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How to AirPlay Mirror iPad Pro 2 to Apple TV 4/3/2 Full Screen?

Want to watch YouTube videos on Apple TV? – Mirror iPad Pro 2 to Apple TV. Want to listen to your iTunes music with Apple TV? – Mirror iPad Pro 2 to Apple TV. Want to play games on Apple TV with your iPad Pro Apps – Mirror iPad Pro to Apple TV… See? There are lots of benefits you can enjoy when you mirror your iPad Pro 2 to Apple TV, but after encountered a lot of problems while mirroring iPad Pro 2 to Apple TV, how can I mirror my iPad Pro 2 to my Apple TV 4/3/2 full screen successfully?

How to Mirror iPad Pro 2to Apple TV: Mirror Videos Music Game Apps?

AirPlay mirroring heightens the entertainment experience to a new standard, so as 5KPlayer. Free 5KPlayer provides you the 100% safe and free service to mirror iPad Pro 2to Apple TV and stream iPad Pro 2 to Mac, Mac to Mac full screen.

How to Mirror iPad to Apple TV

Part 2: Tutorial of How to Mirror iPad Pro 2 to Apple TV

Mirror iPad Pro 2 to Apple TV can be easy, just like AirPlay from iPad Pro to Apple TV except you have to turn on the "Mirroring" button. Before mirroring iPad Pro 2 to Apple TV, you need to turn on your TV and Apple TV and make sure your Apple TV is connected on the same Wi-Fi as your iPad Pro.

Step 1: Enable the AirPlay function on your Apple TV: go to Setting > AirPlay.

Step 2: On your iPad Pro, swipe the multitasking bar from left to right to find the strip which controls your iPad Pro's volume, brightness, camera and AirPlay.

Step 3 : Tap the AirPlay icon and choose to connect with Apple TV from the appeared devices.

Step 4 : Switch the "Mirroring" button to "On" position. Now your iPad Pro 2 is mirrored to Apple TV.

Mirror iPad to Apple TV

Warm Notice: Apple's native AirPlay technology supports mirroring iPhone/iPod/iPad Pro (running iOS 5.0 or later) to Apple TV 4/3/2, if you want to mirror iPad Pro 2 to Mac, or Mac to Mac, you will need 5KPlayer's free help. 5KPlayer is a free AirPlay sender and Airplay receiver running on both Mac and PC which previously support AirPlay video music from iPad Pro to Mac/PC/Apple TV. AirPlay mirroring function has been added on 5KPlayer since the version 3.0 for Mac, now you can stream, beam, project and mirror Mac and iPad Pro full screen to Apple TV for free and you can enjoy simultaneous visual and aural experience of game, music, video, photo, presentation mirroring from iPad Pro to Mac or between two Macs without jailbreak.

Part 3: Solve Mirroring iPad Pro 2 to Apple TV Not Working

Even if mirroring iPad Pro 2 to Apple TV seems very easy to operate, there are still some problems that frequently happen while users are trying to mirror iPad Pro full screen to Apple TV. Here below listed the typical problems and corresponding solutions of mirroring iPad Pro to Apple TV not working, hope it may help you.

1. AirPlay icon missing.

It is a common problem that when you upgraded your iOS but ended up with missing AirPlay icon. If you can't enable AirPlay on iPad Pro, you won't be able to mirror iPad Pro 2 to Apple TV.
Solution: One effective way to solve AirPlay icon missing is to simply change language settings – this solution is proved to be very viable to solve iPad Pro AirPlay icon missing: Navigate to Settings > Gerneral > International > Language and change to a different language. Your iPad Pro will go though a language switch/reset process. After resetting, the AirPlay icon should be restored. And then go to the settings and switch back to your original language.

Mirror iPad to Apple TV

2. iPad Pro 2 won't connect to Apple TV.

Solution: For this kind of problem, make sure the iPad Pro and Apple TV are connected on the same Wi-Fi, AirPlay on both ends are properly enabled. If your iPad Pro still not mirroring to Apple TV, or the "Apple TV" selection not showing, try to restart your Apple TV by removing all the cables for 30 seconds, reboot your router by cutting power for 30 seconds, and restart your iPad Pro to reconnect to the Apple TV, now you should be able to mirror iPad Pro to Apple TV.

Mirror iPad to Apple TV

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