Guide to Download and Install Kodi for iPhone without Jailbreak

Last Updated : March 10, 2023

There are plenty of online how-tos instructing you to download Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus without jailbreak, but some contained broken links and out-of-date installation info you'd better stay away from. How to download and install Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus in the easiest manner with/without jailbreak? Well, this page collects all up-to-date Kodi v17.3 Krypton download and install guides (latest build) so that both jailbroken iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus and non-jailbroken ones can get the genuine Kodi to watch seas of movies, and TV shows with the add-ons such as Exodus, SALTS (Stream All the Sources), Specto, and Bob, etc.

Kodi for iPhone

Install Kodi for iPhone without Cydia Impactor

It's all up to you whether or not jailbreaking the iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus is necessary: The group of users who find it unacceptable that the underlying structure of iOS is close-end, thus not allowing us users to easily access APPs like Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus, would probably choose to jailbreak at the first hand. The rest of the people, however, are fond of watching movies on Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus but don't need that many jailbroken benefits that may go well with the other way round such as installing Cydia. How would you like this fantastic movie APP to be installed on your iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus, after all? Take a look at the instructions below to find out the ways.

Here we provide some instructions on how to transfer APPs to new iPhone in case you want to share a paid APP with a friend, you may also consider how to change the APP store country so as to download APPs from some exciting foreign developers.

Fortunately, we've collected solutions for both groups of users who wish to download & install the Kodi APP for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus.

One: How to Download and Install Kodi for iPhone without Jailbreaking?

There are two workarounds to download Kodi iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus on a non-jailbroken iPhone, both involve the help of your Windows/Mac devices. Check out the reviews below to install:

Solution 1: How to Install Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus using Xcode and iOS APP Signer.

Downloading Kodi iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus in this method is a rather experimental way, which requires that Kodi be re-installed every 7 days if you're using a free iOS development account. As is mentioned in the title, an iOS APP Signer, your Mac computer running Mac OS X 10.9 or higher (macOS High Sierra compatible), as well as Xcode 7 or higher are prerequisites to download and install Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus. To make the instructions more comprehensible, we also sort them into 2 parts:

iOS APP Signer install Kodi iPhone 8

Part 1: Install iOS App Signer for iOS 12

Visit: to download and install iOS APP Signer for your Mac computer, which helps sign APPs such as Kodi, bundle them to IPA files to be installed on iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus. (iOS APP Signer support input in *.ipa, *.deb, *.app and *.xarchive.

Part 2: (This Part of the Instructions Assumes that You Already Have a Paid Develop Account with a Wildcard* Provisioning Profile)

Step 1: Open the iOS App Signer, upload to it your deb file, and type into your signing certificate as well as the provisioning profile.

Step 2: Name the output *.ipa with an APP display name, and click on "Start".

Step 3: Turn back to Xcode 7, under the "Window" menu, choose "Devices", where you can import to iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus the just generated Kodi APP file in the version of *.ipa by iOS App Signer.

Solution 2: How to Install Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus Using Cydia Impactor?

Cydia install Kodi iPhone 8

Part 1: Where to Download Cydia Impactor iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus clean & free?

Cydia Impactor (Windows and Mac version available) developed by saurik is a GUI tool for installing *.ipa files not listed in the APP Store to iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus, thus expanding the scope of iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus APPs you can play with.

However, Cydia impactor won't work properly on Windows or Mac without iTunes components – Apple Mobile Device USB Driver for Windows 10/or Mac to help. For users who'd rather not install iTunes, the forthcoming DearMob iPhone Manager is a nice tool to help install Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus without jailbreak. Retrieve address:

Part 2: Install Kodi iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus from Cydia without Jailbreak

When you have successfully installed Cydia for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus, open the APP and visit Sources > Edit > Add, in the box popping out from Cydia, type in:, a list of Kodi-like APPs will be presented, now distinguish from them the team Kodi source. Tap on "All Packages", and then "Kodi-iOS" > Install > and confirm to proceed. Right then new Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus icon will appear.

Tips and Notes: If you failed to download Kodi APP for the first time, learn how to delete APPs from iPhone.

Two: How to Download and Install Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus Jailbroken?

Install Kodi APP from when you've successfully got your iPhone jailbroken, which will involve 2 parts of instructions to get the system prepared before you can install Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus.

Kodi APP for jailbroken iPhone 8

Part 1: How to Jailbreak iOS 12 to install Kodi APP?

Popular jailbreaks for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus require help from Pangu or TaiG, please visit the detailed guide on jailbreaking iOS 12.

Part 2: Choose Kodi v17.3 "Krypton" to download & install for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus.

Installing Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus on a jailbroken device is as easy as ABC, all you need is to visit the official download page at: containing Kodi for Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi as well iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus. Consumer users are recommended to download DEB FILE (ARM) or DEB FILE (ARM64) instead of the Nightly version – less stable due to bugs.

Tips and Notes: Also remember to convert the *.deb file into *.ipa so that the Cydia impactor will be able to recognize it.

Three: Download a Kodi Alternative from iTunes Store to Watch Movies
Sybu Kodi APP iTunes Store

Searching for Kodi APP through the iTunes Store, chances are that you'll find a free APP called "Sybu for Kodi and XBMC" therein. Instead of integrating online media resources by way of add-ons into what we acknowledge as the Kodi media player APP, the Sybu version here refers to a remote controller which you can use to stay connected to Kodi devices. (Raspberry Pi), hence not a genuine Kodi APP alternative.

However, you might want to learn a bit more about Sybu for Kodi and XBMC developed by Sybu Data: By installing this remote control Kodi APP iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus, it enables you to gesture-control the Kodi media center (swipe, flick, or pan) and automatically discover Kodi hosts with Zeroconf. (Apple's Bonjour service)

That being said, users who wish to download the movie-streaming Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus should watch out & not download this Sybu APP instead.


Different levels of risks are involved in the first 2 workarounds. With the Cydia way of downloading Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus asking for sluggish iTunes support, Jailbreaking an iPhone means you give up the 2-year-long aftersales service, and that Kodi Alternatives in iTunes don't have as many add-ons as Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus.

DearMob iPhone Manager, however, capable of any *.ipa files importing to iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus without hassle, is the best solution no matter what your demand is: installing Kodi for iPhone Xi/XS/X Plus, downloading game APPs like NBA 2K19 for iOS, or FIFA 19 for iOS. Music between iPhone & computer/Mac, backup iPhone photos, and add ringtone to iPhone. Now click to download it below:

5KPlayer iPhone Manager Kodi for iPhone Download Install Guide

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