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Last Updated: January 8, 2018

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The posibility of discussion about WhatsApp not working problems flooding the forums and communities is very high as WhatsApp has a very strong and active user base (over a 1.2 billion people worldwide). Regardless of the percentage, there are more issues from WhatsApp groups than others indeed, say 30 out of 100 of XX users while 300 out of 1000 of WhatsApp users. So, how to solve WhatsApp not working on iPhone XS Max/XS/XR etc? This guide concentrating on the most WhatsApp problems on iPhone will walk you through.

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Why WhatsApp Stops Working?

- "Stopped working after latest update. After that I have done what been said here and updated my iphone os. After reinstalling it ask for access to my contacy list, I answer yes and it close. I restart and it ask if it can notify me with sounds, I answer yes and it close again. After that when I try to start it only flashes and close."

WhatsApp Not Working

WhatsApp not working on iPhone problems happen frequently. From the statistical data reported by downdetector.uk on October 18, 2017, we can see that WhatsApp problems exist nearly on every day in every month. The most reported problems are poor connection, WhatsApp not sending or receiving messages, outdated app software, WhatsApp server maintenance and software crashes.

So petulant, aha? It is difficult to pinpoint the root of WhatsApp problems on iPhone, as WhatsApp, you know, would not be willing to admit its deficiency. When it stops working, it will affect you and me. Honestly, I couldn't bear that, so I have gathered list of WhatsApp problems and solutions that can hopefully work for me as well as you.

Some easy and basic solutions before you take serious actions:

1. Restart your iPhone. This should be your first step as with most smartphone issues when WhatsApp on iPhone is not working. Just press and hold the power button (Sleep/Wake button) until the power slider appears on your iPhone, and then slide to shut down. After minutes, restart your iPhone.

2. Close out of WhatsApp. This works for the glitches or bugs of the app itself. Double-click the Home button to open the app switcher, find the WhatsApp page that opens currently and then swipe WhatsApp up and off the screen. Now re-open WhatsApp to see if WhatsApp not working is resolved.

3. Toggle the WiFi button. Go to Settings -> tap the WiFi option -> tap the toggle button located next to the word Wi-Fi -> after the button turns grey, then turn on the WiFi again.

4. Check WhatsApp's Server Status. When the server is being maintained or repaired, WhatsApp will be inoperable. You can check outage reports to find out if the server is down for maintenance.

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WhatsApp Crashes? [Solved]

- "WhatsApp web still down since days here in Spain. Whats up WhatsApp?"

1. Disable iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive may cause the biggest problem of all. Go to Settings -> iCloud and tap on iCloud Drive -> turn off the switch.

2. Reinstall WhatsApp. Not only Spanish users, many a other WhatsApp fan complained WhatsApp closes automatically. The most common reason would be the iOS update. So just fresh install your WhatsApp as the easiest way to solve WhatsApp not working problem when it crashed on your iPhone.
(Notice: Reinstallation will erase your chat history, please use a WhatsApp message backup software to backup WhatsApp data first.)

3. Adjust the Facebook. If you recently have installed the latest Facebook app and enabled contact sync between the Facebook app and your iPhone Address Book, your WhatsApp may crashes suddenly. To solve this WhatsApp problem on iPhone, you need to disable Facebook sync and Facebook photo sync. Just open the Facebook app -> Settings -> Enter your Facebook email and password -> turn off contact sync to adjust the settings of Facebook. If it still crashes when you have a chat with a specific contact, you can delete a picture for that contact from the iPhone Address Book.

WhatsApp not Connecting on iPhone? [Solved]

- "Wont connect at all. Says poor connection on both wifi and mobile. Tried everything possible even re-installed. Now I cant even set up WhatsApp after re-installing and trying to log in. Something surely wrong with WhatsApp. This sucks!"

Also from the downdetector.uk report, the WhatsApp outage map is everywhere. WhatsApp not connecting on iPhone will prevent you from sending or receiving messages, photos and videos, which is really annoying. What should be mainly responsible for that is the bad Internet connection. You can do as follows to fix such WhatsApp problems on iPhone.

* Make sure you are using the newest version of WhatsApp from the App Store.
* Restart your iPhone.
* Turn AirPlane Mode ON and then OFF. Of course, you can just swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone to perform that. It is noted that you should wait seconds to turn off the AirPlane Mode then.
* Make sure the WiFi network is available especially at airports and hotels. You can try opening a web page in the Safari web browser to ensure that you are properly logged in and connected to the Internet.
* Reset Network Settings in iPhone Settings -> General -> Reset. This process will delete all your saved WiFi password.
* Upload your iOS to the latest version.
* As for the campus or corporate Wi-Fi that has firewall restrictions in place, you should contact your network administrator for help with accessing WhatsApp on your Wi-Fi network. Please notice that WhatsApp is not designed to be used with proxy or VPN services.

WhatsApp not Sending or Receiving Messages? [Solved]

- "I'm not recieving all my messages on my home screen and I can no longer reply to messages via the home screen I have a iPhone 7 Plus and this problem has been going on for 2 weeks now. Anyone know how to solve it."

The most common reason for WhatsApp not sending or receiving messages is the poor Internet connection. If it is the reason, you can follow how to solve WhatsApp not connecting on iPhone listed above to tackle it. Besides, make sure that the type of messages you are trying to send like MMS, SMS is supported by your iPhone and turn on relavant icons on iPhone as well. Of course, the latest version of WhatsApp should be installed. Once these requirements are satisfied, you can see if there exist other possible reasons like the following making WhatsApp messages not go through.

1. Your iPhone needs to be rebooted. Turn off your iPhone for over 30 seconds and then turn your device back on.
2. The contact you are messaging has blocked your number. The indicators include: You are no longer see a contact's last seen or online in the chat window; You do not see updates to a contact's profile photo; Any message sent to a contact who has blocked you will always show one check mark and never show a second check mark; You can go through any call.
3. You have not completed the initial verfication process. To verify your number, first you need an active number to create an account (The registration process is quite simple, just follow the guide on your iPhone). After you enter your phone number, you will receive an SMS containing a 6-digit verification code for verifying your WhatsApp.
4. The number of the contact you are trying to message on WhatsApp has not been entered correctly on your phone. So, check twice before messaging.

WhatsApp Not Downloading Images Automatically? [Solved]

1. Select when WhatsApp can automatically download images. WhatsApp can be set to automatically download images over the internet connection to enable you to access the latest pictures you receive from the contacts. You can go to WhatsApp -> menu Button -> Settings -> Data Usage to configure automatic photo, video and audio downloading. There are three options that you can choose when WhatsApp automatically downloads media:

WhatsApp Not Downloading Images Automatically

* When using mobile data
Selected media will automatically download when you are connected to cellular data.
* When connected on Wi-Fi
Selected media will automatically download when you are connected to Wi-Fi.
* When roaming
Selected media will automatically download when you are roaming.

Therefore, when you choose 'when using mobile data' only to download photos automatically, WhatsApp won't download images automatically when you are connected on WiFi or roaming.

2. Turn off VPN. If you are using a VPN, you should turn it off by going to Settings -> general -> Scroll down to VPN -> delete or remove VPN and try again.

3. Free up iPhone. When a message pops up to inform you that your memory is full, your iPhone would not receive images downloaded from WhatsApp. So, you should delete some unwanted data or just transfer iPhone messages to computer for backup and free up iPhone for more pictures.

WhatsApp not Showing Contacts? [Solved]

WhatsApp not Showing Contacts

Usually, WhatsApp needs your permission to show contacts. You should make sure that WhatsApp has access to your Address book: Settings -> scroll down and tap on Privacy -> tap on Contacts -> toggle-on the option for WhatsApp by moving the slider to ON position. Now, the contacts on your iPhone would show in WhatsApp. And there may be other situation you are concerning about:

WhatsApp not showing all contacts. Often the case that you have added the new contacts to a Hidden Contact Group on your iPhone, and you should: Open Contacts App on your iPhone -> Tap on Groups option at the top left corner of your screen -> tap on Show All Contacts. And then your contacts in WhatsApp will be refreshed.

Notice: After these tips, most iPhone users should have been resolved their WhatsApp not working problems. If you are still confused, it is possible that your region are banned to use WhatsApp.

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