How to Send a Large Video from iPhone to Computer/iPhone?

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You may think it is quite inconvenient to send a large video from iPhone neither via iMessage, email nor SMS, but you should reckon on something else under such circumstance to help you successfully send long videos from iPhone to computer or other people. In this post, you will find different guidelines on how to send a large video from iPhone plus some explanations for why you just can't transfer large video files on iPhone.

How to Send Large Size Videos from iPhone?

DearMob iPhone Manager is the very tool you are looking for to help you grasp how to send long videos from iPhone to computer/iPhone without considering the size limitation and the slow sending.

• Transfer all kinds of videos including downloaded large videos, movies, TV shows and recorded HD/4K videos in Camera Roll;

• Send large videos from iPhone to iPhone/PC/Mac and vice versa;

• Backup, delete, all kinds of video files: movies, MVs, TV shows, podcasts, self-made videos, recordings, etc in batch.

Why You Just Can't Send a Large Video from iPhone?

Normally, you can't send a large video more than 2 minutes from iPhone via iMessage, email or SMS as it is said that Apple has set a data usage limit to prevent customers from using too much data on transferring very large files and at the same time avoid of a server overloaded. So, even the videos from iPhone iSight camera that are recorded only in HD or 4K could not be sent as a two minutes video of such will be a few hundred MB in size.

Therefore, can't transfer large video from iPhone? The answer is definitely no as long as you use ways we recommend here.

Can't Send Large Videos from iPhone

How to Send Long Videos from iPhone via DearMob iPhone Manager?

DearMob iPhone Manager is a versatile iPhone data backup transfer tool that does well in transferring videos, music, photos, contacts, messages, etc from iPhone iPad to computer to free up the space as well as backup them in secure situation. No storage limitation and with fast syncing speed, it will one-click send a large video from iPhone to computer in seconds without the need of iTunes.

Step 1. Get DearMob iPhone Manager
Click the download button below to download DearMob iPhone Manager, install and launch it. This application is low in CPU-occupying that will only cost you seconds to download and install.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to Computer
Use USB cable to connect your iPhone to computer, tap 'Trust This Computer' to make your settings and data be accessible on the computer.

Send large videos with DearMob video managing utility

Step 3. Transfer Large Video from iPhone
Once connected, you will access the main UI of DearMob iPhone Manager. Just click on Video icon -> choose one or more than one large video you want to send to computer -> and then click Export.

Export large videos on iPhone

Besides large videos, photos and music also eat lots of storage space on your iPhone iPad. How to transfer photos music like sending videos from iPhone to computer or just delete iPhone photos or music to free up the space? DearMob iPhone Manager will help you. Compatible with 12 types of iPhone data, bidirectional tool DearMob iPhone Manager will transfer large videos, images, songs, contacts, messages, etc between iPhone iPad and computer at ease.

How to Send a Large Video from iPhone to Computer/iPhone Wirelessly?

Guessing you would like to transfer large video from iPhone in a wireless way, here we offer you two channels:

Dropbox: Dropbox is a cloud-based storage facility that you can wirelessly send large size videos to anyone whose iPhone also install Dropbox and has the account. It is quite a convenient way as new videos sent at any time to Dropbox can be seen by all in the account. Similar applications like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Photos are also fairly easy way to send large original videos, but both you and she/he need the sort of file sharing service and the account, i.e. Dropbox.

Cydia: If you happen to have a jailbroken iPhone, Cydia is a good choice to help send large videos from iPhone to other people. Open Cydia -> install a tweak known as "Unlimited Media Send", it allows you to send large files without error message popping up.


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