iTunes and Apple restrictions involving Apple ID, APP sandbox, iOS upgrade issues, countless passwords/passcodes, and confined purchased items.

How to Manage iPhone/iPad/iPod Data without iTunes?

Why must we cling to iTunes, when we can manually manage, backup, sync iOS files flexibly and efficiently without iTunes?

  • Guide on How to Backup iPhone without iTunes

    The easiest way to choose whatever file you want to backup iPhone or transfer to new iPhone 11/XS/XS Max/XR/X/8 and review or restore selective items from iPhone backup such as photos, messages, contacts, apps, etc.

  • Guide on How to Restore iPhone without iTunes

    Can't import MKV, MP4, HEVC or Hero 7 video into Premiere Pro? Check the list of formats supported and not supported by Premiere Pro. And solve the codec missing or unavailable issue by installing codec or converting video format.

  • How to Transfer iPhone Photos without iTunes?

    How to transfer photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes? Here we offer 2 ways to transfer photos that will help a lot.

  • How to Backup iPhone Contacts without iTunes?

    Looking for flexible ways to backup iPhone contacts without iTunes? You can selectively backup contacts on iphone or export to vCard for further usage on Android or email contacts.

  • How to Drag and Drop iPhone Music without iTunes?

    Can't drag and drop songs to iPhone from computer? Forget your iTunes Apple ID password? Even if you have uninstalled iTunes, you can still drag and drop songs of any format to iPhone/iPod/iPad without iTunes in a straightforward manner.

  • Click to view more

Fix iTunes Not Working General Issues & Error Codes

iPhone disconnecting, iTunes not recognizing iPhone/iPad, iTunes error code popups, can't install/uninstall iTunes... iTunes innate operating problems are countless, and here we round up all the possible solutions to those precise errors.

Efficiently Solve iTunes Backup & Restore Problems

Fed up with iTunes backup errors? Want to get data off your iPhone to flexibly transfer to any device for a backup? Photos, songs, movies, contacts, SMS, bookmarks and more files can be backed up as a block or separately at your choice.

  • Get Rid of iTunes Error Message "A Duplicate File Name Was Specified"

    This guide guarantees that no more iTunes error messages relating to "Duplicate File Name Specified" issue will appear again. We fix this issue sound and quick.

    Joakim Kling June 21, 2019 iPhone Backup | Duplicate File Name
  • iTunes Backup Session Failed: What's Next After You Tried All Tactics Online

    Troubled by "backup session failed" when you are trying to backup or restore iPhone? You can try to reset lockdown folder, deal with backup file or fix error with our easy solution.

    Joakim Kling June 21, 2019 iPhone Backup | iTunes Session Failed
  • [Solved] Your iPhone Has Never Been Backed Up to This Computer

    iTunes keeps saying your iPhone has never been backed up to this computer but you did? Fix iTunes ignores old backup files with this method.

    Joakim Kling June 17, 2019 iTunes Won't Backup iPhone
  • Fixed | Efficiently Back Up 265GB iPhone X to iTunes without Photos

    How to backup an iPhone X to iTunes without photos taking up too large storage space and too much time? Solution one, you can enable iCloud Photos; solution two, you can import photos to PC and delete them from your iPhone before backup…

    Joakim Kling April 28, 2019 iPhone Backup | Free up Space
  • 2019 Solve iTunes Won't Install Windows 10

    How to install iTunes on Windows 10 when iTunes is shutting down by Apple? Here we help you install iTunes and solve iTunes won't install/open on Windows 10 issues.

    Joakim Kling June 10, 2019 iTunes Install | Windows 10
  • How to Back Up iPhone Fully or Selectively without iTunes

    Want to get data off your iPhone to flexibly transfer to and store on any device for a backup? Photos, songs, movies, contacts, SMS, safari bookmarks and more files can be backed up as a block or separately at your choice.

    DearMob Team April 4, 2019 iPhone Backup | No iTunes
  • How to Restore iPhone without iTunes | No Data Loss

    How to restore iPhone without iTunes when it tends to be less efficient when you want to restore iPhone from backup? Don't worry, this page introduces an utmost easy method to restore iPhone without iTunes, just take a look at how you can backup and restore iPhone without iTunes easy fast.

    Joakim Kling Sep 7, 2018 iPhone Restore | No iTunes

Troubled by iTunes Sync & Transfer Issues? Here is the key.

iTunes threatens to erase your data, photo missing after syncing, library messed up after a click, can't get off purchased items, file not supported upon transferring… Facing same issues? Read on to find easy solutions.

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