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AirPlay Receiver & Sender Review: 5KPlayer VS X-Mirage VS AirServer

5KPlayer VS X-Mirage VS AirServer, which one is the best AirPlay server for you? When native Apple AirPlay technology turns your iPhone or iPad into an AirPlay sender for Apple TV, you can't reach Mac or Windows directly. However, here the 3 AirPlay servers provide more choices: They turn your computer into an AirPlay receiver to amplify video and music. This article details on top 3 AirPlay server reviews: 5KPlayer VS X-Mirage VS Airserver, which can endow you the best AirPlay experience? Read on.

Most Cost-Effective AirPlay Sender & Server - 5KPlayer

Both X-Mirage and AirServer can do AirPlay quite well, but 5KPlayer is an overachiever in terms of compatibility: It can offer sleek video& music streaming from iPhone, iPad to Mac or Windows; AirPlay from Mac, Windows to Apple TV, and even AirPlay mirroring and screen recording, all going beyond your expectation!

AirPlay Receiver Review

What do you often use AirPlay for? By asking ourselves this question, our review of 5KPlayer, X-Mirage and Airserver can make more sense.

To make it clear, Apple AirPlay technology as a whole has 2 main functions:
Wireless video/audio AirPlay and Screen Mirroring.

In our test of 5KPlayer VS X-Mirage VS AirServer, we tested their respective performance of the functions below:

NO. 1 Streaming video/audio
NO. 2 AirPlay mirroring
NO. 3 Screen recording
NO. 4 Price

★ Price

5KPlayer > AirServer > X-Mirage

5KPlayer: Free
X-Mirage: $16 with free trial
AirServer: $15 with free trial

★ Streaming Video and Audio

5KPlayer = X-Mirage = Airserver

[ Overall performance] To be listed in our top 3 AirPlay server, there's no doubt that 5KPlayer, X-Mirage and AirServer boosts support to stream video in MP4, MOV and M4Vas well as AirPlay music in MP3, AAC. But to push the video music AirPlay streaming one step further, 5KPlayer integrates the free function to convert video to MP3 or AAC to AirPlay, and you can also resort to the best video converter for Mac and PC to turn your favorite video all into AirPlay-supported format. It's also worth noticing that, X-Mirage configures a separate media control bar which enables half-way mirroring while you are watching a movie.

[Customizable functions] All the 3 candidates, 5KPlayer, X-Mirage and Airserver enables users to remote control the AirPlay video/music with basic playback functions: pause/play, fast forward/fast backward. But with regard to possible poor Wi-Fi environment, 5KPlayer makes corresponding improvements to solve AirPlay video delay.

★ AirPlay Mirroring

5KPlayer > X-Mirage = Airserver

[AirPlay Screen Mirroring] Screen mirroring as an inclusive way to display what you can see on iPhone/iPad screen to Mac supplements the drawbacks of AirPlay video streaming. It's necessary and all the three: 5KPlayer, X-Mirage and AirServer are eligible to.

[Built-in Screen Recording] 5KPlayer, X-Mirage and AirServer all bolsters mirroring-based screen recording to capture your iPhone demonstration.

[Screen Mirroring New Device] Screen mirroring solves AirPlay video format restrictions to a great extent: since only 3 video formats and 2 audio formats are supported from an AirPlay sender to an AirPlay receiver, screen mirroring serves much more videos as long as it can show on AirPlay device's screen. So the key is your AirPlay device: Once a software is compatible with your AirPlay device, then every video is good to go. In this regard, 5KPlayer is the first to announce support for screen mirroring iPhone 6S/6S Plus.

★ Screen Recording

5KPlayer = X-Mirage = AirServer

5KPlayer is born more than an free AirPlay server: It versatility overtakes that of X-Mirage or AirServer to play AVCHD, MKV,M2TS videos. While the other two, X-Mirage and AirServer, being powerful AirPlay servers indeed, couldn't comprehensive multi-media tasks such as YouTube movies free download, 4K HD video playback


5KPlayer VS X-Mirage VS AirServer Review Summary

Don't deny that software price is a concern in this top 3 AirPlay receiver & sender review, because this freeware introduced is offering AirPlay major functions for free in real terms, no attaching conditions at all.

Multiple-device AirPlay is only available in X-Mirage and AirServer, and no single free AirPlay servers can do this at all.

In terms of software multi-utility, 5KPlayer also comes as the first choice because you can just finish 1080p, 4K 8K video downloading, playing and streaming to even 8K TV all within it, for more tricks with 5KPlayer, please refer to 5KPlayer in YouTube review more intuitively.

This summary omits the rest of AirPlay major functions which 5KPlayer, X-Mirage and AirServer are all endowed with, only focusing on their differences, based on which you can choose the correct AirPlay receiver & sender for yourself.

Video Music AirPlay from PC to Apple TV with 5KPlayer

Download 5KPlayer on your Windows PC, install and launch it. This best free AirPlay receiver & sender can broadcast your video from PC to Apple TV fairly the precision of reality. Apart from that, this AirPlay receiver on PC enables your computer to receive videos music from iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch.

Step 1: Tap the AirPlay icon on the top right of your 5KPlayer on Windows PC or all-in-one PC, turn your PC into an AirPlay sender and Apple TV as an AirPlay receiver.

Step 2: Tap the video or music button on the main interface of 5KPlayer to start playback.

Step 1:Remotely control the Apple TV from PC (AirPlay server installed)

Note: Compared to X-Mirage and AirServer, 5KPlayer is capable of more video adjusting functions such as A/V sync and subtitle/soundtrack selection. Refer to more remote control options from the tutorial on how to edit videos with best free AirPlay receiver&sender.

5KPlayer VS X-Mirage VS AirServer

In this top 3 AirPlay receiver & sender review, 5KPlayer as the only freeware listed can wel l render AirPlay functions of X-Mirage and AirServer. If multi-device AirPlay is your serious concern, then try X-Mirage, while 5KPlayer as an all-in-one media player offers 4K 8K video playback, online videos download to suffice, giving useful tricks as free bonus in real terms.

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