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[Solved] iOS 13/12 not Showing up Problems on iPhone iPad

Last Updated : Sept 09, 2019 | By Joakim Kling

Every time Apple release its new iOS version, it would make your idevices more powerful, personal and intelligent than ever before, and now it is iOS 13 season. But the newest iOS version would also have some issues bothering us sometimes, like iOS 13/12 not showing up update, which we will mainly talk about. But there is no need to worry about it too much though. Because, in this guide, we will show you the deailed solutions to it, and also including other iOS 11/12 not showing up issues like iOS 11/12 not showing up AR effects, notifications, Memoji effects, etc also make us absentminded. Check them all now

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How to Solve iOS 12/13 not Showing up not Working Issues?

Here is an overall list about iOS 13/12 not showing up problems you may encounter when trying to upgrade to iOS 13/12 public version, plus solutions to help you solve iOS 13/12 not showing up not working easily.

iOS 12/13 not Showing up Update - Solved

Worth mentioning, when iOS 13 was revealed on WWDC 2019, the developer preview of iOS 13 starts immediately. Public beta program is expected to be available in the late of June and the public version will be available for all of you to download in September. So, it is totally understandable that iOS 13 not showing up update occurs before iOS 13 gets stable.

Q: "@T_Cook hi Tim , my ios 13 update is not showing up ." – Twitter user

A: iOS 13 is ready to download, but no matter how many times you refreshed, restart or reboot your iPhone, it said that your software is up to date? Why is iOS 13 not showing up in Settings? Supposedly, you are still on Apple's beta program. If so, here is how you can fix it:

Go to Settings -> General -> Scroll down to Profile -> Tap Beta Software Profile -> Tap Delete (Enter passcode if necessary and tap Delete again) -> Restart your iPhone. And now you will see iOS 13 showing up for update.

iOS 12 Not Showing Up Update

Q: Or an error message says "Unable to Check for Update. An error occurred while check for a software update."

A: You can do some basic checks like: make sure your idevice is under WiFi condition, force restart your device and reset networking settings. If iOS 13 not showing up still exists, you are allowed to upgrade to iOS 13 via iTunes manually if you can't update wirelessly on your iOS device:

Install the latest version of iTunes on computer -> Connect iPhone to computer -> Open iTunes and select your device –> Click Summary -> Click Check for Update.

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Like iOS 13 not showing up apps, keyboard, notifications, etc, iOS 13 not showing up or not working problems would also get foot into certain features of iOS 13. Assume that your iOS 13 is not working well on new features of iOS 13 like ARKit 2, Memoji, Group FaceTime, Siri Shortcuts, etc, these solutions that we provide would probably help you if necessary.

iOS 13 not Showing up AR Effect - Solved

iOS 13 ARKit 2 enables developers to create more dynamic AR apps for users to enjoy more persistent AR experiences tied to specific location, object detection and image tracking, even your Messages, Safari, Mail and News apps will become animated. Though AR technology is a new trend, it is still not experienced enough that AR not working issue happens with no wonder.

Solutions: As for AR effect not showing up on iOS 13 iPhone iPad, the bug of iOS 13 may be the reason, while the main possible reason is the AR app itself as some apps require GPS and WiFi, so, make sure you have turned on them before using AR. Of course, turn off and then turn on the AR app sometimes will fix iOS 13 not showing up AR effect as well.

iOS 12 not Showing up AR Effect

Memoji and Fun Camera Effects not Showing up in iOS 13 - Solved

Memoji on iOS 13 is a more personal form of Animoji that will help express yourself in an easier manner and make your conversations livelier. It's a brand new update, which also means there are potential annoying problems. According to Animoji not working issues, Memoji on iOS 12 will probably encounter the following problems to a large extent.

Solutions: iOS 13 not showing up Memoji effects often happens because of the Memoji freezing, stuttering, stopping or failing to track your face. These issues exist often due to that Memoji is not matching your head movements or facial expressions, and you should make sure that there is enough light when creating Memoji, get your face into the yellow bounding box and keep steady as much as possible before making your emoji animated. Another situation you may encounter is that Memoji not showing up on iOS 13 iPhone you send to, please be patient enough as animated Memoji are sent as movie files that needs time to upload and send. Besides, you'd better not leave Messages or switch to another conversation during the sending as Memoji may fail to send or just disappear altogether, and causing Memoji not showing up on iPhone of your friend.

Memoji not Showing up iOS 11

iOS 13 not Showing up Group FaceTime - Solved

With Group FaceTime, you can chat with multiple people at the same time up to 32 people. Since it is a larger number of participants than older FaceTime, you'd better know these FaceTime not working issues and workarounds after installing iOS 13.

* Group FaceTime iOS 13 not showing up because you need to update software: Settings > General > Software Update
* Group FaceTime is not switched on: Settings > FaceTime > set the FaceTime switch to On
* Sign in with the right Apple ID: Settings > FaceTime and check the Apple ID
* Group FaceTime not showing up on iOS 13 due to the unstable network, just check your WiFi connection.
* Check the phone number: Make sure your phone number is correct and the contacts you are connecting are valid as well. If you have blocked somebody accidentally, you should go to Settings > FaceTime > Blocked > Edit > tap the red Remove icon next to their name and Unblock.

iOS 12 not Showing up Group FaceTime

iOS 13 not Showing up Siri Shortcuts - Solved

The reliable WiFi or cellular signal is important to get Siri working on your iOS 13 as it is said that 90% of the Siri actions happens in the Apple Servers but not your local device, so make sure the network is strong enough. Is Siri not showing up iOS 13 on Lock Screen? It's probably a setting that's not turned on, so just check Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and scroll down to "Allow Access When Locked" to make sure Siri is enabled. Alternatively, go to Settings > Siri & Search > and toggle ON Allow Siri When Locked.

iOS 12 not Shwoing up Siri Shortcuts

Notifications on iOS 13 not Showing up - Solved

Q: "updated my phone to ios 13, and now im not getting any notifications showing up on my phone... help"

A: iOS 13 not showing up Notifications problem exists from the beta version, and now it's the final version. Notifications not showing on iOS 13 would be fixed by the following methods:

1. Check whether you turn on the notifications for the apps by going to Settings > Notifications. If you turn off notifications for some apps, it won't notice you the apps' news.

2. Check whether the network is working in a good condition. If it isn't, apps won't update the news and send notifications. Just re-connect your Wi-Fi or Cellular network. Or reset network settings.

Notifications on iOS 12 not Showing up

iOS 13/12 not Showing up Apps

Q: "@4sqSupport The swarm app is not showing up in the notification setting in iOS after updating to iOS 13/12. How can I fix it? Thanks."

A: Besides Swarm app, there are more apps suffering the problem. Discord app can't post pictures or switch tabs without the app crashing and the speaker option is not showing up for voice chat. Facebook Messenger app is also not available for use as it crashes after two seconds of use. Probably, iOS 13/12 not showing up apps issue boils down to the switch for Apple from 32bit apps to 64bit apps, meaning that 32bit apps won't be supported at all on iOS 13/12 unless you update them to 64bit.

You can manually check whether your apps are 64bit compatible with iOS 13/12 by navigating to Settings -> General -> About -> Applications. If you have 32bit apps, you will get a list of apps installed on your device that haven't been update for iOS 13/12. If all your apps are 64bit, then you won't get the option to view that list. To fix iOS 13/12 not showing up apps, you are recommended to update the specific apps.

iOS 13/12 Song Is Playing but not Showing up Controls

Q: "@Apple @AppleSupport you guys need to fix iOS 13/12 song is playing but not showing up so you can't play, pause, skip, fast forward etc."

A: The music app controls are not showing up in the control center after updating to iOS 13/12, making it impossible for you to pause, skin or rewind songs from control center? Current song doesn't show up on lock screen, it only shows 'Music' even though your song is playing? Probably rebooting phone works for your situation.

iOS 11 Not Showing Up Music Controls

Keyboard not Showing up on iOS 13/12

Q: "@Wunderlist having issues with keyboard not showing up when in the notes section. This is after iOS 13/12 upgrade. Any known solutions?"

A: iPhone/iPad Keboard missing or not appearing after iOS 13/12 update? You can try these methods:
1. Reboot your device: Press and hold the Home and power ON/OFF buttons at once for about 10 seconds until you see Apple logo.
2. Switch off Bluetooth.
3. Reset All Settings: Open Settings app -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings and confirm. (This process won't delete any media or data of your device, be easy.)
4. Restore your idevice: Connect your device to computer -> launch iTunes -> select the device -> click on Restore iPhone/iPad and confirm. (Please make sure to backup iPhone iPad before restoring.)

Apple Music Library not Showing up iOS 13/12

Q: "Anyone else's Apple Music library not showing up since the update to iOS 13/12?"

A: Apple Music library is empty while the playlist and downloaded songs are searchable and could be played. Many an iOS 13/12 user says this should be a bug with Music Library on the iPhone because iPad display everthything normally. Someone said making iCloud Music Library disabled and enabling it back could be helpful for this bug, but it tested that it is not that feasible. As there is no offcial response to Apple Music Library not showing up iOS 13/12, you may have to wait patiently for the official solution.

Apple Music Library not Showing up iOS 11

Friends Feature in Apple Music iOS 13/12 not Showing up

Q: "Hey there. I've been enjoying the friends feature on Apple Music since the latest release of iTunes last week, and it was the first thing I looked for on my iPhone after installing iOS 11. Was it left out of 11.0 for some reason?"

A: Go to Settings, General, Restrictions and make sure you have Apple Music Profile and do not get the Connect toggled off.

AirPods New Features not Showing up on iOS 13/12

A: You have to get the latest firmware. Connect your AirPods and then go to Settings -> General -> About and just wait. Keep checking the "AirPods" option at the bottom to see if you have v3.7.

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