What is Sarahah? How to Use Sarahah on iPhone?

Last Updated: January 8, 2018

Stem from the popularity in Middle Eastern countries, Sarahah is now making its way to sweep over US and Europe that even takes a place alongside Snapchat and Twitter. Though anonymous messaging is not unfamiliar to people, none have taken off in a short time like Sarahah app. What is Sarahah? How to use Sarahah on iPhone? Today, we're going to offer a detailed explanation for the controversial app Sarahah that nearly everyone is talking about and how to use Sarahah on iPhone, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

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What is Sarahah App?

The word sarahah means honest in Arabic and Sarahah app is a social networking app that allows users to share their user links to email, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram and then receive anonymous and honest comments from those who even don't install Sarahah app and have a Sarahah account like friends, colleagues and strangers. With its big prevalance, polarizing opinions occur frequently such as:

- "This app is so fun! I've gotten the most honest–and craziest–opinions about me and I've gotta say, people have had a lot of nice and humorous things to say."
- "The site is a breeding ground for hate."

Whatever the "honesty" means - cyberbullying or constructive comments for one's improvement, Sarahah app is more popular than that what we can imagine. So, get your Sarahah ready and let's start the journey!

How to Use Sarahah on iPhone?

How to Use Sarahah

Step 1. Free Download Sarahah App on iPhone
Go to App Store on your iPhone and free get it. Sarahah app looks like a blue-green icon with a white envelop on it, so watch out for copycats.

Step 2. Create an Account and Log in
You can create an account either through the webpage or the app. Here we create it with the app. Open the app on your iPhone -> tap Or Register on the top right corner -> choose a Sarahah username (please remember the username should be of at least three characters and should only contain letters and numbers) -> enter your name and email -> set a password -> check Agree to terms and conditions & Receive emial notifications -> Complete.

Step 3. Set up the Privacy Settings
Once logged in, tap Settings and you can adjust Notification preferences and Privacy options. Tap the Profile to add a photo to personalize your Sarahah account.

Step 4. Share Sarahah Account URL to Get Comments from People
In Settings, go to your Profile page where you can tap the share icon to share your link to Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS or message apps to let others send you messages or feedbacks.

Step 5. Manage the Messages You Received
When you share your profile link, you will start to receive messages. Tap on the speech bubble icon at the bottom of Sarahah app, refresh the messages interface and then you will see these new messages. Each message or comment you receive allows you to share to SNS, email or SMS, tap the heart icon if you like the comment, block someone that give you offensive message and report the message.

Step 6. Leave a Message to Others
Tap the Search icon -> tap the user name in the text box -> tap her/his Profile when it appears -> tap the plume icon to leave her/him a anonymous message.

How to Use Sarahah on Facebook/Twitter?

Step 1. Open Sarahah app on your iPhone and log in.

Step 2. If you want to share the received message to Facebook or Twitter, just click on the Message icon at the bottom -> choose the received message -> tap on the share icon below the message -> tap on Facebook or Twitter when the popup shows -> say something and post, then your message will be shared on Facebook/Twitter.
Notice: If your Facebook or Twitter doesn't show in the sharing list, just slide left to click more and then enable Facebook/Twitter.

How to Use Sarahah on Snapchat?

How to Use Sarahah on Snapchat

Snapchat is another helper to Sarahah's growth. You can share your Sarahah ULR to Snapchat when you use Snapchat to capture a video or photo so that followers will send you anonymous comments quickly.

Tap the share icon -> tap Copy when there are icons popping up at the bottom of your iPhone -> open Snapchat -> Capture a photo or video to go with your Sarahah link, or you can screen capture your profile if you want -> tap the attachment icon -> paste your Sarahah link and then tap Go -> tap Attach to Snap if you want to have a preview of your video or photo -> tap Send to -> you can add a Snap to My Story or send it as a direct message and your friends will see it for 24 hours or just directly send it to your friend -> tap Send. If your friend see your share and make a comment, you can see it in your Sarahah.

How to Use Sarahah on Instagram?

How to Use Sarahah on Instagram

How to link Sarahah to Instagram? The method is quite similar to using Sarahah on Snapchat. Let's see how it works.

Step 1. Open your Instagram, log in and then open Instagram Story by sliding left.

Step 2. Capture a video or photo, or you can choose a photo or video that is taken last 24 hours by swipe up. And now tap on the Chain Link icon.

Step 3. When a new window opens, type your Sarahah username in the Enter Link field. If you can't clearly remember your Sarahah user link, you can just open your Sarahah app and copy it.

Step 4. After typing, click on Done or Green tick in iPhone. Then the Chain Link icon will turn white if your Sarahah link is shared successfully on Instagram.

Notice. Alternatively, you can use this way to share the Sarahah link to Instagram if your Instagram has no Chain Link feature: Open Instagram -> go to Settings -> tap on Edit Profile -> type your Sarahah username link -> Done and your Sarahah will be linked to Instagram.

Sarahah still needs improvement for better user experience, and we will also follow its updates and then post them here.

Let the World be Honest with You

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5KPlayer iPhone Manager How to Use Sarahah on iPhone

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