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Top 3 Ways to Watch Apple TV NBA Playoffs Finals 2023

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

With NBA Playoffs 2023 scheduled on April 13th, the best teams from the Eastern and Western Conference are now competing fiercely for the playoffs entry eligibility. If you plan to watch NBA playoffs on Apple TV 4/3/2, here's the complete guide on how you can do that. To save the most in streaming Apple TV NBA Finals 2023 games without blackouts, we suggest you compare the methods below carefully before proceeding.

Use 5KPlayer to Watch NBA Finals Playoffs 2023 without Blackouts

To watch NBA playoffs 2023 on Apple TV HDTV without blackouts, 5KPlayer is the tier-one choice: Simply the best tool to help you watch Apple TV NBA games, all-star, playoffs, as well as NBA finals 2023 aftering downloading. 100% clean and safe, now download this free streaming tool to watch Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers and more teams play irrespective of your location.

Watch NBA Playoffs 2023 on Apple TV

How to Watch Apple TV NBA Playoffs Finals 2023?

1. Use Apple TV NBA League Pass (Team Pass/Single Game/NBA League Pass Audio)

Quite a few cable-TV users tend to use the Apple TV NBA League Pass service to watch 2023 NBA playoffs full season games. Once you pay for the package from TBA (licensed by NBA), this all-round sports streaming service helps you watch 40 NBA games/week (both in-market and out-of-market) on Apple TV 4/3/2. As for the price, one-time payment comes at $99.99, or you may also go by 3 installments based on the monthly budget.

 How to Download Apple TV NBA League Pass & Watch NBA Playoffs 2023?
Step 1: Visit the Apple TV (4/3/2) App Store, click "Search" on top of the screen.
Step 2: Search for "NBA", find the corresponding APP and click "Download", enter your Apple ID & code thereafter.

Tips: Kindly be noted that you need to use download the Apple TV NBA App with the same account you used to purchase League Pass, if not, then you'd better register another iTunes account to associate the TV APP and cable service to watch NBA on Apple TV 720p 1080p.

Tips: Apple TV NBA League Pass Blackouts:
Just like NFL and MLB, the block-out policy for Apple TV NBA League Pass (US League Pass) disapprove the live streaming of NBA playoffs by this service when a specific is being televised by local TV channels, which means you won't be able to watch NBA playoffs or finals on Apple TV unless you somehow re-locate the IP address to a non-blackout region, which sounds troublesome enough.

Apple TV NBA League Pass offers multi-platform availability to watch all playoffs, which makes it one of the most reliable method if you want to watch Apple TV NBA. Yet chances are that you already have a cable TV service which broadcasts NBA playoffs 2023, and and simply downloading their tvOS counterparts can immediately help you watch NBA on Apple TV without any extra spending. Is your cable service one of them? Just take a look:

2. Use Watch ESPN or Watch ABC APP to Watch NBA Playoffs on Apple TV 2023
So far, the 2 of the top 3 sports streaming service providers, ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Networks) and ABC (American Broadcasting Company) has arrived at Apple TV application store, named WatchESPN and "ABC – Watch Live TV & Stream Full Episodes" respectively, but not TNT. This helps ESPN and ABC subscribers directly start streaming NBA playoffs on Apple TV as an add-up service of their everyday subscription. Speaking of the price, the $7.04/month for ESPN seems more advisable, plus another advantage that makes it a wise choice: some of the games blacked-out on Apple TV NBA Pass League turn out available on ESPN.

Now that both of the above-mentioned method ask you to pay, is there a way to watch NBA on Apple TV HDTV for free and without blackouts? To that end, you may consider 5KPlayer - the free tool to stream NBA playoffs to Apple TV whenever you want, and wherever you are.

Recommend: Watch NBA on Apple TV HDTV Free with 5KPlayer

How to Watch NBA Playoffs Finals 2023 on Apple TV?

After downloading the straight-A intelligent Apple TV NBA streaming tool, you can right away start watching all your favorite games on a bigger display with a tap of your fingertip. Chooseing 5KPlayer to watch NBA on Apple TV brings zero-hiccup streaming experience with the most state-of-the-art built-in AirPlay technology. Now install and launch it before starting to stream.

Step 1: Launch 5KPlayer, connect your PC/Mac with Apple TV 4/3/2 after connecting them into the same Wi-Fi, you may rest assured and send any NBA playoffs, finals, all-star gams at up to 720p HD 1080p to the HDTV.

1. Make sure the wireless connections on both devices works properly, and click the "AirPlay" icon on the top-right of 5KPlayer & choose your Apple TV name to set it as target.
2. When the AirPlay turns red, you can start streaming NBA games to Apple TV by double-clicking on the game video.
3. By default you can only watch NBA playoffs in MP4, M4V format via 5KPlayer, which Apple TV's AirPlay recognizes natively. Yet 5KPlayer can help you change the video format to watch Apple TV NBA successfully.

Stream NBA Playoffs 2020 to Apple TV

How to Download NBA Playoffs 2023?

Step 3: While watching NBA on Apple TV , you may use 5KPlayer as a remote to fast forward & fast backward, skip to the next video clip or pause the episodes.

How to download more NBA best moments, top 10 shots with 5KPlayer?

Step 1: Launch 5KPlayer > click > YouTube > find the NBA playoff game you want to download on YouTube, copy & paste it to 5KPlayer.

Step 2: Choose your preferred resolution & format: HD 720p 1080p and click download to run, wait for a few minutes for the downloaded games.

Watch Apple TV NBA

Which method would you choose to watch NBA playoffs 2023 on Apple TV HDTV? Indeed, Apple TV NBA League Pass offers a slew of add-up functions like live-updating NBA playoffs standings while streaming the games, yet it may upsets you now and then due to the strict blackout policies. If you're already a subscriber of ESPN or ABC network, downloading its corresponding APP for Apple TV can help you out in the easiest manner. Yet we would strongly recommend 5KPlayer - the best Apple TV NBA streaming tool if you're a cord-cutter, simply the best way to watch March Madness 2023 and play 4K content on Apple TV 4/3/2.

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