Top 7 iTunes Alternatives for Windows 10 to Sync iPhone iPad Data

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Why do you need iTunes alternative for Windows 10? Simply because iTunes is native Mac software and the Windows version is not very compliant, making itself troublesome and heavy to Windows computer operation.

iTunes alternative Windows 10 is also needed when syncing data with iTunes on PC, for various issues as below brought by iTunes Windows will drive you crazy:

1. When transferring music via iTunes, iTunes will try to replace all your old music with the new playlist.
2. iTunes won't let you choose a specific file to sync.
3. Videos and photos synced from PC to iOS are not able to be transferred back.
4. Backing up iPhone with iTunes will occupy much space of your Windows PC, as the backup folder is in Local Disk (C:) by default and unchangable.

The list could go on and on as iTunes problems are diverse based on different situations that you will know finally after months of usage, and what you can do is to go on tolerating these flaws or just turn to an iTunes alternative for Windows 10 to prevent these blemishes once for all.

Best iTunes Alternative Windows 10 Download - Recommended

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Best iTunes Alternative on Windows 10/8/7

DearMob iPhone Manager, best iTunes alternative for Windows 10 as of now, allows you to selectively choose one or multiple iPhone iPad data files to backup, manage and sync. Green and clean, you can see all details of your iPhone music, videos, photos, contacts, apps, etc and manage/transfer/edit them one by one or in bulk via this iTunes alternative Windows 10.

To help you make a wise choice when choosing an iTunes alternative for Windows 10, we will have a comparison between iTunes alternatives Windows 10 and iTunes regarding the efficiency of iOS backup & restore, iPhone music sync, app management, file transfer, etc.

1. DearMob iPhone Manager vs iTunes

DearMob iPhone Manager

Acting as the No.1 iTunes alternative Windows 10, DearMob iPhone Manager keeps itself away from kinds of iTunes errors problems when managing iPhone iPad data. Firstly, it is an easy iOS manager to transfer your iPhone iPad data with encryption method, namely, you are able to transfer iPhone backup, videos, photos and contacts in a password-protected way. As for other iOS data files, this iTunes alternative for Windows 10 offers a much more open way than iTunes for you to handle iPhone music, apps, files, etc. For example, you can transfer music between iPhone and computer in a click, make iPhone ringtone or install/uninstall apps as you wish.

Senior Apple users are familiar with iTunes, while the newbie must spend time learning the step-by-step guide on how to use iTunes. However, DearMob iPhone Manager offers a simple and direct way to display your iPhone iPad data on one interface that you can handle each one of them visually without advanced training. Simply USB-connect your iOS to computer and you can do whatever you want to do with this iTunes alternative on Windows 10.

Play MP4 5KPlayer DearMob iPhone Manager

Play MP4 MPC-HC iTunes

Backup & restore whole iPhone iPad

Selectively restore iOS/iPadOS data at your choice


Encrypt iPhone iPad backup

Install & uninstall app

Removed from v12.7

Encrypt single video, photo & contact


Selectively transfer one or several photos, songs, videos, contacts and books


Merge multiple accounts and sync libraries


Edit music, contacts & calendar, compress & convert videos, make ringtones


Supported formats

All common media formats

MP3, MP4, M4A, MOV, H.264 only

2. WinX MediaTrans vs iTunes

Besides the iOS backup, people love to use iTunes to sync music videos and transfer photos from computer to iPhone. However, when you try to sync such files, it will remove the existing music, movies, TV shows and photos on your iPhone first. That would be a pity if your precious contents are erased because of the sync. Also, iTunes cannot help your to transfer photos from iPhone to SD Card. So, if you just want to transfer certain files like music and photos, you can use iTunes alternative Windows 10 WinX MediaTrans. In the aspect of photo and music sync, WinX Mediatrans is an expert that allows you to bulk or selectively transfer what you want to transfer at will.

WinX MediaTrans

3. iMazing vs iTunes

Actually, the phone to phone transfer function has uplifted iMazing to a higher level besides iTunes alternative for Windows 10, and you can make use of that ability if you intend to buy a new iPhone. However, this is not enough to convince you to use iMazing as the best iTunes alternative for Windows 10. Similar to DearMob iPhone Manager, iMazing highlights itself with the most advanced technique to be an iPhone file manager to support iOS 11 Files app and be a HEIC converter to convert HEIC to JPEG that can be opened on Windows 10. Transferring music and exporting photos with iMazing is a piece of cake, but the loading speed is quite slow indeed. Besides, backing up iOS is as easy as backing up with iTunes, but you are not allowed to encrypt the backup to safeguard your private data.


4. Syncios vs iTunes

To most people, the ability to 1-click backup and restore iPhone is considered to be the priority to define an iTunes alternative for Windows 10, and luckily Syncios is the one to be able to backup photos, contacts, videos, music, etc to Windows PC and restore to new iPhone easily. Except support for iOS 11 Files and HEIC photos, Syncios allows you do what iTunes can do at will. Transferring videos audio photos between iOS and PC is the basic feature, editing the media info is the advanced function and managing iPhone iPad data is an exclusive gift that you can use freely.


5. iExplorer vs iTunes

iExplorer must be a good friend to iTunes if you have iTunes installed on your computer, as this iTunes alternative Windows 10 can transfer music from iOS to iTunes one by one or in playlist directly by dragging and dropping. As for managing iOS devices like iTunes, iExplorer prepares several ways to satisfy you to that end. You can access your videos and photos manually, or export messages you own with your friends, families, colleagues or business partners to Windows 10 computer to backup safely. Moreover, this iTunes alternative Windows 10 is more like a iPhone file explorer enabling you to browse your iPhone files clearly.


6. Wondershare TunesGo vs iTunes

Many iTunes alternatives Windows 10 requires you to install iTunes first to make iOS connecting to Windows computer available, but Wondershare TunesGo has the ability to transfer and backup contacts, photos, music, messages and more without the need of iTunes. As easy as ABC, you can transfer what you need to iPhone including iTunes music, contacts, videos, podcasts, etc from computer, or export important iPhone iPad data files to computer to save forever. Additional features of this iTunes alternative for Windows 10 also include adding, deleting or editing media files on iPhone, and converting live photos, static photos and videos to GIFs.


7. SyncBird vs iTunes

It is really surprising to see a list of songs and music videos not knowing where they are on my iPhone yet SyncBird gets them all displayed. It seems that ONLY SyncBird can trace and detect those "hidden" files that are taking up an extra amount of storage. With the given data, one can run a thorough cleaning by deleting them in batch. In general, I quite enjoyed the Overview pie chart of all the files' volumes, and it is decent to use. It would be better if what displayed match all I saw on my iPhone or iTunes Storage info.


Which iTunes alternative Windows 10 do you prefer most? Among the 6 iTunes alternatives for Windows 10, we recommend DearMob iPhone Manager to help you backup, manage and transfer your iPhone iPad data files. No need to install iTunes, you can have an easy access to your iPhone iPad music, videos, photos, contacts, messages, apps, bookmarks, calendars, files, books, voice memos and Podcasts.


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