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Top 6 HD Video Streaming Sites: Watch Full Movie Online

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Top 6 HD video streaming sites list collects the best place to find 1080p HD, 4K, 5K movies. It's a hassle testing HD video streaming sites one after another, only to find endless movie trailers or incomplete clip. So this article sorts out the best place for feature-length HD movies for your computer. If you worry about the bandwidth, this list of top 10 free movie streaming sites at 720p, SD standard may wet your appetite!

How to Movies on Top 6 HD Video Streaming Sites Without Glitches?

HD streaming can place a high demand on your CPU, hence requiring a video streaming software to help. 5KPlayer as a universal streaming media player and streaming video downloader is the absolute choice to stream 2019 new year's movies in top 6 HD video streaming sites. Now explore the hidden features with a quick tool!

Explore New Features in Top 6 HD Video Streaming Sites!

Still didn't find anything else besides the plain function on video streaming sites? How could you!
The interesting tricks don't always ask you to pay, now with a free streaming media player, HD videos movies on YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Veoh and more free video streaming sites are dishing out with increasing fun! You can use this free tool to:
Ft. 1 Access free video streaming sites [YouTube, Metacfe, Veoh ]hidden functions. Stream YouTube videos from iPhone/iPad to Mac and Windows.
Ft. 2 Break the limits of paid video streaming sites[Vimeo, Vevo, Netflix]. Now Vimeo video streaming basic account can reach the privilege of Pro Account users; you can also discover new things from Netflix 4K movie list to suffice.
Ft. 3 Music can't be absent. this free streaming media player also approaches you with abundant tunes from top 6 music streaming services.

How to Play? More Details With Top 6 HD Video Streaming Sites

youtube video streaming site

YouTube: YouTube Red + Watch YouTube Offline

->> The biggest video streaming site is serving a new dish soon: How many of you have ever thought of watching YouTube offline with portable devices? This function has approached first to Android users , while iPhone/iPad users won't be waiting for too long before they can download streaming video.
->> YouTube APP experience is brilliant, this is especially true for users with better mobile devices than PCs. 5KPlayer bolsters built-in support to AirPlay YouTube to watch HD streaming on a bigger screen.

vimeo video streaming site

Vimeo: Should I Choose Basic/Plus/Pro Account?

->> A membership-oriented video streaming site to distinguish service offered to different kinds of account [Basic, Plus, and Pro]. How to get the Vimeo Pro privilege on a Basic account base?
->> This video streaming site works with URLs - exactly what 5KPlayer takes to parse - it can work as an URL video downloader to download videos from Vimeo before you stream Vimeo video from PC to Apple TV or from Mac to Apple TV.

metacafe video streaming site

Metacafe: Fun for You, Man

- Gymnastic Tutorial, Adult Content
->> The best free video streaming service for workout tutorials, fun content (especially for men), with family safe filter to protect your children.  
->> Usually the duplicate of YouTube video content, but often the one with best quality - Metacafe filters lesser-recorded ones away.
->> Metacafe video download with 5KPlayer has paved a new way of entertainment in this special streaming website.

netflix video streaming site

Netflix: King of Content

->> Distributing original TV shows including:
1. Marco Polo [one of the most expensive TV series ever produced]
2. Game of Thrones Season 5[Download guide]
3. Between Season 6 [the latest Sci-fi drama]
4. Grace and Frankie [A top-notch comedy even for the elderly]
->> Content providers for this video streaming site include Disney, Dreamworks and HBO. To help with random errors with Netflix content, you may resort to HBO Go problems on Apple TV [solved].
->> New stuff available on Netflix video streaming site for November, 2015.

dailymotion video streaming site


->> Distributing a versatile of video content including: sport events, music festivals, political debates and also fashion shows. I know what you want... there's the hottest lesbian Dailymotion content.
->> Latest move of this video streaming site is to introduce "Repost" function, enabling Dailymotion users to highlight excerpts of their favorite videos and repost them on their channel and social media accounts.
->> Guide on how to free download Dailymotion videos.

ustream video streaming site

Ustream: Streaming Site for Sports Fans

->>Best video streaming site if you want the latest sports event: Ustream sports and Ustream football shows have been taking a lead among all video streaming sites.
->>Provide live football streaming with least glitches or chokes ever reported, reliable if you're in the mood for download streaming video of NBA.

Hands-on Guide to AirPlay Video from YouTube Video Streaming Site

Download 5KPlayer for Windows or Mac, first launch it on your Mac/PC. Instruction on how to stream video from YouTube is specified below and please refer to how to enable HD streaming for reference.

Step 1: Confirm your Mac El Captain (or Windows 10 PC) and Apple TV (or earlier) are connected to the same Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Step 2: Get the YouTube offline video playing in 5KPlayer, click the AirPlay button, choose your Apple TV name to connect.

Step 3: Once successfully connected, HD video on YouTube video streaming site can be displayed on Apple TV screen.

enable video streaming with 5KPlayer

With the amount of subscription user increasing, all video streaming sites begin to find a new way out to connect customers: Disney recently is considering dishing its own APP with monthly subscription at $9.99 and YouTube offering its feature-length video streaming service. As is mentioned, the video streaming content is Key NO.2, and to make the best out of video streaming sites, the Key NO.1 - streaming media player is a must-have tool.

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