How to Download/Fix Apple Mobile Device USB Driver When It is Missing

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Encountering iTunes not recognizing iPhone on Windows 10 or Windows 7? Chances are that a key component – Apple Mobile Device USB Driver Windows 10/Windows 7 is missing or somehow goes wrong. There are 2 workarounds to this problem: Either find another iPhone backup software for PC, or you can uninstall & install Apple Mobile Device Service from the scratch.

How does AMDS (Apple Mobile Device Service) work to connect iPhone 12/11/X/XS/XS Max before to iTunes, however? This page below will walk you through quickly.

Apple Mobile Device USB Driver Missing?

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1. How to Install Apple Mobile Device Service

Install Apple Mobile Device USB Driver

(1) Install Apple Mobile Device USB Driver Only

Step 1: Keep the iPhone away from your Windows computer, and then connect them two. Close the iTunes Windows if it prompts out.

Step 2: Run the Command Window through: Pressing the Windows key (Win) + R on the keyboard to visit the command box, where you should enter: %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers
And tap the Enter key.

Step 3: For 32 bit Windows OS users, please right-click on usbappl64.inf > Install;
For 64 bit Windows OS users, please click usbappl.inf > Install.

Tips and Notes:

(1) To Navigate to the files with *.inf abbreviations in Windows 7, you may click on "Organize > Folder and Search Options > Hide extensions for known file types."

(2) How to make sure Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is successfully installed on computer?

Step 1: Press "Windows + R" on the keyboard, enter devmgmt.msc to visit the Device Manager.

Step 2: Scroll down and click to unfold the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" to see whether or not Apple Mobile Device USB Driver is in the list. You're good to go with the driver downloaded, but if there isn't such an item in the list, please try another USB cable; If there's an error mark next to Apple Mobile Device USB driver, please reinstall the abovementioned *.inf file, or check through third-party security software.

(2) Install iTunes All from the Start

To reinstall the latest version of iTunes for Windows 10, first uninstall the old version under Control Panel, find a valid iTunes software from official Apple's website and download the installer, then just follow iTunes' installation wizard to complete.

2. How to Uninstall Apple Mobile Device USB Driver

In most cases missing dll files can lead to Apple Mobile Device USB driver not working properly, where you could see a quotation mark next to the AMDS icon. Then you'd better uninstall the incomplete software before re-installing it. How to do it? Follow the steps below:

Uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support Only

Uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support Only

Step 1: Log in onto your computer as the administrator, connect iPhone to computer without launching iTunes.

Step 2: In the start menu, find "Device Manager" and press the Enter Key.

Step 3: Locate to Apple Mobile Device Service, if you see a question mark next to the icon, right-click on it and choose "Uninstall", then "OK" on the newly-opened windows.

Step 4: Also under the Device Manager, locate the Universal Serial Bus controllers > right-click on it and select "scan for hardware changes". By doing this, your Windows computer automatically install the necessary drivers and will detect iPhone 8.

Tips and Notes:

If you see a exclamatory mark next to the AMDS icon instead, right-click on it and hit "Enable".

After all these steps, if you still can't get iPhone connect to computer back to normal, why not switch to another tool that helps you manage iPhone files that can independently connect iPhone to computer? Check out what we recommend:

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3. Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode) Driver Download

"Trying to connect my iPod to computer yesterday, but the iPod screen is frozen with the 'Connect to iTunes' icon. I can turn it off (black screen) but as soon as it is attached to the PC or docked, the same icon reappears. I cannot make the red slider appear to shut it down."

"The computer insists on my installing the driver for Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode), and by the time I check through the Device Manager, there're an '?' and a '!' on the AMDS icon, I'm just at the end of my rope……"

— From An Apple Discussions Forum Guest

In such emergency cases when your computer asks you to install an Apple Mobile Device (Recover Mode), chances are that your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo with no progress, or that iTunes simply won't recognize iPhone. Download Apple Mobile Device (Recovery Mode), follow the steps below to it:

iPhone recovery mode

Step 1: Keep your iPhone 8 charged throughout the night. Try to reset the iPhone first by holding the switch button and home button until an Apple's icon appears.

Step 2: Connect iPhone to computer in recover mode, to do this, please first disconnect iPhone from computer with iTunes off, and then re-start iTunes.

Step 3: Force start iPhone:
iPhone 6s and earlier: Press-hold the sleep/wake + home buttons at the same time until you see the Apple logo, and then the recovery mode screen.

Force start iPhone X, iPhone 8 (Plus) or iPhone 7: Press-hold the sleep/wake + volume down buttons until you see the Apple logo, and then the recovery mode screen.

Step 4: On iTunes, you will see a prompt message "There is a problem with the iPhone [device name] that requires it to be updated to restore." Choose "Update", which helps re-install iOS without erasing your personal data. Wait for the new iOS software to be downloaded to your iPhone through iTunes. Usually it takes about 15 minutes for your device to exit recovery mode, but still more for the download to finish. Then set up your iPhone all over again.

4. Wiki - Apple Mobile Device USB Driver

To enable an Windows OS to interact with an Apple iPhone, iTunes would install Apple Mobile Device USB Driver and a set of other backstage processors when it's first downloaded to an Windows system – thus create a bloated iTunes in a much larger size.

Speaking of Apple Mobile Device Service as such, it is a must-have if your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is to be synchronized with the computer. There are cases when restarting the program returns your iTunes back to normal, but in other cases you'll need to reinstall iTunes all from the start. For now, the majority of iTunes software run with Apple Mobile Device Service version

AMDS (Apple Mobile Device Service) Specs:

  • • Where to Download Apple Mobile Device USB Driver:
  • • Installation folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\
  • • Uninstaller: msiexec.exe
  • • The Windows Installer is used for the installation, maintenance, and removal
  • • File size: 24.14 MB
  • • Language: Optional according to your country & region

You may also consider this free iTunes alternative for Mac.

5. iTunes vs Apple Mobile Device USB Driver

Apple Mobile Device USB driver is one of the 10+ processes when you download and install iTunes for a Windows 10 computer. AMDS decides whether or not your computer can interact with an iPhone, iPad or iPod properly.


By design, Apple Mobile Device Support is a key software component for iTunes to interact with iPhone. The giant, complex component system sometimes retards iTunes, making iPhone to computer transfer sluggish and lengthy. That been the problem, DearMob iPhone Manager is smart way out to manage iPhone data flexibly, click to free download it below!


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