What are the Most Common iPhone 8 Errors?

With the first iPhone 8 users going for a while with their shiny new models, iPhone 8 errors have been revealed one after another on forums and SNS communities. Do you have plans for an iPhone 8 or you already have one? Is iPhone your cup of tea at all? Well, here are the most common iPhone 8 errors & fixes we've collected throughout the month before:

iPhone 8/X Specs, Release, Price, Comparison

Despite the fact that practical errors have been reported by iPhone 8 users just like before, it indeed is an iPhone model with revolutionary specs to be trusted to the best extent. Though to our surprise, at the Steve Jobs Theater, the higher-end iPhone X (iPhone 10) jumped out and dramatically attracted our eyes from the seemingly old-school iPhone 8 release, posing us a question on how to choose between iPhone 8 and iPhone X in this special year of Apple's 10th-anniversary. Knowing better about iPhone 8 can certainly make your money wisely invested.

iPhone 8 VS iPhone X, Note 8, S8, iPhone 7, Pixel 2 etc

iPhone 8 & iPhone X Price and Release

iPhone 8 & iPhone X Release Date 2017

Apple iPhone 8 Image

Unlike the past few years when iPhone 7/6s/6 and Plus were released, the major hardware updates for this year has been delayed iPhone 8 pre-order date - 15th Sept. 2017. Now that the most-coveted iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X prices have been unveild, fans may compare with ease as of which model to buy.

The worldwide release of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus for this special year of the 10th Apple Aniversary, will start from UK and finish its usual September launch in other countries in succession, hitting the most welcomed markets first, with the pre-order of iPhone X to be available on October 27th. .

The question is, since the overall retention rates fell to 75% in last September for iPhone 7 compared to 82% during the same period a year earlier for iPhone 6, how would Apple list iPhone 8 price for the significantly elevated iPhone 8 with 3D AR ambition?

iPhone 8 (Plus) Price:

Based on an on-time manufacturing, iPhone 8 pre-order will start from 15th September in UK, followed by other countries including China, USA, Canada etc. The price is very likely to soar due to bigger input in iPhone 8 cost and premium technics/features. And the OLED iPhone 8 price is estimated to go above $1000 for the first time in iPhone's history. Wait and see, how does Apple balance iPhone 8 price with sales and cost?

  1. UK iPhone 8 Pre-order Date: 15 September --------------- iPhone 8 Starting from £699; iPhone 8 Plus Starting from £799
  2. Canada iPhone 8 Pre-order Date: 15 September --------------- iPhone 8 Starting from $929; iPhone 8 Plus Starting from $1059
  3. Hong Kong iPhone 8 Pre-order Date: 15 September--------------- iPhone 8 Starting from HK$5988 ; iPhone 8 Plus Starting from HK$6888
  4. Australia iPhone 8 Pre-order Date: 15 September --------------- iPhone 8 Starting from AU$1,079; iPhone 8 Plus Starting from- AU$1,229

iPhone X Price:

Based on an on-time manufacturing, iPhone X pre-order will start from Friday, 27th October in more than 55 countries and territories, and in store starting from November 3rd. The release of iPhone X has finally brought the long-standing intention of Apple to create a device that is all-display into reality - with Super Retina Display, TrueDepth Camera System, Face ID and A11 Bionic Chip, this revolutionary device is, well, on sale also at a revolutionary price. Now wait to check out the list below to find the pre-order date and price of iPhone X in your very country.

  1. UK iPhone X Release Date: 27 October --------------- iPhone X Starting from £999
  2. Canada iPhone X Release Date: 27 October --------------- iPhone X Starting from $1,319
  3. HongKong iPhone X Release Date: 27 October --------------- iPhone X Starting from HK$8,588
  4. Australia iPhone X Release Date: 27 October --------------- iPhone X Starting from AU$1,579

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X Price Comparison for Each Storage Model

The 3 new iPhone models will come in the prices as follows (listed in U.S. dollar). Which model are you considering about?

Apple iPhone 8 Image

iPhone 8 >>

64 GB: $699

256 GB: $849

iPhone 8 Plus >>

64 GB: $799

256 GB: $949

iPhone X >>

64 GB: $999

256 GB:$1149

The actual iPhone 8 price might be remarkably lower than figures listed above if customers are willing to sign up for long-term contracts with carriers like AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, or verizon who are eager to get boundle revenue from new models every year.

Best File Manager for iPhone 8/X

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iPhone X, iPhone 8 Specifications & Features

To recap: June 9th's report from Apple's supply chain confirms all 3 models of Apple's 2017 new smart phones including iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus now under production. Since iPhone 6, the Cupertino company sticks to 6 identical designs in the past few years until the big changes to land on the 10-anniversary iPhone X specifications on September 12, 2017. This year, the upgraded 4.7-inch iPhone 8 and 5.5-inch 8 Plus excite us with LCD display, glass body and wireless charging. And the 5.8-inch iPhone X is even more dazzling. So, What are the most exciting changes of the design in iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus?

How to Guide: Deepen Your iPhone 8 Manipulation

1 Solutions to iPhone 8/X Problems Errors

Just like battery life might always be a problem for iPhone 8 or 8+, since the more supplies the more uses, other major iPhone 8 errors like iOS system update troubles, AirPlay issues, iTunes sync errors, iCloud backup failures are also irresistable in most cases. What to do? Get solutions here.

2 iPhone 8/X Tips & Tricks: Make Most of iPhone 8/X

Time to play some cute little tricks to your new iPhone 8 with feature-rich multi-media content from ebooks, movies, to music and other game APPs. Start making your movies, music go mobile, or DIY ringtone, install APPs outside the official APP Store. Release 200% potential of iPhone 8/X now.

3 Backup iPhone 8, Old iPhone to iPhone 8/X

Our iPhone handset houses irreplaceable precious data, like messages, photos, family videos, contacts. Now with new iPhone 8 series featuring native 4K H265 screen recording & 3D sensing camera, the unexpandable iOS storage will always find ways to limit you. Why not backup your iPhone now?

Best Free Apps for iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone X

With a shining new iPhone in hand, what are the must-have free apps for iPhone 8/iPhone X to download to maximize its revolutionary upgraded features? Equip the below fantastic VERY BEST free iPhone 8 iPhone X apps for better enjoyment!

Music Apps iPhone 8/X

Looking for music apps for iPhone 8/X other than Spotify & Apple Music? Finding ways to get free iPhone 8 ringtones?
You need:
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Movie Apps iPhone 8/X

If regular video movie streaming apps for iPhone 8/X like cannot meet your craves for new films, you need:
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VR/AR Apps iPhone 8/X

Experiencing immersive VR or 3D AR effects, headsets are not the only answer. Lovley AR/VR apps for your capable iPhone 8/X can be better:
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Game Apps iPhone 8/X

Great game apps for iPhone 8/X are a must for all iPhone/iOS lovers. Do not miss the best games 2017 below:
•Best Game Apps for iPhone 8
•List of Best VR Games
•PokemonGo for iPhone 8

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