Data Security Solutions in DearMob iPhone Manager Backup and Transfer iPhone iPad Data with Military Grade Encryption!

Military Grade Encryption Secure iOS Data in Original Quality Prevent Unintended Data Leakage

Protect Personal Data and Media Files with Encryption

DearMob iPhone Manager can keep your iOS and PC files safe from prying eyes. The military-grade encryption takes place when 1) transferring photos, videos, and contacts from iPhone to computer, 2) performing full device backup, and 3) adding media files directly from PC/Mac. Then you can rest assured to upload or share sensitive files to DAS/NAS, social media, cloud drives, etc.

*by adopting unbreakable encryption algorithms, including 1024-bit RSA, 256-bit AES, Argon2, and PBKDF2, it tightly locks down exported iPhone data no matter in transit and on local storage.

Military Grade Encryption for Each File
  • Adopts Multiple Encryption Algorithms
  • Brute-force Attack Prevention
  • Batch Encipher Every File Individually
The Facebook Analytica Scandal has raised intense privacy concerns among mass mobile SNS users over SNS data security issue. With personal mobile photos, videos, contacts info swelling up SNS data as the biggest portion, DearMob iPhone Manager decides to target these data backups precisely with Military Grade encryption.
Just Impossible to Crack!
Encrypt Original iPhone Data
  • Export iOS Data with Encryption
  • Encrypt iOS Files in Transit
  • Avoid Unencrypted iOS Data Residue
To achieve seamlessly encryption, DearMob ensures that there be no security loopholes during iOS file transfer and backup, and that no copies of original iOS data be left unencrypted unless intended to. DearMob helps avoid the existence of unencrypted iOS file copies entirely by offering "Lock at Birth" data export encryption.
Encrypt Data Everywhere
  • Lock Down Files Stored on Mac/Windows
  • Lock Down Files Stored on DAS/NAS
  • Encipher Files for Cloud & Network Sharing
Besides offering the option to encrypt iOS files upon transferring and device backup, DearMob also has an encrypter built-in for files stored on PC/Mac, disk drives, SSD, CD, NAS and more.
These files can only be decrypted with the password you set, thus you can safely upload the encrypted content as email attachments, on OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, or on a shared family computer.

How to Secure Private Data with DearMob?

Detailed Guide

Encrypt iOS Exports

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad
  2. Under video/photo/contact
  3. Choose export with encryption

Encrypt Local Files

  1. Click Data Encryption Button
  2. Add photo/video for encryption
  3. Selectively encrypt file/folder

Encrypt Entire Backup

  1. Click on Backup button
  2. Choose "Encrypt Your Backup"
  3. Set password and confirm

Data-Breach Cases DearMob iPhone Manager Can Help Prevent

Find peace of mind with DearMob data security solutions. Super efficient, secure, and easy to Use!

It's Time to Invest in iPhone Data Security and Your Privacy is Worth It!

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