2022 Best DRM Removal Software to Unlock Movie and Music

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Without a DRM removal software, it probably is impossible to share iTunes-purchased content to other devices for binge-watching, in that movies, music, audiobooks and ebooks purchased from the iTunes store are protected by Apple's digital right management encryption. Though there are other types of DRM protection, here we introduce the best DRM removal software to remove DRM from iTunes movies, music, and audiobooks.

Best DRM Removal Tool for Windows and Mac

how to remove drm from itunes movies

DearMob iPhone Manager

  • Superfast remove DRM from iTunes movies, music;
  • Support mainstream input format MP4 MKV etc;
  • 100% no quality loss removal tool;
  • Also remove DRM from audiobooks.

1. What is DRM?

Digital Rights Management, aka DRM, is a technical scheme that allows copyrighted content to be available only by way of usage of certain software applications or hardware. This method is introduced to protect art works to be available only to their proprietary owners. So if you're considering using a DRM removal software to remove DRM from iTunes movies, you need to know that this is not recommended and even if you use the DRM removal tool, you should keep the output work for personal use only.

2. Introduce the Best DRM Removal Software 2019

DearMob iPhone Manager is the best DRM removal software on Mac (macOS High Sierra/Mojave/Catalina) and Windows 10/8/7. As a standalone and multi-purpose DRM removal tool, its outstanding features include not only to remove DRM from iTunes movies and Apple Music DRM, but remove protection for audiobooks.

Unlike the rest of the DRM removal tools out there in the market which can do nothing but the digital right management affairs, DearMob iPhone Manager can also 2-way transfer videos, music and photos between iPhone, iPad and computer/Mac.

3. Apple Music DRM Removal

The majority of Apple music users are currently subscribing to its monthly plans, which allow you to listen to an unlimited amount of Apple Music content. Once the plan expire, none of the music is going to show up in your play list. That been said, can you use the best DRM removal software for Apple Music DRM removal so that MP3 AAC FLAC M4P music files can be valid once and for all. Fortunately the answer is positive, now take a look at how you can do that:

Unlock Apple Music

Step 1: Let's assume that you already have DearMob iPhone Manager installed for your computer/Mac, now launch it before you USB connect iPhone to computer.

Tips and Notes: You'll also need the latest version of iTunes for this process, make sure that you keep iTunes running.

Step 2: Log-in to iTunes with the same account that your subscribe to the Apple Music plan, and land on the Music profile.

Step 3: First download the music titles that you want to remove DRM protection from, then get back to this best DRM removal software.

Step 4: Click on "Add Music", choose the music titles that you've just downloaded with iTunes, if you see the "remove DRM" flag on the music title, click on it for Apple Music DRM removal.

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4. How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies

remove drm from itunes movies

This DRM removal tool is also going to help for as long as you want to remove DRM from iTunes movies. Follow the steps below to do that:

Step 1: Launch DearMob iPhone Manager for Windows or Mac, you'll also need to keep iTunes running, and in the latest version when you simultaneously use this DRM removal software.

Step 2: Log in to both the iTunes for your iPhone and iTunes for computer/Mac with your own (THE SAME) Apple ID, then USB connect iPhone to computer.

Step 3: Click on the "Video" tab on DearMob iPhone Manager, where you are going to see the list of movies you've purchased, also flagged by "DRM".

Step 4: Choose the very movie you want to remove DRM from, click on "Export" on the top-tab of this DRM removal software, and you'll see a dialogue box saying "This movie is protected by iTunes DRM", the click "Remove"

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5. DRM Removal Online or Best DRM Removal Software?

The standalone best DRM removal software, when compared with other DRM removal online websites, is more stable in DRM removing and faster in speed. For example, if you put a 4-minue-long music file to be processed by this DRM removal tool, it usually takes 24 seconds for the output file to come out, which takes more than 1 minute on average when you'd go with online DRM removal tools.

Another fact of serious concern to many users is data security. With military-grade data encryption algorithm, this DRM removal tool constantly guards against privacy leakage. Users who wishes to remove DRM from iTunes movies or Apple music may be fond of its cute little feature of batch processing - add several videos that you want to remove DRM protection for and DearMob iPhone Manager can take care of the rest for you.

The best DRM removal software is available for both Windows and Mac, aside from removing DRM from music, movies, and audiobooks, it can help send a large video from computer to iPhone, or simply download Netflix movies on iPad. Now check it out below!


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