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AirPlay Lag [Solved] Hands-on Guide

Written by Amanda

AirPlay delay or AirPlay lag could be disappointing in the process of video AirPlay from iPhone iPad to Mac Windows 10. In 4K streaming, AirPlay lag is even more frequent and serious, due to the highly-intensive H.265 streaming codec, thus leading to audio and video out of sync in AirPlay. Now an intelligent tool can tackle AirPlay lag or AirPlay delay resulting from poor network quality, AirPlay iPhone to Mac/Windows stability, and the video codec.

AirPlay Lag [Solved] Easy Way to Use

If the streaming fails to sync audio and video, the AirPlay lag may influence visual experience to a great extent. How to sync audio and video is no big issue to 5KPlayer, it can help with AirPlay delay [solved] from iPhone to Mac/PC in a hit.

Solution for AirPlay Delay from iPhone to Mac

AirPlay Lag [Solved] Once and for All - Free Gadget to Help

5KPlayer is an intelligent AirPlay sender with built-in AirPlay technology, and it strives to polish the rudimentary AirPlay: This free AirPlay receiver and sender for Mac/Windows is a great help when AirPlay lag from iPhone 6S/6S Plua/SE/iPad Pro/Mini/3/2 to Mac/PC, a simple click and adjust can control the video timeline and audio timeline, thus syncing audio and video according to your specific AirPlay lag.
AirPlay lag is but one error in the long list of AirPlay not working problems. Yet this free AirPlay sender and receiver for Mac and Windows can well render a wide array of AirPlay not working issues. If you prefer the AirPlay screen mirroring way of bigger-screen enjoyment, rest assured with this software, it's taking how to use AirPlay mirroring as easy as ABC.

5KPlayer Solved 100% Audio and Video Out of Sync If You Use It For AirPlay

Still not satisfied with the 14 inch Mac/PC screen for 2 to 3 folks at most? Besides its smart function to AirPlay lag, 5KPlayer can stream videos from PC to Apple TV, just share videos from any device at will! Your after-work movie will be everything but squash. Please also refer to tutorials on how to AirPlay AVI MKV WMV from Mac to TV.

Why Not Take More Apple TV Movies For AirPlay?

Compared to directly useing Apple TV APPs, this guide provide a nift guide on how to obtain more 4K HD Apple TV movies to watch without AirPlay lag. A list of Apple TV movies for free download are included, and you may want a different, zero-delay way of watching HD movies on Apple TV.

Three Steps to Solve AirPlay Lag from iPhone iPad to Mac/PC

Step 1: Connect your iPhone [6s/6s Plus/SE]/iPad and Mac/Windows that's suffering AirPlay lag.

* Slide from the bottom of the iPhone [6s/6s Plus/SE] screen to call up the Control Center, tap AirPlay and choose your Mac/PC name you would like to AirPlay to.

* Tips: Please connect your iPhone and Mac/PC to the same wireless network before AirPlay.

Choose the Mac Name to Connect to

Step 2: AirPlay video from iPhone to Mac/PC.
* Play the media file on iPhone which suffers AirPlay video delay from audio or vice versa.
* Tips: Please kindly be noted that AirPlay currently only supports media files in limited formats, to airplay AVI, MKV, WMV, FLV DivX files from iPhone to Mac/PC, you will need a DVD video converter software for Mac OS or Windows PC to convert those videos to AirPlay supported formats.

Play the Video Suffering AirPlay Delay

Step 3: Audio and video out of sync can be tackled through the "Synchronization" Control Bar.

* Right click on the playback area, and tap the "Synchronization" button.

* Drag the float mark to adapt the progress rate according to your AirPlay delay condition, and you will find the audio and video in perfect sync after simple operations.

Synchronize video with audio to solve AirPlay video delay from iPhone to Mac

AirPlay delay derives singly or multiply from network congestion, AirPlay sender or receiver nonperformance, which leaves highly complex procedure to troubleshoot.
While with 5KPlayer the audio video synchronization master and built-in AirPlay software, AirPlay video delay from iPhone to Mac/PC could be easily solved by conjuring out the video audio synchronization control bar. Tap for 5KPlayer, solve your delay problems once and for all!
Note: 5KPlayer is a comprehensive AirPlay receiver and sender which enables two-way streaming. With this AirPlay software, users can not only solve AirPlay video delays but also enlarge the resource tank by downloading videos and music from YouTube and Vevo for AirPlay.

DearMob iPhone Manager

  • Directly send iPhone movies to Mac/PC no quality loss;
  • Easily transfer HEIC to JPG & export to computer/Mac;
  • Lossless transfer, migrate from small screen to bigger.

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