Top 10 Free Movie Apps for iPhone Worth Downloading 2023

Last Updated: Mar. 28, 2023

Looking for movie apps for iPhone like Showbox or Kodi? If you've ever tried either of them, chances are that you'll find this kind of resourceful free movie apps for iPhone running into problems now and then – Don't let the server-side error ruin your evening – If you plan to spend an evening with a high quality movie APP – take a look at the options below: You'd better download more than one of them so that when one went wrong, you can go well with the other:

How to Install Free Movie Apps for iPhone 100% Safe?

- Install movie apps (i.e. IPA files) for iPhone/iPad/iPod even outside the App Store.

- Install the latest, previous, free, or unlimited versions of movie apps.

- No ads. No jailbreak. 100% safe and clean installation.

- Wired and wireless movie transfer beteen iPhone and computer.

- Back up and restore, uninstall, and manage movie apps on the PC end.

- Remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows.

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Watch Out Before You Install Movie Apps for iPhone

Apart from the top movie apps available in the Apple App Store, you may also search for some new movie apps that provide more abundant movie resources now and then, now you'll need to read the guide in case you download some malware by accident.

For jailbroken iPhone users, there're simply seas of iPhone APPs to download: Showbox, Movie Box, etc. Simply anything you can find on the Cydia platform is available.

If you don't want to jailbreak the brand new iPhone 15/14/13/12/11, however – the following list of free movie apps for iPhone iPad is going to be extremely helpful to refer to, now check through the top 10 best free movie apps for iPhone.

Top 10 Free Movie Apps 2023
Showbox – Best Free Movie APP for iPhone
1. Showbox – Best Free Movie App for iPhone

Probably the most feature-rich movie APP for iPhone of all time – With probably the highest content updating frequency, you can always find the latest updated movies on the Showbox movie APP for iPhone. As long as you download the Showbox APP, you'll be surprised to find that all movies are available for download just a click away. Showbox provides movie resources at up to 1080p standard, and you can always choose the resolution you like.

Kodi - Free Movie APP for iPhone
2. Kodi - Free Movie App for iPhone

Developed from its former version XBMC, Kodi free movie APP for iPhone is just as versatile and popular as Showbox – Back in time, this movie APP could only make its way to jailbroken iPhone devices with the tool Cydia Impactor – and for as long as you'd rather have the iPhone/iPad clean without jailbreak, check through how to install Kodi for iPhone on this guide: Kodi for iPhone download install guide.

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Moviebox APP for iPhone
3. Moviebox App for iPhone

Aside from Moviebox for iPhone, this HD movie streaming platform has also made itself available on Windows PC & Mac – Anyone with an iPhone running iOS 10 or newer has access to this APP – Embedded with a bottom menu bar for iPhone and a left-hand bar for iPad, this very free movie APP for iPhone categorizes its content into Movies/TV Shows/My Favorite/News so as to introduce to you the latest content.

YouTube Red APP for iPhone
4. YouTube Red App for iPhone

Unlike the rest of the free movie APPs for iPhone, YouTube Red delivers a vast majority of user-generated content ranging from 720p to 1080p HD. There're 2 versions of this free movie APP –YouTube Red, or the plain YouTube APP, the former was unveiled on October 31, 2015, and has a much-anticipated offline watching function. Unlike the rest of the free movie apps, you need to pay a $ 9.99 monthly subscription fee for YouTube Red, which features YouTube Red Original Series.

Netflix APP for iPhone
5. Netflix App for iPhone

With probably the most category-wide movies and TV shows, Netflix and YouTube are the only 2 movie apps for iPhone with subscription fees that we recommend. For any starter with this movie APP for iPhone, we recommend the $9.99 service first – that would already be pretty much enough for after-work entertainment. The most exciting part about this free APP for iPhone is its intelligent algorithm which recommends TV shows, and movies according to your view history.

How to Install Free Movie Apps for iPhone with DearMob iPhone Manager

Looking for a safe & secure way to install free movie apps like Showbox, and Kodi for iPhone? Let's download DearMob iPhone Manager on your computer which can help you through with only a few steps:

Step 1: Choose a valid download link of the *.ipa file for the free movie app you'd like to download and click to save it on your computer.

Step 2: Launch DearMob iPhone Manager. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Tap "App" on its main UI.

Step 3: Click "Install" and choose the IPA file you just downloaded. Then sync the movie app to your iPhone.

Install free movie apps for iPhone using DearMob iPhone Manager

Step 4: Disconnect your iPhone and the computer. Now you can find the free movie app installed on your iPhone.

Yidio Free Movie APP for iPhone
6. Yidio Free Movie App for iPhone

If you've ever tried the website version of this free movie APP, which works like a search engine of movies on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, you'll be quite comfortable jumping to the iOS version of it – Yidio free movie APP – search for movies/TV shows, receive watching suggestions, DIY your own playlist and find the cheapest platform with the source of the movies you want to watch.

Megabox HD Movie APP for iPhone
7. Megabox HD

Megabox HD is probably a free movie APP for iPhone which first made itself known to Android users. It is completely free, offering a whole list of movie options including Update, Rating, Popular & New, and TV shows options including Update, Rating, Popular & New. The majority of the movies/TV shows on this free movie APP for iPhone come in 360p to 720p. For offline watching users, we suggest you download the 360p version of movies within this free movie APP for iPhone to save space.

cinemabox movie app for iphone
8. Cinema Box Free Movie App

So this is the option for iPhone users with an Apple TV at hand in particular – Just like YouTube, Cinema Box's free movie app for iPhone allows you to stream movies and TV shows to Apple TV for free. Think of it that now the massive movie library on Cinema Box is out and out for you to watch on Apple TV HD TV for free. If this is the free movie APP for iPhone you're looking for, take a look at how to download Cinema Box for iPad, and how to install the Cinema Box movie APP for iPhone.

Bobby Movie Box APP
9. Bobby Movie Box

Movies, TV shows, and events streaming are all available on this free movie APP. If you'd like to view movies with different language options available, chances are that you're going to like this movie APP – With subtitles in up to 225+ languages available, users can easily jump between English/French/Dutch & more. It's also good news for Chromecast users that they can mirror Bobby Movie Box movie content from iPhone to HDTV.

Snagfilms Movie APP for iPhone
10. Snagfilms Movie App for iPhone

If you're fond of watching Academy Awards winning movies like La La land, and Manchester by the Seaside, then Snagfilms might be a better movie APP for iPhone than the rest. By the time you install this free movie APP with DearMob iPhone Manager, you'll see a movie list called "Award Winners" on the left-hand menu. On the Snagfilms movie APP, more classical movies are provided than blockbusters, hence appealing to quite a number of its hardheaded fans.

Tips and notes

Amongst the top 10 free movie apps recommended in this list, only YouTube and Netflix are directly available on the APP Store – the only 2 options with monthly subscription fees. DearMob iPhone Manager can really help you save money in that sense.

5KPlayer iPhone Manager Top 10 Free Movie Apps for iPhone 2023

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