Secure File Sharing | How to Share Private Sensitive Data Safely?

Last Updated: April 13, 2018

While enjoying the convenience of online file sharing, you need to adopt a secure file sharing way as much as possible for it is inevitable that there are hackers and thieves targeting your private data. Despite that data encryption is often used to protect sensitive government and military files sharing safely across the internet, it is also necessary for you individuals who want greater peace of mind and confidence that your files are safe enough. Secure data sharing ways are therefore introduced here to protect your private and sensitive data from being at a high risk of being viewed by prying eyes.

How to Ensure Secure File Sharing & Transfer Online or via USB?

Data file encryption is the answer to ensure safe data sharing over the internet and transferring among devices via external hard drives. And DearMob iPhone Manager is the best encryption software you should choose to password encrypt data, files, videos, photos and contacts in the government and military-level standard.

Your data is as important as the government or military data, so never expose the "naked" sensitive files, embarrassing selfies or personal information on the internet to let the possible perpetrators make use of. You are the owner of your data and you decide who can access the data. And best encryption software DearMob iPhone Manager provides the best solution to secure file sharing and transferring by encrypting your data to an unreadable way through special encryption algorithm.

DearMob iPhone Manager is powered by AES, RSA, PBKDF2 and Argon2 cryptography standard, in which the RSA is widely used for secure data transmission. By password protecting your data, the files you share over the internet will only be seen by people you choose. Besides secure data sharing online, DearMob iPhone Manager is also a multifunctional way for secure file transfer via USB or between iPhone iPad and computer by helping encrypt private photos, sensitive videos, business contacts and iPhone iPad backup. Without storage limits, you are allowed to safeguard a variety of .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tiff, .mov, .mp4, .rmvb, .wmv, .avi, .mkv, .m4v, .flv, .asf, 3gp, .ts, .ogg, .3g2 and .f4v data files on computer. The per-file or per-folder permission management allows you to encrypt different files with different passwords, and 2-factor authentication asks the man who you share data with to use your password as well as DearMob iPhone Manager encryption software to decrypt the data. Gurantee 100% data security.

How to Use DearMob iPhone Manager for Secure Data Sharing?

Encrypt iPhone Files

Step 1. Download DearMob iPhone Manager on your computer, install and launch it.

Step 2. Click on File Security on the main UI of it to access the file encryption window where you can see File Encryption option and File Decryption option. Just choose File Encryption.

Step 3. Add a single file/files or a folder to this encryption software, and then click on the blue File Encryption button.

Step 4. When the Encryption Password Setting window pops up, read and agree the notification, input an encryption password that only you know and click OK.

Step 5. After DearMob iPhone Manager completing encrypting your data, you can upload them to Cloud or across internet for secure file sharing.

Notice: DearMob iPhone Manager only supports photo, video, contact and iPhone iPad backup encryption at present as these types of data are thought to be the most important to individuals. If your data is not limited to these kinds, you can read on to find another secure data sharing methods in the following list.

Top 3 Online Secure File Sharing Workarounds

Box – Secure File Sharing Geared toward Business & Enterprise

Coca Cola also chooses Box as a secure file sharing way for its productive and collaborative workforce, as it ensures secure file sharing among colleagues even if they are outside their company firewall. This bank-level data sharing method allows you to add, move and edit files in real time to always keep the files in the latest version. Supporting 120+ types of files including Word, Excel, PDF, AI, EPS, PSD, photos and more, you are able to share whatever you want to share at the very high level of protection.

Free Plan: 10GB of storage and 250MB file upload
Personal Pro: $10/month for 100GB
Business Plan: $5/user/month for 100GB ~ $25/user/month up for unlimited storage

Dropbox – Secure Data Sharing Mainly for Consumers & SMBs

As one of the first service to offer seamless upload and secure data sharing, Dropbox always aims to help you fully show your intelligence by easing your heavy tasks. It places all of your important files into a safe place where you can view, edit, share, etc in a much easy manner. Always stay updated, Dropbox keep safe data transmission in real time among people no matter what the files are, say PowerPoint files, Photoshop pictures or Sketch artworks.

Free Plan: 2GB of storage
Individuals: Plus - 1TB, $8.25/month; Professional – 1TB, $16.58/month
Business Plan: Standard – 2TB, $12.50/user/month; Advanced – unlimited storage, $20/user/month

Google Drive
Google Drive – Safe Data Transmission for Individuals

Google is no-brainer for everyone to use to store photos, videos, audios, documents, etc within 15GB at no cost. Like the above secure file sharing method, it is also a cloud service to allow you to stay in touch with your data files on iPhone, iPad or desktop computer and share with other people in real time at any place. As a reputable file storage and synchronization service from big name Google, you can rest assured on its ability to safe data sharing assurance indeed.

Free Plan: 15GB of free storage (shared with other Google services)
Individuals: 100GB - $2/month; 1TB - $10/month; 10TB - $100/month
Business Plan: unlimited storage - $10/user/month

To make all things safe and easy, this guide including excellent safe data sharing ways hopes to satisfy what you are requiring. Just feel free to choose the one you like most, of course. But, I hope you won't mind that I suggest our best encryption software DearMob iPhone Manager to help password protect files and data, as well as safely manage iPhone iPad music, photo, video, contact, files, messages, books, etc. Thanks for your reading, please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

5KPlayer iPhone Manager Secure File Sharing

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