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The Easiest Way to Delete Photos Imported to iPhone from Mac or PC

Last Updated : Mar. 31, 2023 | By Joakim Kling

For some reason, Apple won't allow us to delete (manage) those photos we imported to our iPhones from computers - there simply is no "delete" button! We can share them or add them to another native iPhone album, but they will still be there eating up your iPhone space unless you delete them. What's worse is, in some cases, they have no trace in the iPhone "Photo" app, which makes you even unable to preview those imported photos, but you know they are there, and you want to get rid of them.

The good news is, you can turn to third-party software - DearMob iPhone Manager to help you delete undeletable photos from your iPhone, no matter whether they are imported from your friends' computer, created by another photo app, or synced from android with some other third-party tools.

DearMob iPhone Manager - Delete Imported iPhone Photos with a Snap
How to Delete Synced Photos from iPhone

DearMob iPhone Manager is like a weapon that solves the problem which iTunes messed up if anything, the process of deleting iPhone photos imported from PC or Mac has never been easier when using DearMob iPhone Manager. In the meantime, it helps you to back up/transfer iPhone photos including the ones you want to delete from iPhone to computer.

When it comes to deleting iPhone photos synced from a computer, most users will turn to iTunes for help and even forget how much they hated iTunes. Well, iTunes is useful but way more complicated. And the worst thing is, it will completely erase those photos you want to delete from your iPhone. But, sometimes we just want to remove those photos from our iPhone to free up space and didn't intend to lose those photos we imported from a computer for good.

So, forget about iTunes, let's play it safe by using DearMob iPhone Manager.

The Simplest Tutorial on How to Delete iPhone Photos without iTunes

Step 1. Free download DearMob iPhone Manager on this page, install and launch it on your PC or Mac.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to your computer with the USB cable.

Step 3. Click "Photo" icon on the main UI of DearMob iPhone Manager.

Step 4. Your undeletable iPhone photo album should appear in the left column where all the albums exist, now you can choose to export the photo in this album to back up to your computer and then click "Delete" to remove those synced iPhone photos on your iPhone to clear the space.

How to Delete Undeletable Photos on iPhone

There, you have gotten rid of the tumor that you always wanted to do. Feel good right? And don't forget DearMob iPhone Manager can help you do a lot of other things too. It is an all-round iOS manager that allows you to import, export, delete, create iOS files including photo, music, video, messages, contacts and more. Now you've downloaded it, have fun exploring!

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