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No-Jailbreak: Best IPA Files Download Sites List to Install IPA Files Directly 2023

Last Updated : Mar. 10, 2023 | By Joakim Kling

Some great applications, free or fee-based, just went POOF from Apple's official APP store overnight without official reasons, and you cannot re-install them anymore. The ugliest case is – for those paid applications, you cannot even get a refund thereafter. Pissed off and thinking about how to deal with this situation? There’s a remedy, but hard to swallow.

You can find ways to download and install its IPA file from out of the App Store - IPA download websites or the apps’ official website. But installing apps that are missing from the app store can be another obstacle, especially when you are unwilling to jailbreak your iPhone.

Easily Uninstall and Install IPA Files without Jailbreak

DearMob iPhone Manager

Manages your files and data in iPhone applications as if your devices were already jailbroken:
★ Delete and install IPA Files in batch.
★ Access data of file-sharing enabled applications.
★ Extract, delete, or add specific files to applications directly.

★ Showcase app version and size in detail.

1. Finding the removed app elsewhere online is the hardest part.

It would be way more convenient if you already have a backed-up version of your lost application, or you can get them from your friends’ computers. Obtaining those removed apps online could be a herculean task to achieve. When the application is recently off-shelf, its developer might provide a direct download link for you to install. However, if the application is long gone, There are many IPA download sites out to get applications, but not all of them are workable. Some are for jailbroken iOS devices, some require that you install Cydia Impactor, and some boast that they are for non-jailbreaks, yet trick you into endless ad pop-ups.

Also, many online IPA file download sites have turned into an application or are too outdated to support the latest iOS 12 (let alone, iOS 13) and there are not many left to choose from. However, we still manage to find a list of workable *.ipa file download sites for non-jailbreak iPhones/iPads. or APPCAKE – A decent IPA files download site still workable 2023

One of the best and still workable IPA download sites to date. It offers many free versions of fee-based applications in the Apple App Store – Doodle jump, Pokeman Go… for non-jailbreak iPhones/iPads, its iPASTORE service can be a good choice. It also has an iOS App version called Appcake to download tweaked apps directly to your devices.

Best IPA Download website 2020

AppCake also has a forum that you can go to so that you can exchange thoughts with other people who use the site, primarily mobile game enthusiasts. - another good IPA download website to get free games and ringtones is also a good place to go for free iPhone games and ringtones. It offers a slew of more popular games than Appcake can offer, including the Don’t Starve pocket edition and many more. The site has a clear column of genres for games, ringtones, applications, and customization. Very easy to navigate and choose.

Best IPA files download site 2020

2. Install, Uninstall, and Manage iOS in-App Data Directly Using DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager helps you back up your old applications, delete/uninstall applications in batch, and best still, it acts as a sideloading software to help install applications that are not in App Store. Simply click the "Install" button, choose your *.ipa file, and click the Sync button, and those Apple-removed applications will be back again.

Step 1: Click on the "App" button and click "Install"

install ipa file no jailbreak

Step 2: Choose a *.ipa file and click Open. Then Click "Sync".

install ipa file without jailbreak

Step 3: Wait for DearMob iPhone Manager to synchronize data. And do not plug your device out to prevention of data loss or installation failure. The whole process won't take long and if you have any further questions regarding application management, you can click the Quick Guide link on the top right of the panel.

sync ipa file without jailbreak

The whole process is just as simple as that. But if you think that is all about DearMob iPhone Manager can do, you are wrong. DearMob iPhone Manager also retrieves your file data from Shared file apps including iZip, Clips, GarageBand, Ebooks, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, etc. It shows your application versions and size in list view so that you can see clearly which application is taking up the most storage space or needs an update.

To Sum Up

After downloading those applications, make sure to scan for the virus in case any misunfortunate happens. Also, remember to back up your devices using DearMob to prevent app removal in advance, especially when you have installed some applications that might be lingering in the grey area of the Apple App store's rule.

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