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Last Updated : Jan 4, 2020

Sweeping a whole number of $215 million users already, is now probably the most popular video SNS APP for teenage users. Are you already a muser or are just about to do be? Take a look at this guide to discover some hidden tricks on how to use, or follow over to make the very first muse of you: APP

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How to Use Part 1: Sign Up for Free

If you're already an old user, skip this step to directly learn the funny tricks on how to use Part 2: Start Shooting A Video. But if you're a new user for this fantastic APP, kick your start here:

You may finish your sign up for free either on the APP or finish sign up online on this webpage: For sign up for free, you'll need to put in your name, DOB, email & password. You can pick up a nickname as your like.

On the, you may directly start watching videos without sign up for free by clicking on "News" or "Image" on the top menu-bar, however, it takes you to successfully finish sign up for free on the APP. Sign Up for Free
Pic: Sign Up for Free Online & within the APP
How to Use Musically Part 2: Start Shooting a Video on

Aside from watching the interesting featured videos on, you may well want to start to create your own muse. How to use to shoot your own video? – Read through the steps below or check out how to download Funny Videos to learn from popular Musically users>>

How to Use Step 1: Start by Picking Music/Shoot First/From Library.
Well, it all depends on your preference as of how to use musically:

1. By hitting on "Pick Music", this APP allows you to choose from its Library as of which song you'd like to lip-syncing to.

2. Swipe around to choose your preferred pace: Epic/Slow/Norm/Fast/Lapse are all optional.

3. Then it comes to how to use face filters: By tapping on "Lenses" you get a list of options like glasses & hat, pig's ears & noses, choose the one you like & shoot your own video in a lip-syncing or ordinary manner.

4. Proceed to choose filters including:

None/Celtic/Romantic/Hip-Hop/New-Age/Soul/Folk/Rock/Country & more, remember that you can change filters before you proceed to the last step.

5. Choose to add stickers to your video from the table of most-used stickers.

6. Click on the Music icon, scroll to choose where you'd like the music to be played.

7. You can choose to use the time machine to "Ripple/Vibration/Reverse/Time Trap" your video with different special effects.

How to Use Step 2: Share Your with #hashtags and @yourfriendname

1. Hashtags start with #xxx and your can join a popular topic campaign to get yourself known to more on

2. Tap and the cover photo may well help you change the video thumbnail to another frame of the video you're shooting.

3. Sharing your to Instagram/Weibo helps increase your social media presence.

4. Now click on "Post" or "Save Private", and that's all for how to use Part 1.

how to use musically guide
Pic: Add Music to iPhone with iTunes Home Sharing
How to Use Part 2:
How to Get Musically Likes? How to Get Musically Featured?

How to Use Step 1: How to Get Likes?

By the time you open the APP every day, seeing popular muser with 10,000+ follower and seas of likes, wouldn't you like an instant increase in fans numbers right away? Well, amongst the many tricks introduced online, some of them may truly help you get likes as many as you want as long as you pay, how about getting like for free? Here's how you can do that:

1. Open & click on "Search", open the "Leaderboard" button to find the t op musers whose are most watched.

2. Now you can get some "help" from the top musers by: click on "following" and then unclick on it, which helps send notifications to the rest of his/her followers, hence helping you get likes from the new followers.

Tips and Notes: Though some of the musers online have introduced the as a way of getting instant fans & likes, you need to go at your own risk as of how to get likes.

How to Use Step 2: How to Get Featured?

By and large feature videos that are unique, with excellent transitions, and according to some other standard that we can't say for sure. There's no 100% guarantee that your video can get featured by following a few certain rules, but doing as follows can increase the possibility to get Musically featured.

1. Using hashtags like #Featureme, #Feature – Don't laugh, these hashtags have been adopted by musers and helped them to get videos Featured as they wish.

2. More often than not, prefer videos made with cool transitions that wow audiences like: How did he do that? So make sure you find out how to use musically transitions well.

3. Getting on the trending hashtags is another way to help you get featured – you may wonder how is it possible that I become featured while all the top musers have made videos with trending hashtags – don't worry, get featured videos not only from the groupleaders, but also from some of the latest uploaded videos. So this may advice you how to use a little.

how to get like
Pic: How to get likes?

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