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We can finally download iOS 14 now here!

The new version of iOS 14 in 2020 is now delivering beta updates on a steady pace. Users can download iOS 14 beta 8 as of now following its quick update rate. However, with it downloaded, surging iOS 14 issues are reported in an endless manner, which rises the public concern whether iOS 14 could roll out as planned, meeting the GM standard, since it already reached a 7th beta and it is still buggy.

iOS 14 Bugs and Fixes

This time iOS 14 is packed with new features and App library and photo captioning are two of the most welcomed ones. In fact, after experienced the ill repute iOS 13, people have good reasons to be afraid of embracing the new. But to confirm one thing, this time iOS 14 emphasizes the overall stability on a new level. And as buggy as iOS 14 can be, it won't get any worse than iOS 13, will it?

Wait, iOS 14 Update Not Showing Up?

Before you are able to enjoy the revamped home screen, or complain about battery overheating issues and other problems, the chances are that iOS 14 update are still not pushed to your device. Don't freak out, here are possible causes and fixes:

1. Network issues

Make sure you have good network to receive the iOS 14 update. Here are few solutions:

  • Switch to another Wi-Fi network.
  • Turn on and turn off Airplane Mode, so as to refresh iPhone network connection.
  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update, and check if iOS 14 update shows up now.

If it still won't work, try resetting network settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset. Scroll down and tap Reset Network Settings.

2. Your device is not iOS 14 compatible

iPhone SE, iPhone6s / iPhone6s Plus or newer models are available to install iOS 14, that means iPhone 6 and older ones are left behind. If you are not seeing iOS 14 Update, outdated model could be one of the reasons.

3. Turn on automatic updates

Make sure you have allowed your device to update automatically. Go to Settings > General > Software Update, select "Automatic Updates".

4. Not enough storage space

Another scenario is that you have already seen the update profile, but there is no "Install" option for you to tap. If you read the gray notice clearly, you would now that there is not enough storage space for iOS 14 installation.

To solve that, you can tape Storage, and check what take up large amount of your storage.

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5. Leave iOS 14 Beta and Install the public release

Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Scroll to General > Profiles > iOS 14 Beta Software Profile (or iPadOS).

Step 3. Tap Remove Profile.

Step 4. Enter your unlock screen passcode, and confirm removing.

Step 5. Wait for the device to restarting.

6. Unable to check for update because of update server down

If you are seeing "Unable to Check for Update" dialogue box, then it is possible that Apple's own server is down. You can confirm this by visiting Apple System Status page. If the button is yellow, then the server is having a problem.

If everything is green, try other troubleshooting fixes.

iOS 14 Issue 1: Device Compatibility

Some are complaining that they cannot get a software update notice in Settings. Well, it might be that your device does not support iOS 14.

This year's new models iPhone 12/iPhone 9 are equipped with iOS 14 as standard. Any iPhone that supports last year's iOS 13 can be updated to iOS 14. It means that iPhone 5, iPhone 6 were excluded from the update. See below are the iOS 14 supported iPhone devices:

  • iPhone 12 (5G)/iPhone 12 Pro (5G) — coming soon
  • iPhone 9/iPhone SE 2
  • iPhone11 Pro/iPhone11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS/iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8/iPhone8 Plus
  • iPhone 7/iPhone7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s/iPhone6s Plus
  • iPhone SE (1st generation / 2nd generation)

iOS 14 Issue 2. Stuck in Recovery Mode

It has been reported that the iPhone updated to iOS 14 crashes and enters recovery mode when used. Moreover, in this case, it seems that some iOS 14 bug has put it into recovery mode and it has become stuck. The iPhone in recovery mode does nothing and remains unavailable.

iOS 14 Issue 3. The 'Other' iPhone Storage Issue

Reported by MacRumers, in iOS 14 beta, early adopters reported a noticeable storage hog (30-60GB) in iPhone storage other category. It is early realized by those who installed the iOS 14 beta on their device via the OTA method. A clean IPSW installation might help avoid this issue.

iOS 14 'Other' iPhone Storage Issue

iOS Issue 4: Certain Popular Apps Still not Working on iOS 14

To name just one, and the most important one- Pokemon Go! It's been over 70 days since iOS 14 first release and Pokemon Go still does not properly support iOS 14. And the most ironic thing is that Pokemon Go still insists to send us notifications on iOS 14 beta version where it hasn't worked for a long time.

iOS 14 App Compatibility Issue

iOS Issue 5: I Can No Longer Make or Receive Calls or Text Messages

Although we do not really worry about iOS 14 stability. Most iPhones can be used normally, but some functions may not be available due to an iOS 14 defect. It seems that basic functions such as calls and text messages are often affected.

iOS 14 Issue 6. Data is Not Saved Entirety

There is no guarantee that all personal data and application data will be saved when you download and update to iOS 14. There is usually no loss of data, but even with a low probability, it can be lost. When updating to iOS 14 or downgrading from iOS 14 to iOS 13, the data saved in iPhone and data such as application registration information may not be saved.

iOS 14 Issue 7. The Performance Becomes Very Slow

The current beta version only offers new iOS 14 features. It can't be helped that the performance goes slow. old models including 6s and SE that has been removed from the iOS 14 compatible model, but due to the specifications, the operation on the old model may be heavy.

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iOS 14 Issue 8. iPhone Gets Really Hot

The most distinctive issue I personally felt upon downloading iOS 14 was, unlike on iOS 13.7, the iPhone could easily become over-heated whenever I opened a RAM-intensive application. Guess it could even be used as my wife's pocket heating pad for relieving menstrual period pain or back pain.

General Fixes for iOS 14 Issues

#1 : Backup iPhone Data

Every time you change iOS version, you may need to back up because there is a risk of data loss. Data is complicated, but backup work is not complicated if you use a convenient iPhone sync software.

#2: Restart Your iPhone

When the iPhone is frozen, first force restart it. In most cases it can be solved, but depending on whether you update to iOS 14 or keep the original iOS 13 after reboot.

If you restart your iPhone and it becomes iOS 14, you should be able to use it safely. However, if the iOS 14 update fails, you should carefully decide whether to update again.

#3: Take Advantage of Alternative Features

It is regrettable to downgrade to iOS 13 when only some functions are not available due to iOS 14 bug. In fact, functions such as text messages are easier and more convenient to implement via internet communication. Now that I have iMessage or Line in the first place, I rarely use text messages.

#4: Downgrade from iOS 14

In some cases, due to an iOS 14 bug, it is impossible to continue using it. There is no choice but to downgrade to iOS 13. As with the iOS 14 update, be sure to back up your iPhone data when changing the iOS version. Even though iOS 13 is stable now, it can be lost due to the stability of iOS 14.

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