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3D Movie Streaming: Free Stream 3D Movies to HDTV

Written by Amanda

3D movie streaming enables us to apreciate massive online 3D movies at home and get the theater effect anytime we want. So, various online streaming servers like YouTube, Netflix, VUDU, etc pops up with kinds of 3D movies to serve people to stream 3D movies and charge subscription fee. How to free stream 3D movies if you don't want to dig down for such 3D movie streaming servers? Maybe, you can try the free and professional 3D streaming server 5KPlayer to stream 3D movies 4K 8K MKV AVI MP4 etc videos from iPhone/iPad to Mac/PC and Mac/PC to HDTV to gain better visual and hearing experience.

Best Free 3D Movie Streaming Server to Stream 3D Movies to HDTV

How to free stream 3D movies? You can rely on 5KPlayer, the professional and standalone 3D movie streaming server, to wirelessly stream 3D movies as well as 4K 8K FLV WMV MOV etc videos MP3 AAC FLAC music from iPhone/iPad to Mac/Windows and Mac/Windows to Apple TV without costing you a dime.

3D Movie Streaming

"I found myself flinching when things were coming at me and the picture was amazing." Most people will feel that when watching 3D movies in the theater. Good news! You can also have the wow-effect at home now since 3D movie streaming is available that you can stream 3D movies to HDTV. Besides, 3D-capable HDTVs now cost little more than their non-3D counterparts. Hence, you pay for a HDTV once and then life-time free stream 3D movies to enjoy. (Obviously, watching 3D movies in the theater is kind of expensive and not all theaters can present the amazing 3D effect that the movies own.)

What to Prepare When Free Stream 3D Movies to HDTV?

1. A Free 3D Movie Streaming Server: It is highly recommended that you try 5KPlayer, the best free film 3D streaming server, to wirelessly stream 3D movies from Mac/PC to HDTV with wonderful experience without losing any quality and iPhone/iPad film streaming to Mac/Windows is also a piece of cake. With built-in 450+ video codecs and 180+ audio codecs, this 3D movie streaming server adapts to various video audio streaming like stream MP4 MKV AVI FLV SWF etc in 4K 8K 1080p etc and transfer music in MP3 AAC OGG etc. It can also solve HBO Go app on Apple TV problems if you want to watch HBO hot TV series like Game of Thrones on Apple TV or enable you to watch Netflix 4K on TV if the computer's screen is too small to present the 4K effect.

2. Fast Internet Connection: In order to have smooth 3D movie streaming, you need a connection that is more that 9Mb/s. (1.0-2.3 Mb/s for standard definition video, 2.3 Mb/s - 4.5 Mbs for high definition 720p resolution video, 4.5 Mb/s - 9 Mb/s for full high definition 1080p resolution video and high definition audio, and 11Mbs or more for 4K streaming.)

3. 3D-Capable TV: The Apple TV 4 is now capable of displaying 3DTV content like 3D movies, games on compatible sets that it would be your best choice to stream 3D movies to Apple TV. Apple TV now is headed to be compatible with apps that you can watch Netflix on Apple TV and use Hulu, WatchESPN, iTunes, etc to watch TV shows.

4. 3D Glasses that Work with the TV: According to a story from the great team at Macworld, Stream TV Networks is developing glasses-free 3D technology for TV sets. But before realizing that, you need a pair of 3D glasses to have a theater effect when streaming 3D movies to HDTV. You can buy one compatible with your TV on Amazon, of course.

5. 3D Movies that You Want to Stream: Everything is ready except one crucial element, that's 3D movie. Here we list some 3D movies that are 2019 best for you to stream to HDTV.

Stream 3D Movies from iPhone/iPad to Mac/PC

Step 1: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen of your iPhone/iPad to access the control center and tap AirPlay (These devices could automatically detect your Mac's/PC's name.) You can see a list of AirPlay-enabled devices and choose the name of your Mac/PC to connect.

Step 2: Play the 3D movies you want to stream from iPhone/iPad to Mac/PC. And 5KPlayer will automatically stream 3D movies from iPhone/iPad to Mac/Windows.

Now, wear your 3D glasses and enjoy your 3D movies!

Stream 3D Movies

Note: Besides 3D movie streaming, 5KPlayer also enables you to stream 8K 5K 4K UHD 1080p HD etc movies without losing any quality. As a free 3D movie downloader and 3D video player, you can directly play 3D movies and stream 3D movies to HDTV after downloading.

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