How Find and Delete APPs on iPhone by Name?

Last Updated : March 26, 2019

How to delete one single APP on iPhone X if you're having hundreds of APPs?
When I need to use Tinder or Smule, many other SNS APPs on iPhone are confusing me and I won't arrive at Tinder or Smule in 10 seconds. Besides, with countless different apps, even i want to delete one or two, i will be at sea finding the location of those naughty ones hiding among multiple layers of multiple springboards.

If the same is true with you, take a look at the method below to delete APPs by name on iPhone 12/11, iPhone XS/X/8/7 or earlier so as to free up more space for the interesting Game APPs for iOS 13.

Easily Delete Apps from iPhone and PC/MacFree

DearMob iPhone Photo Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager
- Lets you find and delete iPhone/iPad apps by name;
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Easily Delete APPs from iPhone X that are Unwanted

Why you want to delete APPs on iPhone X? How much space does an iPhone APP take up on your iPhone X and how many of them are squeezing in your limited storage space? If you're an enthusiastic AR Game player, chances are that you'll really need to delete some less frequently used iPhone APPs on iPhone X. By and large, a general augmented reality APPon iPhone takes up roughly 50 MB to 100 MB, with game data aggregated, it's all the more possible that any single iPhone X APP can take up more than 100MB of space on your iPhone, thus driving the device all too crammed for more newly-cranked out APPs which users would like to give them a spin.

Therefore, we suggest you delete APPs on iPhone X now and then so as to make sure at least 10GB of free space is available. How to delete APPs on iPhone, then? This article introduces the top 3 ways to it, now check out.

Tips and notes

If you're currently going with iOS 13, going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Show All > Enable "Delete unwanted APPs" can help you delete unwanted APPs automatically while keeping all your documents and data on iPhone in case you need to use them later.

However, if you are running iOS 10 or earlier, all APP data (including personal info, photos and song recordings, files will be deleted as long as you choose to delete an APP from iPhone). If you still need that part of data on your iPhone, make sure you use the best iPhone backup software to save a copy of the content you need all from the start.

How to Delete APPs on iPhone X Top 4 Ways
how to delete app on iPhone by name

Method 1. Use DearMob iPhone Manager to delete photos on iPhone by name.

Step 1. Download DearMob iPhone Manager

Step 2. Click on "APP" tab and you will be directed to APP management panel.

Step 3. Type the name of an APP in the search box and Enter

Step 4. Select the App and click Uninstall button.

Method 2. Tap, Hold and Wiggle to Delete an iPhone APP

The majority of iPhone APPs can be uninstalled from your device with a simple tap-hold-wiggle gesture, except for those default APPs like "Find My iPhone, Photos, Camera, Time, Wallet, APP Store, and Health Data" which are going to live on your iPhone until Apple decides not. That been said, all you need to do to delete APPs on iPhone is to hold to the very APP you wish to delete until the small "X" on the top-left corner appears, tap on it, one after another, and by the time you've successfully removed all APPs unwanted from iPhone X, tap one the homescreen button to return where you were.

Tips and Notes: APPs on multiple screens can be deleted when you skip screens.

Method 3. Delete an APP from iPhone by Visting "Settings"

In the Settings menu Apple provides a more flexible way to delete APPs on iPhone X: You can choose to delete either the APP or the APP data only.

Step 1: Visit "Settings" > iPhone Storage > Scroll down to page-end (It may take a while before all the APP data can be loaded) > Tap on the APP (Snapchat for example) >:

Step 2: To delete Snapchat APP from iPhone X, hit on Delete APP.
To delete the APP temporarily while keeping all its data on iPhone so that you may reinstall later, click on "Offload APP".

How to Save Snapchat Videos before Deleting >>

Download APPs from iPhone X with iTunes
Method 4. Delete an APP from iPhone with iTunes for Mac/PC

Rather than removing an APP from iPhone on the device alone, iTunes for Windows/Mac offers a workaround to help you manage unwanted APPs from the computer, and here's how you can delete an APP on iPhone X with iTunes.

Step 1: USB connect iPhone to Windows 10/Mac, launch iTunes and tap trust for your iPhone X to help iTunes recognize it.

Step 2: On iTunes, click on your device icon > visit APPs, and then the "Home Screens" window displays to you all APPs that you currently have on iPhone X. Click to zoom in to the very screen, hover your mose over the very APP to be deleted > Sync > Done. Wait for a few seconds for the APP to be wiped out on your iPhone.

Before trying to delete APPs on iPhone, first make sure either you want to delete the APP with data remained, or that you want to wipe out everything associated with this APP. DearMob's iPhone Manager provides the easiest way to manage all APP data as long as you connect iPhone to computer, now click to download it!

To 1-Click delete APPs from iPhone or to install APPs ouside from APP store, you'll need DearMob iPhone Manager. By making APP management on iPhone easier than ever, DearMob iPhone Manager strives to provide a future-oriented iPhone management experience to its users. It can:
● Search your app by name and 1-click delete APPs among hundreds of them
● Install APPs outside Apple's APP store without jailbreak
● Also manage iPhone photos, music & videos, voice memos, ebooks, etc;
Download it now -->

5KPlayer iPhone Manager How to Delete APPs on iPhone

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