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Last Updated : June 11, 2018

Emptying the web search for a recent best seller ebook iPhone, but all shown results are only links pointing to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other purchase links promoted by an ebook APP or ebook websites without meaty ebooks for iPhone 8/7/6.

That been the fact, you're less suggested to search for ebooks free directly with the universal search engine Google or Bing, because using a genuine website instead of searching ebooks for iPhone will lead you to much more downloadable free ebooks epub pdf mobi to read on iPhone or iPad.

Part 1: Best eBook Websites with Abundant eBook iPhone Resources

The best part about obtaining eBook iPhone from an eBooks-themed website from your computer is that you get the EPUB or PDF files directly, not only ready to be transferred to iPhone 8, but also to any e-reader available as long as you USB connect it to computer.

If you're used to using the iBooks APP on iPhone 8, with excellent page-preview and catalogue interface, see to it that you download eBooks iPhone in EPUB or PDF format, while downloading a Kindle APP on iPhone helps it recognize books in MOBI. Stop burning the hole in your wallet and check out the websites below to see which copy attracts you most. ebook website
1. BookZZ – eBook iPhone Website with Advanced Search Engine

Currently in its new domain,, this resourceful eBook iPhone 8 website established in 2009 with an ambitious slogan – "The world's largest eBook library" - somehow went down before it put on a brand-new performance with as many as 2,568,555 free eBooks for iPhone 8 and 52,429,666 article for its readers.

This eBook website features a special advanced search engine, sporting precise matching by time range, language, and eBook format (pdf, epub, djvu, mobi, doc, rar, txt, rtf, lit, fb2 available), filtering eBooks for the very e-reader you have more than just providing eBooks for iPhone 8. You may also use the top-right corner search navigation of Books > Category to encounter a new genre such as Religious, Real Estate, etc. After downloading, using a 3rd-party tool like WinX Media Trans can help you easily transfer the reading material from PC/Mac to iPhone.

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Project Gutenberg
2. Project Gutenberg eBooks for iPhone 8

Since 1997, Gutenberg – a donation based eBook iPhone website started providing eBooks iPhone 8 for readers across the web. An interesting giggle about this website is that it's name typically points to the inventor of German typographic printing – Gutenberg. By and large, U.S. users are safe with the content on Project Gutenberg in that most uploaded eBooks for iPhone 8 are protected by U.S. copyright law, and the content entered public domain because of expired copyrights. There are 54,970 copies of free eBooks available for download at Project Gutenberg, falling into such categories as literature, history, crime and education eBooks in MOBI EPUB PDF. Gutenberg also pastes a QR-code on homepage of this website, allowing you to visit its mobile site to find free eBooks for iPhone 8.

Feedbooks for iPhone 8
3. Feedbooks eBook iPhone Website

As an absolutely ideal source of eBooks for iPhone 8, is an ebook retailer designated for mobile reading in particular. Half public domain ebooks and half free original ebooks, dishes out over 1million titles of ebooks for iPhone, also with EPUB MOBI and PDF copies available. Visit each tab on the navigating bar of this ebook iPhone website takes you to browse ebooks for iPhone 8 of different categories including best sellers, new releases, award-winning ebooks, and also editorial reviews.

Ebooks in different languages like English, French, Spanish and Italian can be accessed on this ebook iPhone 8 website, with part of the content protected by DRM to prevent illegal copying and proliferation.

Manybooks ebook website
4. ManyBooks Ebook iPhone Website

Indeed with much public exposure, has its profile recommended by such websites as,, This site holds over 29,000 ebooks for kindle, in over 36 languages available. One distinct feature from is that you can locate to books directly through authors, leading you to discover more books composed by your favorite author.

Rakuten Kobo ebook website
5. Rakuten Kobo Ebooks iPhone 8

With its popular Ebooks falling into such categoris as biography & Memoir, Business & Finance, Fiction and Literature, Kids, etc. The website Rakuten kobo offers ebooks iPhone that are both free and paid, this ebook website sports an intuitive UI & well-layout for its user reviews, and is available across the world in Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Nederlands, Portugues, Chinese and Japanese.

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Smashwords ebook website
6. Smashwords Ebooks iPhone 8

Offering both fictional & nonfictional ebooks iPhone in such categories as Adventure, African American fiction, Alternative history, Anthologies and Biographical, Business, etc, smashwords. Parents can rest assured to let their child visit smashwords ebook iwebsite and find content to read in that this ebook iPhone source sports an adult content filter for its ebook queries.

Transfer Ebooks to iPhone 8, You Need DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Music Manager

Best & fastest transferring performance even with DRM-protected music for iPhone – DearMob iPhone Manager is the ultimate tool for you to 2-way transfer music between computer & iPhone. Wait for its pro version to come out, with which you can transfer ebooks to iPhone in MOBI PDF EPUB TXT DOC!

Part 2: Using Ebook iPhone APPs & Read Free Ebooks Directly
ibooks app
1. iBook Store APP

Advantages of the ebooks for iPhone 8 directly downloaded from ebook APPs are that they're customized for mobile displays. Instead of an online website calling itself, here we point to the online ebook home with its entrance in iPhone's iBook APP, which you may enter by tapping on "search" – the 3rd icon in the menu. The number of free ebooks for iPhone in iBook Store can be called anemia – only less than 300 titles, hence you may need to pay to read a recently published book.

Kindle Ebook APP
2. Kindle APP for iPhone

This source of acquiring ebooks for iPhone 8 is indeed a well-known one: On Amazon you get the widest selection of ebook APPs, including recent best sellers and new releases. The reader's interface is well-designed, driving some users to even question the point of purchasing an Amazon Kindle – however, the part of content on a Kindle that holds free and small-press content is not obtainable on this ebook APP for iPhone.

Nook APP for iPhone 8
3. Nook APP for iPhone 8

Cordially brought by Barnes & Noble, Nook Reading APP is an ebook reader APP for iPhone 8, also available is its audiobooks APP called NOOK Audio Book APP, and another B&N APP (it's also the name for Nook tablet e-reader). Inside Nook you'll discover 1 million + free ebook titles for iPhone 8, while you can also try newspapers or magazines for free for 14 days.

Scribd APP for iPhone
4. Scribd Ebook APP

Just as its name indicates, Scribd Ebook APP provides a monthly ebooks for iPhone subscription service like the all-you-can-eat Netflix: unlimited free copies of ebooks every month at $8.99, or you may even subscribe for a year at $84.99 with the first 30 days offered for free – Choose your field of interest on the left-hand bar from career & money, personal growth, science & tech, lifestyle, entertainment, etc in both books or audiobooks. By providing ebook iPhone 8 monthly subscriptions, Scribd indeed pioneered this brand-new business model, thus covered by WSJ, Los Angeles Times, TechCrunch, etc.

EBook APP or eBook website, which is your preferable way to acquire eBooks for iPhone 8? Now that both method holds a rich collection of free & paid eBooks, you may pre-view the service and book list before proceeding to actually shell out the money. Apart from that, highlighted AR support also made augmented reality APPs iPhone 8 and game APPs a major event for your iPhone 8.

However, if you already have several copies of eBooks for iPhone, why not transfer them to iPhone 8 first with the help of DearMob iPhone Music Manager which can also help you export Safari bookmarks from iPhone to computer? Click to get it below!

5KPlayer iPhone Manager Ebooks APP for iPhone iOS 12

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