How to Change APP Store Country to Download APP from Another Country?

Last Updated : Jan 4, 2020

Now that you've upgraded to the latest iOS 13, how to change APP Store country in iOS 13 so that you can download latest hot APPs that are topping the chart from another country, such as APP Store USA or APP Store UK, just one click away.

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Install APPs from Any Country to iOS 13

By the time you move to another country, for a short journey or business travel, chances are that you'll need to change APP store country to download local APPs. Is it necessary that you re-register a brand-new Apple ID at all? Well, this page tells you not only how to change APP Store Country, but also how to change iTunes Store & iBook Store country in the easiest manner.

What Do I Need to Do Before I Change APP Store Country?

Before you change the APP Store country for your iPhone, there're things you should do: First, make sure the content & data you purchased with the old Apple ID are in their latest version, for no further upgrades will be available if you switch to another Apple ID account. Second, cancel any streaming subscriptions (or other kinds of subscriptions) that are associated to your current Apple ID. Third, get yourself a new credit card for the targeted country (this is necessary).

If you've get the above three things ready, follow up to see how to change APP Store country & download from APP Store USA

How to Download from APP Store USA?

"When I try to download any APP on my iPhone, it tells me 'Account not in this store. Your Account is not valid for use in the Swiss Store. You must switch to the US store before purchasing."

If you're stuck in the same situation as Chuck does, now follow the steps below to change APP Store country.

Step 1: Visit the APP Store on your iPhone, find your personal icon on the top-right corner.

Step 2: Tap on the icon, then enter the passcode for your ID.

Step 3: Tap on "Country/Region", then "Change Country/Region", by then you'll see a full list of countries where APP Store is available, and then choose United States to change APP Store country to USA.

Step 4: You'll be presented with a letter of Term & Conditions for Apple Media Services, read through it before you click "Agree", and then "Agree" again.

Step 5: Now enter the info of your new Credit/Debt Card on the new page (or you may choose Paypal) > Next to finish the process that changes APP Store Country.

Also interested in video SNS APPs? Take a look at how to use to perfection!

In almost the same method, your can change the APP Store Country & download content from APP Store UK or APP Store India, but still remember that a Credit Card for the corresponding country is a MUST.

What if you're just trying to take a sip at the new APPs from another country but didn't have a Credit card at all? Well, if that if your case, you may take a look at DearMob iPhone Manager to find out the solution.

Pic: How to Change APP Store Country

Why DearMob iPhone Manager

As one of the best iPhone backup software, DearMob iPhone Manager helps you not only install APP with its *.ipa file, but also helps backup iPhone content to Windows 10 in case you lose them all by accident. How to change APP Store country to download top 10 free movie APPs for iPhone from another country/region might be a problem concerning millions of users who don't have access to a foreign purchasing method, DearMob iPhone Manager can simply solve this problem as long as you get the APK file online. Now take a look at how to install Smule – available in the APP Store USA with this tool.

Step 1: Find out the *.ipa file for Smule APP online and download it to your computer.

Step 2: Download & install DearMob iPhone Manager for your Windows computer or Mac.

Step 3: USB connect iPhone to computer, and by the time DearMob iPhone Manager recognizes your iPhone, click on "APP", choose the Smule.ipa file, click on install, and then sync.

By following the steps above, you may easily download Smule APP that is available in the APP Store USA to your iPhone iOS 13 -> check out how to download Smule songs free.

However, in case you failed to change APP country despite exhausting all the instructions given below, take a look at how to transfer APP to new iPhone to get an APP from your friend who's already downloaded it.


With DearMob iPhone Manager to help, you don't necessarily have to change APP Store country with all that efforts just in order to download content from APP Store USA, it helps save much effort!

5KPlayer iPhone Manager How to Change APP Store Country

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