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Top 3 Ways to Download Smule Songs 2023

By Joakim Kling | Last Update:

Fond of singing Karaoke with Smule Sing Karaoke APP? How to download Smule songs in MP3 MP4 from or from the karaoke APP? This page introduces the top 3 ways 2020 to download Smule songs and download videos Smule for free and in original quality so that you can listen to user-generated pop music or rock music anywhere you are and whenever you want.

Can I Download Smule Songs for Free

As one of the most popular karaoke APPs for iPhone 2020, Smule Sing! Karaoke APP provides genius duets mode and music equalizers for you to polish your recordings. If you'd like to download Smule songs in MP3 MP4, there are several workarounds introduced below to help you out, now take a look at them.

3 Methods to Downlaod Smule Songs for Free

Before getting to know how to download Smule songs, it's worth nothing that you're not allowed to use downloaded Smule songs for commercial use, and please check through the copywritten laws in your country before trying to download.

Method 1. Directly Download Smule Songs on Computer from

Do you wish to download Smule songs from the Karaoke APP or from Smule Karaoke website? If the latter is true, good news is that you won't really need any 3rd-party software to download the music. That been said, you're good to download Smule songs in 3 steps following the instructions below:

Step 1: Vist where you can find plenty of user generated music content from which you can pick up the songs to download from Smule.

Step 2: Press "F12" on your Keyborad (Firefox web browser recommended) > find the source code with .mp4 as the extension, which will take you to download Smule song in MP4.

Step 3: Hold press "Ctrl" while you click on the .mp4 link, by then you'll see a blank window popping out with the very smule video you want to download, right click on the video > save.

Download Smule songs online

Method 2. Download Smule Songs with Extra Music Downloader

Also interested in video SNS APPs? Take a look at how to use to perfection!

Search for "Smule Downloader" in Google and you'll find a whole list of free web-based Smule music downloaders serving to download Smule songs free. Which one among them is a good to choose, is it possible that I get some malware when trying to download Smule songs in MP3 MP4?

There's indeed some possibilities that what you managed to download from an unknown Smule Songs downloader isn't the original Smule Karaoke song, or that some tedious registration is needed when you try to download.

That been said, we suggest you resort to a Smule music downloader recommended by a frind to download Smule songs for free in original quality.

Download Smule songs online

Method 3. Download Smule Songs from YouTube with 5KPlayer

Search for the popular Smule titles on Google and you'll find quite a number of them have been uploaded to YouTube, be it duet Smule or other Smule karaoke videos. That been said, downloading Smule songs for free with 5KPlayer is the best & easiest choice as long as you have the corresponding URL for the very Smule song. Below is how you can download Smule songs with free 5KPlayer:

Step 1: Search for the "Smule" song on YouTube, find a valid page & copy its URL.

Step 2: Download, install and launch the free 5KPlayer - a free & tier-one online video downloader for Windows or Mac to help you download Karaoke songs 2020, on the main interface click on "YouTube", which will take you to the URL clicking page, and by the time you're there, paste the URL to 5KPlayer so that it can do the analyze for you.

Step 3: When you see the thumbnail appearing, click on "Download" to download Smule songs in MP4.

Kplayer download Smule songs


Now that all the 3 method above can help you download Smule songs free in original quality, we recommend your going for 5KPlayer for Windows or Mac - the free smule songs videos downloader without malware since web based download services could easily bring malware to your computer. With this downloader, you can also free download Twitch videos, streams and VODs >>

With your favorite smule songs successfully downloaded on computer, you may well consider how to download songs to iPhone, or DIY ringtone with your favorite smule songs & add ringtone to iPhone, all free and utmost easy with DearMob iPhone Manager. Follow the links below to download the first-class music transfer tool now!

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