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How-to Guide on Free 4K Streaming from PC/Mac to Apple TV

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last update: June 01, 2020

Since 4K streaming is growing as a big share of viewing and Netflix ensues to roll out a bunch of new encodes covering that matter, it is predictable that 4K streaming will be the star of next High-res stage. But how and where to get free 4K video streaming services? Searching for ways to have almost all the 4K/5K UHD videos and 1080p video clips or movies streamed from one device to another, like from Windows PC/Mac to Apple TV? Here, the all-in-one free 4K streaming player - 5KPlayer can assist you in tackling these problems.

How Does 5KPlayer Offer 4K Video Streaming Services?

--Through AirPlay! If you are looking for a free 4k video streaming software to stream 4K movies like Unbroken, Hobbit series, or Starving Games series for free to a big UHD TV with great surround sound, don't hesitate to download 5KPlayer! If you want to stream those 4K films seamlessly and smoothly, don't hesitate to download 5KPlayer! If you desire to avoid any 4K streaming format problems, then again, don't hesitate to download the hardware accelerated 5KPlayer!

Stream Film iPad

Step 3: Drag and drop a 4K video for streaming onto the 5KPlayer interface.

This omnipotent free 4K video streaming software will start streaming your 4K video from PC/Mac to Apple TV and all you need to do is leaning back and enjoy the show. The whole free 4K streaming process is fast and seamless without a bit loss in image quality. And While the Mac/PC is carrying on 4k video streaming to Apple TV, you are free to do other things on your computer like online shopping etc. 

Note: Make sure the video format you choose for free 4K streaming works with AirPlay, since airplay now only supports audios in MP3, M4A, ACC and video in MOV, MP4, M4V. If not, for audio files, you can convert the file format to MP3 and ACC directly by 5KPlayer; but for video files, you may need a video converter to convert your videos first.

5KPlayer 4K Streaming Popup Menu

5kplayer, as a free 4K video streaming software, capacitates your Mac/PC to freely stream films and music and provides free 4K video streaming services, but it is far more than just a free 4K streaming player. It is an all-in-one cutting-edge media player that also caters for your other needs: free video download, supporting almost all audio/video formats. It's a must-have for your Mac and Windows PC!

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